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Miko's bust, by Moira
Creator The Observer
Full name Mikoto Kurokawa (黒川 美琴)
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Occupation Shrine Maiden
Family Mai (sister)
Relatives Komari (great-great-grandmother)
Nakano (cousin)
Hitoshi (cousin)
Kinu (sister-in-law)
Religion Kerosite
Nationality The Old Country



Full body art of Mai by Moira
Creator The Observer
Full name Miyuki Kurokawa (黒川 美雪)
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Occupation Shrine Maiden
Family Miko (sister)
Relatives Komari (great-great-grandmother)
Nakano (cousin)
Hitoshi (cousin)
Kinu (sister-in-law)
Religion Kerosite
Nationality The Old Country

"Well then! If'n yer our friend now, I guess ya can jus' call us Miko an' Mai. It's a whole right less o' a mouthful than Mikoto and Miyuki."

Friend? Whoa whoa whoa, maybe that's moving a bit too fast —

Purring, Miko slips behind the bench you've been sitting on and presses her prodigious boobs against the back of your head, a slice of marshmallow hell — or perhaps heaven — snuggling up against you while she cradles your chin in her arms. How… how does she move that quickly with tits that size? Even after having gone up against the orange-furred shrine maiden, it's still hard to believe.

"C'mon now, yer ain't half-bad lookin', and really handsome/cute to boot. Ya sure ya don't wanna be friends after clearin' up that there ol' misunderstandin' we had back then?"

Miko and Mai are twin shrine maidens who take care of the shrine to Keros within the heart of the Kurokawa Kitsune Den.



There's only one word to describe Mikoto Kurokawa: big. Not so much tall — she's only slightly more so than the average kitsune woman — but she is wide. Oversexed to almost ridiculous proportions for a kitsune, Miko wields her body with all the finesse of a club, and much to the same effect. Her skin's without blemish, her deep orange hair and fur is rich and flowing, and her six white-tipped tails are immaculately brushed as they sway in her wake. Slitted, golden eyes play with mischief and energy above her prominent nose and full lips, the latter almost always parted in a cheeky smile; a closer look would reveal that her teeth aren't quite human all the time, but very slightly pointed with a vulpine bent to them. The more obviously vulpine part of her are the large, white-tipped ears that sit atop her head, bent forward slightly as if eager to face the world.

But Miko's face is the least prominent part of her body. Barely constrained by her shrine maiden's uniform and looking like they could burst out of the silken fabric at any moment, her breasts are massive for a kitsune, each one at least the size of her head. How they don't actually cause her any kind of back pain or get in her way is anyone's guess; if not for the fact that kitsune can't hold most artificial transformations, you might have suspected alchemy or magic at play here. Her hips are wide and blatant, enough that you could believe she wiggles all over the place because she has to, rather than choosing to; they push out against the skirts of her outfit, making no effort to hide her curvature even under the silken cloth.

Speaking of the outfit… it's certainly different than what one might expect of a junior priestess of any religion. Well, maybe the Mallachites, but even then Cait's passion priestess garb is enticing in a different way. Miko may not be the biggest of people compared to the natives of the Marches, but the sheer force of her personality and sexuality is palpable long before one even so much as approaches her personal space. Her clothing merely serves to accentuate that; you're pretty sure that while they're in the correct colours of red and white, traditional shrine maiden garb doesn't open at the front to expose her bare thighs and… uh, that bit in the middle that seriously suggests that she's not wearing any panties. Most of the material is tied in a lovely bow about her front, wrapped about her waist; below that are a pair of thigh-high white socks and fine straw slippers on her feet. Looking at them, you can't help but get the feeling that Miko pays a lot of attention to that portion of her thigh that's exposed between socks and skirts. The faint scent of floral and herbal perfume hangs around Miko, suffusing your mind with prurient thoughts and hungry desires the more you pay attention to it…

Completing the ensemble are a black choker about her neck and an ostentatious silken fan in her palm, complete with handles of black lacquered wood. As Miko watches you take in her beauty, transfixed, the shameless shrine maiden flutters both her eyes and her fan, her mischievous smile now gone fully predatory.

