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Full body of Kiyoko by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Full name Kiyoko Ōtomo (大友 聖子)
Nickname(s) Slutsune
Foxy Slut-Wife
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Occupation Diviner
Title Myōbu (命婦)
Religion Kerosite
Children Kinu
and many others.
Nationality The Old Country.

おかえりなさいませ、旦那様...お風呂になさいますか? ご飯になさいますか? それともわらわ?

Kiyoko is available early on in the game, as soon as the Old Forest hits. The Champion comes across the ruins of a kitsune shrine and the secret within, and gains the option to pick up the Amber Orb amongst some other loot. When they next go to sleep, their dreams are invaded by Kiyoko, who briefly explains how she got trapped inside Keros' Dream (known to the kitsune as the astral plane) within the orb, and asks the Champion to bring her to her patron deity so he can get her out. She'll also ask for donations of the Champion's life-force, in exchange for aid in combat.

Guess how such donations are made, and what they do?

After upgrading the amulet of transference to the amulet of union, Kiyoko will be able to manifest herself as a summon. She won't have her perks or higher level skills, and as a summon her stats will be dependent on the Champion's leadership. Once the player completes the quest Den of Foxes and gains access to the kitsune den, they can petition for her to be freed, promoting her to a full companion.


Kiyoko's appearance is variable. As she births more kits, she grows in thiccness and gains more tails; this can change her appearance drastically. The following is her default appearance:

Saying nothing, you pick up your porcelain cup of tea and sip it gently as you let your gaze roam over Kiyoko’s face. Realizing what you’re doing, the kitsune lowers her eyes for a second or so before raising them to meet yours, unconsciously toying with one of the twin amber locks of hair that frame her face, rubbing the silken, glossy hair between thumb and forefinger before twirling it about the latter.

“If you’re going to stare at me, I’m going to stare right back at you,” she says, a small, playful smile on her lips.

That’s okay. You know that you’re positively irresistable.

That gets her truly laughing in that lilting, flute-like voice of hers, giving you an opening to truly study your lovely kitsune. Framed by twin locks of amber hair, Kiyoko’s face is soft and rounded, her chin a gentle point beneath her lips, her large eyes a soothing shade of sea-green jade. In place of human ears are two large fox ears that sit atop her head, each one perhaps the length and breadth of a human hand. As you watch, they wiggle, twitch and swivel with a life of their own, refusing to fall in line with Kiyoko's calm demeanour. Each of their insides are a clean white to contrast with her amber outsides, and filled with large, fluffy and ever-so-sensitive tufts of fur; it's very, very hard to not want to reach out and start petting them.

From there on, Kiyoko’s amber-orange hair fans outward, spilling across her shoulders and further down until it reaches the small of her back - there are no bad hair days in the astral plane, it seems, or bad fur days for that matter. Each strand of Kiyoko’s hair and fur is exquisite, silken and rich in color, the result of careful brushing and lots of care. Faced with this sight, you can see why kitsune think themselves the prettiest creatures that ever existed. You wouldn’t be surprised if there was some magic involved, but Kiyoko would probably never admit to such.

Slowly, you move your eyes downward, and Kiyoko simply smiles and sips at her own tea in turn.

She’s dressed in what appears to be a long-sleeved three-piece robe-like outfit in the fashion of her homeland - a yukata, you think it’s called, although you can’t quite remember exactly where she’s mentioned its name before. White and trimmed at the edges with red, a deep blood-red sash tied just beneath her breasts secures the entire ensemble, tied in the back with an elaborate bow. Her clothes are fairly form-fitting, but there’s no doubt that the kitsune has plenty of space to move around if need be.

Kiyoko’s lady lumps are slight, dainty A-cups hidden almost completely by the folds of her clothing. Yes, they wouldn't fill the average person's palm and probably would look very out of place on the generally stout women of the Frost Marches, but one has to admit they're very suited to her fine, petite figure. Small and pointed - not quite everyone's cup of tea perhaps, but there is a certain cute charm to them.

Ah, such delights. Sweeping your gaze further down, you start from her bottom up. While Kiyoko usually removes her sandals while coming indoors, she doesn’t take off her white stockings, which is usually all you can see under her long skirts. Behind her, four bushy fox tails sway, tipped with white but otherwise the same amber color as her hair and fur. They almost seem to have a life of their own, twitching, curling and sweeping about even when Kiyoko’s attention is clearly elsewhere. You remember what Kiyoko said about kitsune tails: the more tails on a kitsune, the more powerful he or she is, with nine being the limit. Hmm…

Down the length of her fluffy tail to its base, and then up to her hips. Kiyoko’s rear is tighter and daintier than what might be thought common in the Frost Marches, but she assures you that she’s perfectly average by the standards of her homeland. While the kitsune's clothes hide most of her figure, you’re content to take her word for it - there is a certain charm to her as she is, after all.

