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Leorah's bust, by Cheshire
Creator Savin
Full name Leorah
Species Catfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Shopkeep
Nationality Frost Marcher


Leorah is the direct yet lethargic shopkeeper of the Huntress's Shop in Hawkethorne, which opens at 09:00. She makes and sells supplies primarily for the hunters of the village, but will sell to outsiders such as the Player Character.

Leorah used to be a hunter, then she took a Wyvern attack to the knee. Ever since, use of her leg has been limited, and this promted her to become a shopkeeper. The mauling happened a few years ago, when she first arrived in Hawkethorne. Out of boredom, she went after some Wyverns to get their venom, after word came in that that there were some in the foothills. She had one restrained, then one of the monster's talons cut directly to the side of the kneecap, cut the tendons clean through, leaving her poisoned and her leg "dangling like some strung-up puppet". The beast escaped, she was rescued by other hunters, and healed by Brother Sanders and Ivris. Her knee never set properly however, so she can't walk long distances without it hurting greatly, let alone climb. As she says: "I can't rough it for weeks like I used to thanks to my knee, but nipping out for a few hours is still more than doable.". The event really gave her a taste for Wyvern Venom however, as painful as it was.

As the Player Character can choose to see upon completion of her sidequest One Man's Poison, Leorah privately makes use of Wyvern Venom as a drug. She uses it to attain a sexual high that is "better than being in heat", rubbing the fluid into her skin in front of the heat of a fire, making herself more aroused and sensitive, as well as using it as lube for a cat-cock dildo. During its use, she becomes flushed, her eyes glaze over, and her pupils practically contract to pinpricks.


A gorgeous weapon, hanging over a gorgeous girl sitting behind the counter: a cat-folk with skin darkened to a sultry brown by the desert suns of her homeland, her almond eyes half-closed with fatigue. A pair of black tattoos trace long, claw-shaped marks from under her eyes to near her chin, and branching out to cover her cheeks in vein-like strands. She's got a short-cropped mess of untamed and green-dyed hair, parting around a pair of particularly tall feline ears of the same color. A pair of small but perky breasts peek up from a low-cut padded vest and white undershirt, showing off a fair bit of cleavage as their owner leans over the counter.








Loerah isn't sexable yet


One Man's Poison