"Why, [pc.ra kitsune|m'[pc.mf|lord|lady]|[pc.name]. If'n ya wanna piece o' lil' ol' me… all ya gotta do is ask. If yer up f'r th' askin'… I'm up f'r th' takin'."

Y-you'll think about it…

Miko just hides her smile behind her fan and giggles, although you know she's anything but a shy, blushing maiden.


Miyuki Kurokawa is calm and poised, as always. Tall for a kitsune woman — which means below average by the standards of the Marches — the elder of the Kurokawa twins exudes an aura of refinement and mystery that clings to her as surely as the incense-like smell of winterstem that rises from her long-handled pipe. She keeps her six grey-furred tails close to her body, some loose and almost dragging on the floor, others held up high and almost at her shoulders. As she sees you taking her in, Mai nonchalantly draws a deep drag from her pipe and blows the smoke towards you with a small, placid smile.

Most of Mai's long, flowing hair is the colour of hot-burned ash, grey with a faint gleam to the strands; it's been gathered up in a bun, save for two tresses that fall over her shoulders and over her breastbone. A duo of golden hairpins keep the bun in place behind her delicately set pointed and triangular ears; even the fluff coming out of them has been neatly trimmed and tucked away. The one exposed eye of hers — the other being covered by a shock of hair hanging from her brow — is golden and slitted after usual kitsune fashion, darting here, there, anywhere but directly at you; her nose and mouth are small and delicate, closer to the kitsune ideal of feminine refinement and beauty than her sister. She certainly knows how to make an outfit come together — Mai's shrine maiden uniform drapes over her full-figured form fancifully, a stream of red and white that starts at her upper arms and ends about her ankles. Her shoulders are exposed all the way to her upper arms and beginnings of her breasts; you're not exactly sure how her top manages to stay on like that without simply rolling off her arms, but such are the mysteries of these foxes.

While she's certainly not possessed of the raw sexuality her sister wields cheerfully and without restraint, Mai has a sharper-edged loveliness of her own; the comparison is much akin to a finely honed shiv as opposed to Miko's club. Her silken shrine maiden uniform's marginally less revealing than what you might have expected, and the bow securing her skirts is tied about her back; however, you're still painfully aware of the parting that goes all the way up her thigh and makes it clear that she's not wearing anything in the way of underclothes, either. The long white socks on her rise all the way to the middle of her thighs, and she's wearing a pair of decorated straw slippers. Completing the ensemble is a slender black choker about her neck, as well as the long-handled pipe that she carries around with her at all times; you don't think you've ever seen her without it lit and smoking, or at least not in an everyday setting like this. Sure, she probably isn't supposed to be smoking while on the job, but somehow you get the feeling that Mai doesn't really care…

"Ah, [pc.ra kitsune|m'[pc.mf|lord|lady]|[pc.name]. I've felt yer eyes on me f'r some time now… ain't no need to be ashamed. Wouldn't have had dolled myself up an' all if'n I didn't want to be watched, did I? If'n it'll encourage more folks to pay their respects to our divine lord on a regular basis… it's but a small price to pay, innit?"

You certainly can appreciate the effort.

"Psh. Ain't no problem f'r the likes of me — to be frank, I kinda like goin' through th' motions, makes me feel all nice and refined-like. If'n ya wanna have a closer look, though… all ya gotta do is ask. I can't grant no wishes if ya don't make them first, ya know?"

Wishes, she says. Judging by the way Mai's crooking the corner of her lips upwards as she takes another long draw from her pipe, you can guess what kind of wish she intends for you to make…

History/Personality/Information of Note

Miko and Mai were born as fraternal twins to a provincial branch family of the Kurokawa clan, distantly descended from Komari herself. The birth itself was regarded as auspicious -- multiple kits at one go are exceedingly rare in kitsune -- but it soon became apparent within a few years that something was deeply wrong with the sisters. They would see and hear things that could not be perceived with the unaided senses, but the Kurokawa clan, being a priestly clan, knew full well existed. At the same time, the price of their gift soon manifested itself in opposing neuroses between the sisters; while Miko was exuberant and with an appetite to match, Mai was emotionally muted and had trouble feeling very much of anything at all, her mind shutting itself off to cope with the constant din through which she perceived the world. Unable to decide if the children were blessed or cursed, their parents decided to send the sisters across the ocean to their great-great-grandmother, who would not just keep them out of the public eye in the colonies but also best suited to help them cope with their rather unique condition. Despite being shipped off to the colonies at a young age, they've retained their provincial accent, perhaps out of a sense of personal pride despite it being looked down upon in polite kitsune society.