While her slight, petite build and boyish hips suggest that a stiff breeze might be able to knock her over, you know that Kiyoko is made of sterner stuff than that. It's just… oh well. Maybe the local ladies of the Frost Marches have left you spoiled for choice.

Finally, you move onto Kiyoko’s midriff, just under her sash. The kitsune’s slender torso belies her vulpine grace, softly feminine as it curves in from her chest and out away as it approaches her hips. Accentuated by her sash, just looking at her trim body gives you an impression of dainty yet lithe alacrity; while Kiyoko usually gets about in deliberate, measured movements, there’s no doubt that she could rapidly pick up her pace if the situation called for it.

Your examination of the kitsune complete, you set down your tea and give Kiyoko a satisfied nod. In return, she dips her head ever so slightly at you, large, fluffy ears twitching, and gives you a small grin.

“If we’re done admiring each other, let’s move on.”

Gladly. Although you might want to ask - exactly what’s it about you that she was admiring?

Kiyoko smirks and shakes her head. “Wouldn’t be fun if I just up and told you, would it? I’ll leave that one for you to figure out on your own.”


The main fetishes Kiyoko appeals to are himedere and preggophilia. Although she never outright states it, it's heavily implied from her appearance, behaviour and several other tells that she's kitsune nobility; her verbose manner of speech and lack of contraction use lend a stiff, formal tone to her words. This stiff, reserved personality is easily thrown out for a more playful one at the drop of a hat and back again, leading to no small degree of contrasting personality.

For coding purposes, Kiyoko's personality tag is playful.


Champions are able to interact with Kiyoko in a variety of lewd and non-lewd activities.

  • Talk
  • Have Meal
    • Naked apron (Requires 4 kits, 25% chance to trigger)
      • Nyotaimori
      • Kitchen Harassment
      • Mandarin Oranges
  • Have Fun (Requires having fucked)
    • Massage
      • Suck n' Stroke (Requires 4 kits, pregnancy stage 3 or 4, 25% chance to trigger)
    • Cuddle
    • Hot Springs
      • Snuggle
      • Fool Around
      • Splash
      • Massage
    • Pet
      • Headpet
      • Touch Fluffy Tail
      • Tummy Rub
      • Footrub
      • Grope/Milk
      • Pregnant Titsucking
    • Kiss
  • Random Events (12.5% chance to trigger when entering the cabin square)


Kiyoko is able to talk about several topics, including herself, her patron deity, and any kits you might have had with her. Dialogue is randomised, and some topics may see different dialogue after she has more kits. The Champion may also ask her to divine their future; this has no mechanical impact and is just for fun.


In order to have sex with Kiyoko, the Champion must have spoken to her about freeing her from the orb. She'll ask for donations of the Champion's vitality in exchange, transferable via cumming into her. For this reason, the Champion must have a penis for all of her sex scenes.

The main thrust of Kiyoko's content is pregnancy and pregnancy-related fetishes; if she isn't pregnant already, fucking her will always result in her conceiving a kit even if the Champion is sterile. If she is pregnant, her pregnancy instantly advances by one additional stage at the end of the scene. Like most of her content, Kiyoko's scenes vary widely depending on how many kits she's had and how pregnant she is at the moment, leading to many distinct variations of the same scene.

Fucking Kiyoko will always give the Champion a 10% debuff to their toughness for 6 hours upon waking up.

  • Tail Bondage
  • Doggy Style
  • Play Tag (Requires Lupine race)
  • Play Naughty
    • Femdom Cowgirl Ride
    • Breed
  • Play Nice
  • Play Rough
    • On the Ground
    • Against the Wall
  • Play Loud
  • Play with Mother (32 kits required)

Pregnancy mechanics

Kiyoko does not follow the standard rules other pregnancies use.

If the Champion cums into Kiyoko when she is not carrying a kit, she will become pregnant without fail. This bypasses perks such as sterile and effects like birth control.

Every time the Champion leaves the Astral Plane when Kiyoko is pregnant, her pregnancy counter increases by 1. The champion can expedite Kiyoko's pregnancies by feeding both mother and kit with life-force; this will increase her pregnancy counter by an additional 1 per visit.

When the counter hits 5, either between visits or fucking her when she's almost ready to pop, Kiyoko will give birth; one way or the other, she will be in no condition to entertain the Champion and request that they let her rest until their next visit.

Kiyoko gains extra tails at 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 total kits birthed.

Every time the Champion feeds her, they will suffer a 10% debuff to their Toughness for 6 hours upon waking up.

