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Rindo's bust, by Moira
Creator The Observer
Full name Rindo Igarashi (五十嵐 竜胆)
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Occupation Naturalist
Religion Kerosite
Nationality The Old Country

Rindo closes her dead eye and continues watching you stutter and stumble over your words with her good eye, the slitted pupil thinning to a line as her smile broadens. Finally, her ears fold forward and she shakes her head.

"You're pretty bad at acting normal. I understand it can be hard when faced with someone like me."

Rindo is a naturalist who takes care of the shrine gardens by day and studies the flora of the Marches in the evenings. Her extreme disfigurement and blindness in one eye is the result of a fire which started in her bedchambers when she was thirteen.


Rindo Igarashi stands at about five feet and two inches tall, which would make her perfectly average for a woman of her people. That height, though, has been augmented by the fact that she wears platform sandals, making her look a little taller than she actually is. One might wonder if she's self-conscious about her height, but that's unlikely given that she doesn't feel that way about any other part of her appearance. She's wearing what looks to you like white cloth wraps about her torso and long, pleated skirts that fall down all the way to her calves and ankles, a flame pattern embroidered in white about the hem — with how it opens at the front and how the entire ensemble is held together by knotted bands of cloth about her waist, there's a resemblance to the shrine maiden uniforms worn by Miko and Mai. Of course, the white-and-violet colours actually preclude her getup from being one, but nevertheless, the similarity's still there. Given how she's got a good eye for aesthetics, it's probably intentional to help her fit into her natural surroundings better.

The girl herself is thin and slender, with a smallish chest — you don't know how kitsune age exactly, but were she to be human you'd place her at roughly nineteen or twenty. Her lips are thin, her nose small, and the corners of her mouth are turned upwards in a cheery smile almost all of the time; her radiant white hair has been neatly clipped to shoulder-length save for a loose ponytail tied together with a violet length of ribbon, long enough to hang to the small of her back. Noticing you taking her in, Rindo's smile broadens just a bit on her small mouth and she tilts her head and wiggles her ears playfully. Several facial markings lie just above and under her eyes — they don't seem to be tattoos of any kind, but rather a natural quirk of her appearance. You certainly haven't seen them on any other kitsune, though, not those splashes of vivid red on the skin, and have to wonder just how rare they are in her people. She's also possessed of three tails — each one distinctly shorter, thicker, and brushier compared to the other denizens of the den.

That's where the pleasant side of Rindo ends. Past her nose, the left side of her body is a mangled mess, her pale and smooth complexion giving way to the deep red-brown of burn scars piled upon burn scars, leathery and warped, wrinkled and uneven with bumps and pits. Her face, her neck, her shoulder and hand — every exposed part of her body's left half is covered in the memories of a horrible happenstance made flesh. The scarred skin is pulled taut and thin, and her left hand appears gaunt and skeletal when compared to her right…

There are other signs of damage, too — even though fur's grown back over it, Rindo's left ear is slightly shorter than her right, the very tip split in two by a wedge of missing flesh. Her ears are tall but flat, enough for copious amounts of fluff to stick out of them, and like all foxen, are sensitive and possessed of a life of their own, twitching and wiggling independently of their owner.

And her left eye… ah, her right eye is unharmed, still a bright red rich with vivid colour and a deep slitted pupil. The left, though, its iris is glassy and bleached, all the red within having run out into the dead orb to turn it a light shade of pink. Even at a casual glance, the unsettling nature of Rindo's left eye is clear, with a deep-seated, instinctive revulsion to it — not just in appearance, but the way it simply doesn't follow her gaze when she looks at you. Instead, it simply does what it wants — dead, vacuous, and as empty as it is sightless.

Yet in spite of all that has happened to her and the injustices that must have occurred to leave this kind of mark on her body, Rindo Igarashi stands before you and your gaze, smiling and unafraid; perhaps a little self-conscious at being examined thus as evidenced by the slight blush on her cheeks, but not shying away from it, either.

History/Personality/Information of Note

Rindo was born to a lower middle-class family of foxes in the Old Country, and was immediately singled out moments after birth for not just bearing white hair and fur, but also brands of divinity on her face -- such markings of sacred lineage almost always appear in the head and branch families of kitsune high nobility, but in exceedingly rare cases have been known to surface in families that claim descent from them, of which Rindo's was one. Well, close enough to at least be plausible without outward accusations of infidelity and bastardry, anyway. The socially-approved method of dealing with such anomalies was to have the individual thus blessed marry into the clan which controlled the fiefdom they lived in, and as such Rindo was betrothed at a very young age in an arranged marriage to the nearest branch family of fox-nobles. This was an acceptable outcome for her and her family; given such expectations, her family received from their fiance's clan considerable privileges and a more comfortable life than they otherwise would have had, and Rindo herself received some measure of education in order to prepare her for her future standing in both a noble household and in the civil service.

However, when she was thirteen, a fire broke out in her bedchambers while she was sleeping, seemingly caused by a toppled lamp. No one else was hurt, but Rindo herself was considerably disfigured and left blind in one eye before being pulled out by her brother and a strange passing wanderer. The local magistrate was unable to find any evidence of foul play, especially since the helpful wanderer had vanished, and eventually ruled it a misadventure. Still, the damage was done -- the engagement was quickly called off, and the money and privileges dried up like thin spit on a hot stove. Still suspecting malice, although not knowing who, Rindo's brother suggested that she exile herself to the colonies, for the sake of her own life if nothing else; once she was recovered enough to be transported through the gate, Rindo was sent to the colonies to complete her recovery. upon her arrival, Komari took a personal interest in the heavily disfigured girl's case; taking Rindo's education in mind, she assigned Rindo to the shrine gardens, where she has been toiling away ever since under Miko's watchful eye.

After having spent years in the colonies, Rindo is quite genial and outwardly accepting of her disfigurement, stating that it's a relatively small matter given how some of the other figures in the colonies are broken far more deeply than she was when she first arrived.


When the champion first enters the shrine gardens after the den turns friendly, they'll run into Rindo at work; thereafter, she'll be present from 0800 to 1700 hours ever day. Players can approach to ask her about herself, recent events, or simply make small talk about the people of the kitsune den.


Rindo may be approached on the last two hours of her shift and propositioned for sex.

  • Body Worship
  • Take Comfort
  • Kiyoko guidance (Requires Kiyoko in party)
  • Miko threesome
  • Foxfire Play (Requires kitsune race)


Art by Moira
"I'm such a fool for sensing this in such a fashion..."
"Go away! I'm damaged goods..."


  • Rindo's name is derived from the Japanese Gentian. While this species of flower is blue to violet-blue in Japan and Korea, violet variants exist in other parts of the world.
  • It is very heavily implied in the game that Rindo is a Minamoto bastard, especially since the flower is borne upon the Minamoto clan crest.