Since then, they've been raised as shrine maidens by their great-great-grandmother. Supposedly, both sisters are competing for the title of being Komari's heir, but since one of them never does anything important without consulting the other, the point is fairly moot. Their ability to perceive auras and easily spot the local kami have been invaluable in the colonisation effort, which is more a spiritual endeavour than a physical one, owing to the boreal elves having largely abandoned the Frostwood since the Godswar.

Both sisters will be Kinu's contemporaries and tease her good-naturedly but relentlessly once she grows up. For her own good, of course. When they're not actually studying under their great-great-grandmother, the sisters will run the kitsune shrine. Their other assorted duties include operating and maintaining the torii gate, keeping the shrine gardens in good order, and scrubbing out the bathhouse.


First Encounter

When the champion enters the Kurokawa Kitsune Den as a dungeon, the sisters serve as the fourth encounter, moving to block the way into the shrine gardens and giving battle in short order. If the champion has the Amulet of Union on them, the two will serve as the dungeon's final encounter; otherwise, they will serve as the dungeon's penultimate encounter. How the situation is resolved will affect their proper introduction later on -- whether the champion defeated them, was defeated by them, or never encountered them to begin with.

Subsequent Encounters

After the Kurokawa Kitsune Den turns friendly to the player, they may find Miko and Mai at the kitsune shrine on the ground floor. Miko is present from 06:00 to 19:00 every day, while Mai is here from 17:00 to 08:00 every night. The sisters have a four-hour window every day when both of them are present. Depending on whether Miko or Mai are on duty, the services offered and sex scenes will be different; there are also special scenes if Miko and Mai are present at the shrine together.

Like the vast majority of kitsune NPCs and encounters, Miko and Mai will recognise if the player has sold their soul to become one of their own and grant them the appropriate respect.


  • Appearance: Take in the sight of the lovelier of the Kurokawa sisters.
  • Talk
    • Herself: You'd like to hear Miko talk about herself.
    • Denizens: Discuss the locals with Miko. Given her position here, she must know quite a bit about everyone living in the den, right?
    • Services: So, what kind of services does Miko offer here at the shrine?
    • Religion: Could she tell you something about worship of the Trickster and the traditions she follows?
    • The Situation: (requires having done the first paralogue of The Princess Blade)
    • Pregnancy: Inquire about the state of her pregnancy. (requires having impregnated Miko)
    • Kits: Inquire about the state of your kits with Miko. (requires Miko having kits)
  • Omikuji: This is a form of divination, isn't it? (requires not having done Omikuji, Harai, or Shiatsu Massage today)
  • Sex: You know it's inviting trouble considering how nymphomaniacal Miko reputedly is, but hey, trouble's never put you off.


  • Appearance: Take in the sight of the more elegant of the Kurokawa sisters.
  • Talk
    • Herself: You'd like to hear Mai talk about herself.
    • Denizens: Discuss the people of the den with Mai.
    • Services: What kind of services can Mai do, and more specifically, for you?
    • Religion: Could she tell you something about worship of the Trickster and the traditions she follows?
    • The Situation: (requires having done the first paralogue of The Princess Blade)
  • Harai: Have Mai see about purging evil influences from your person. (requires not having done Omikuji, Harai, or Shiatsu Massage today)
  • Shiatsu Massage: This isn't quite a religious thing, but you could ask Mai to help redirect and clear obstructions from the flow of life-force about your body... (requires not having done Omikuji, Harai, or Shiatsu Massage today)
  • Sex: Mai is so elegant and refined in her movements... surely those apply to her other skills, too.


Miko and Mai offer a number of spiritual services. You can only use one service per day, and they offer a range of practical benefits, or you can get off.