One-Offs and Events

New Year's

If the Champion enters the Astral Plane during the new years' period, Kiyoko will serve them New Years' soba and celebrate the passing of the old year with them and any family they may have produced with her.

There are variants of this for being in and out of the Astral Plane; if Kiyoko has been freed, the event triggers when entering the crossroads in Kiyoko's home, and the event is altered somewhat since Kinu is grown; your daughter's behaviour changes depending on her personality.

Mother's Day

If the Champion enters Kinu's square anytime during May, Kinu will ask them to help with the Mother's Day surprise she has planned for Kiyoko. Kinu will gather all of her siblings in the dining hall and present her mother with carnations, as well as Kiyoko's favourites: inarizushi, kitsune udon, and amazake. The more kits that Kiyoko has given birth to, the grander the event will be.

If Kinu's personality is currently tilted towards Kitsune Hime, the event will be warm and joyous; however, if Kinu's personality is currently tilted towards Inari Shoujo, there'll be an awkward undertone as mother and daughter work out a detente for the day.

There are variants of this event for after Kiyoko is freed; it is triggered by entering the crossroads in Kiyoko's home and Kinu's dialogue changes.

Festival of Longevity

Randomly occurs when the Champion enters Kinu’s square. Kinu and Kiyoko invite the Champion to partake in the Festival of Longevity, an event where congee made with seven spring vegetables is eaten to ensure a long life and good health for the rest of the year. This event is loosely based on the actual Japanese festival nanakusa-no-sekku.

Hanami Festival

Only available once Kiyoko has been freed, and runs from March 15th to April 15th to coincide with actual flower-viewing season in Japan. Upon entering Kiyoko's home, she will suggest that they go and do some flower-viewing over at the kitsune den. If the champion agrees, the event will trigger and take up an entire day as they head out with Kiyoko to socialise with the other foxes.


After impregnating Kiyoko and subsequently birthing her first kit, returning to her and knocking on her door will trigger a small scene where the amulet of transference is upgraded to the amulet of union. From then on, equipping the amulet will grant a 1/encounter power to call upon Kiyoko for aid in combat.

The summon, though, is but a poor facsimile of the real thing: it has no perks nor independent stats. As with all summons, the latter is reliant on the champion's Presence score to determine how powerful it is. It also only has three powers: foxfire, mirror image, and trick.

Upon freeing Kiyoko from the orb, Keros will confiscate the amulet for repairs, causing the summoning ability to be lost forever.


Educational Help

Freeing Your Fox-Wife

Upon completing the quest Den of Foxes by returning the bountiful bag to Lady Evergreen, return to Komari after introducing yourself to the major figures in the den she asks of you. You can then talk to the colonial governor about doing something about Kiyoko's situation.

In order for this to go through successfully, Kinu must have been born. Komari will request Keros' aid, and the deity will extract Kiyoko from the orb along with all your fox-children in a small scene; he will also partially restore Kiyoko's old home to a somewhat (if barely) livable state and leave the rest up to your industriousness. The Amulet of Union will be forever lost in this process, removing the ability to summon her permanently.

Kiyoko's old home is accessible directly as an enterable tile in the Old Forest, or you can simply warp there from the torii gate in the kitsune den. It is a small area consisting of seven tiles in which you may interact with your family. You will have to wait a day or two after her release to be able to interact with her for the first time in her new home, with a housewarming scene.

Kiyoko is available at her old home pretty much around the clock; you can visit her any time of day. If she is currently in your party, the "visit" will be treated as stopping by home for a spell to rest. Most, if not all of her old interactions and events from the Astral Plane should be ported over with necessary changes, along with various new interactions to reflect the changed situation.


  • The core idea for Kiyoko came from Kaelirra, a character in one of the tabletop campaigns Savin ran.
  • Kiyoko's name means "holy child". The kanji in her name is sometimes misromanised as Senko or Seiko.
  • Kiyoko's surname is a hint to the fact that she is high nobility; Miko guesses in one of the Kinu short stories that she's no more than two or three steps removed from the Imperial Family.
    • The Ōtomo Clan was a relatively powerful clan from about 1200-1600. They were notable for being the first to establish contact and relations with Europeans -- reflected in Kiyoko leading the first of the expeditionary forces abroad to the Marches to aid in the Sorran and Lumian fronts in the Godswar.
    • The clan name literally means "great friend/companion", which again, is meaningful in her role as one of the champion's companions.




Found in Kiyoko's Wedding scene


Found in Miko's Botezuri sex option


Found in Kiyoko's Headpat Ceremony scene

Found in Kiyoko's Headpat Ceremony scene


Be it sakura petals or delicious sake, none are a match for Kiyoko-Sama.
Found in Kiyoko's Hanami Festival Seasonal Event and Picnic scene

Other Art

Kiyoko and Bianca (TiTS)

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