Educational Help

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Educational Help
Helping With Education
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Kiyoko
Requirements Kinu has been born
A Quarterstaff
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Knowing that the Champion is a responsible parent
Location Astral Plane
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Upon receiving the request from Kiyoko Kiyoko's asked you to bring an apprentice staff with you when you next visit her realm for the purposes of furthering your daughter's education. You aren't sure what exactly constitutes an apprentice staff but a quarter staff should do just fine. You won't have to leave it behind or anything, but you do have to bring it with you.
1 (completed) Having delivered the staff to Kiyoko You've delivered the staff as asked and helped further your daughter's education. There, don't you feel like a responsible parent now?


Having met Kinu, there is a chance for Kiyoko to ask the Champion for help


Having met their first child with Kiyoko, there is a chance for her to ask you favor in acquiring some material for their firstborn. The Champion can purchase a Quarterstaff from Leorah upon returning from the Astral Plane. Having the quarterstaff will allow the Champion to select the Lesson option, which will allow Kiyoko to teach young Kinu while the Champion is there for moral support. However if the Champion has the Black Mage or White Mage class or the Scholar background, they can take an active role in teaching Kinu alongside Kiyoko. Whatever the case maybe, the quest is now complete.