  • Omikuji: This is a form of divination, isn't it? (from Miko)
    • Draw: Draw a fortune from the box Miko is overseeing. Wonder what's in store for you... (requires 5 EC, 50% chance of bestowing a randomly chosen boon: Learning, Health, Romance, Ritual Purity, Wealth)
    • Special Box: Draw a fortune from Miko's "special" box... no matter what happens, you're in for a bad time. Or maybe a good time, depending on how you look at it... Knowing Miko, this will probably end up in perverse shenanigans.
  • Harai: Have Mai see about purging evil influences from your person. (from Mai)
    • Cleanse: Have Mai cleanse your aura and spiritual self. This should also bring some relief to your body, if something ails you... (clears negative status effects)
    • "Cleanse": Mai can certainly give you a rather unique cleansing, if somewhat unorthodox...
  • Shiatsu Massage: This isn't quite a religious thing, but you could ask Mai to help redirect and clear obstructions from the flow of life-force about your body... (from Mai)


(Section redacted until future notice because I'm cruel like that)

Losing to Miko and Mai without having the Amulet of Union on the Champion's person will result in a bad end.


Like their services, what sex scenes are available depends on which sisters are on duty at the shrine.


  • BendOver: Shove Miko up against the statue's feet and fuck her good in full view of her patron deity. It'll be a very special offering...
  • MatingPress: Miko is so extremely breedable... every inch of her nubile, voluptuous body is just begging for you to wander on into the sweet, sticky trap that she is. (requires penis)
  • BoobWorship: Kitsune usually aren't very big in the way of tits, but by the gods, Miko is absolutely stacked. This is a place of worship, after all… and paying respects to one of Keros' shrine maidens is as good as paying respects to the Trickster himself, right?
  • Both Sisters: Damn it, you can't decide. You want both of them. Now. (must between 6:00-8:00 or 17:00-19:00)
  • Patslut: Actually, you're not going to have sex. You're going to pat Miko's ears and rub her tails until she... until she... wait, guess this does count as sex for kitsune...
  • Mallow Hell: Engulf yourself in those bigger-than-her-head titties.
  • Doggystyle: Fuck like animals in the shrine. First against the wall, then she slides down to the floor. Be sure to make note of infectious energy. (requires penis)
  • Patslut: Rub Miko on her swelling tummy and tell her what a good girl she is for growing your seed in her womb. A truly limited-time offer, given that she won't be pregnant forever... (Miko must be pregnant
  • Fox Milking: Cow milk? No, fox milk is clearly the obvious choice. There has never been a better time to squeeze, press and squash Miko's boobs until the slutty shrine maiden outright orgasms from being milked so hard. (Miko must be quite pregnant)
  • Nursing HJ: Well, aren't those some serious milkers that you just can't help but want to drain, and not with your hands. That being said, she's got to give something back to you for such a service, right? (Miko must be quite pregnant)
  • Botezuri: Have Miko and Kiyoko sandwich your shaft between their life-gravid wombs and let them show their appreciation for the tool that did this to them. (requires penis, Miko and Kiyoko must be heavily pregnant)

Miko Pregnancy

It's been a while since you last met, a good long while... and she's thicker all around, especially in the hips and thighs. But all this eyeing her body is just putting off the inevitable, what your gaze is most assiduously avoiding: the fact that Miko's belly is rounded, its firm curve lifting her skirts to announce to the world the fact that she's with child. Its size and proportions match everything else about Miko's oversexed body, announcing the shrine maiden's prodigious fecundity to the world.



If you have a virile penis, have heard Keros's offer, and arrive at the shrine between 8:00 and 17:00, you trigger a one-time event with Miko upon entering the shrine. She's in a state, having been hungry all day. Keros assured her she's fine, and she 'ate' earlier, but she's still starving. And now you're here. Kiyoko, if present, claims to be mystified as to Miko's state, but encourages you to as her consort to show benevolence to Miko and 'feed' her.

  • Yes: (Miko will become pregnant. See Miko Pregnancy for more details. This is a one-time pregnancy and can not be repeated.)
  • No: You don't want to encourage this kind of behaviour in Miko, even if she's not fully in control of her actions because of her affliction. She needs help, and you're not going to be getting her that by indulging her. (Miko will not become pregnant. This event can not be repeated.)

If you choose No, you bring Miko to Komari and explain her condition. Komari gives Miko some Wyldsap as well as something to put her to sleep, and explains that Miko and Mai is disordered due to the curse Keros placed on her line for allowing Kiyoko to be killed. While Mai self-medicates with powerfuls strains of Winterstem, Miko refuses, instead training her mental fortitude to be as functional as she is. Komari thanks you for bringing Miko to her, and that's the end of that.

If you choose Yes, you and Miko have intense and extensive sexual intercourse. You pass out while being drained by Miko for the umpteeth time. Afterwards, you wake up to the sight of Kiyoko (if in party) or Keros, your rescuer having freed you from Miko's clutches after judging you to have had enough. Kiyoko compliments you on your performances, and encourages you to bring that vigour into your copulation with her sometime, while Keros admits to having known Miko was out of sorts, but he was interested to see what would happen.

Once you're 10% through Miko's pregnancy (6 days in short pregnancy mode), a new event triggers the next time you visit the shrine. Komari is there instead of her great-great-granddaughters, and she's clearly very upset. Soon you find out why: Miko is pregnant. Komari explains that Miko was too out of sorts to control her fertility as Kitsune generally can, and that the curse that pervades her lineage will pass on to the twins Miko is carrying because of your irresponsibility. Obviously Miko is unfit to be her heir, and as such Mai will be announced as the sole heir of Komari's position in the den.

After this dramatic confrontation, Miko is largely unfazed. The children may be disordered as she is, but she manages, and they'll learn to as well. And Mai was always going to be the chosen heir anyway. You can unlock new chats with Miko, and new sex scenes as well as the pregnancy progresses. Once the pregnancy comes to term, Miko raises her twins and various figures around the den have new talk scenes with their opinion on the matter.


  • Footjob: Have Mai get you off with her feet.
  • Get Fucked: Have Mai ruin your [pc.vagOrAss] with her ghostlight piercing.
  • Facesitting: Have Mai assert dominance over your face with her cunt.
  • Both Sisters: Damn it, you can't decide. You want both of them. Now. (must between 6:00-8:00 or 17:00-19:00)
  • Patslut: Does this actually count as sex? Well, come to think of it, yes, it probaly does for kitsune. Maybe if you patted Mai's head while fucking her...but that really does seem like it would taint the whole experience wouldn't it?
  • ReverseCowgirl - Your desire is a front seat view of that nice, firm ass of hers bouncing on your cock. (requires penis)
  • Half-Nelson: Lift Mai clean off her feet and rail the vixen from below. (requires penis)

Miko and Mai

  • Cait: Is... is that Cait who's barging into here with you? (requires Cait in party)
    • Cait: Yeah, your pink kitten was definitely the best here. That rough little tongue of hers works wonders regardless of what she's using it for.
    • Miko: You're not going to lie, the marshmallow hell was the best part of all of this. Miko knows how to handle tits, both giving and receiving.
    • Mai: As exuberant as everyone else was, you're more a fan of the subtle approach.
  • Kiyoko: Come to think of it... is there a certain someone just waiting to make her entrance? (requires Kiyoko in party)
  • Brint: Brint is such a huge hunk of beef, you're sure someone like him would be able to whet the sisters' appetites... and yours, of course. (requires Brint in party)
  • Arona: You're sure Arona's not going to be content with you getting some fun while she waits outside — knowing the orcazon, she's bound to take the initiative on her own. In fact, you can hear her coming right about... now... (requires Arona in party)
  • Pussy Triangle: Like a sixty-nine, only with three people instead of two. The more the merrier, right? (requires vagina)
  • Sandwich: Have the sisters double team you, with one using their magicock on the person in the middle. (requires penis)
  • Education: You think you'll take the sisters up on their offer of teaching you the finer details of being a fox... (requires being a Kitsune)




Found in Miko's Botezuri sex option

Mai Comms.png
Found in Mai's Patslut sex option


  • Mikoto and Miyuki's names mean "beautiful zither" and "beautiful snow" respectively.
  • Miko and Mai have been in CoC1 and TiTs in various incarnations as Savin's characters.
  • The sisters' accent is supposed to be anglicised kansai-ben.