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Leorah bust by Cheshire
Creator Savin(creator)
The Observer(current writer)
Alias Jaded old broad(self-proclaimed)
Species Catfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Ex-Hunteress
Family Several unnamed sisters
Location Huntress's Shop

Leorah is the lethargic, taciturn and direct catfolk shopkeeper of the Huntress's Shop in Hawkethorne. Her main customers are the hunters of the village, but she also sells to outsiders. She originally came from the desert land of Jassira.


A gorgeous girl sitting behind the counter: a catfolk with skin darkened to a sultry brown by the desert suns of her homeland, her almond eyes half-closed with fatigue. A pair of black tattoos trace long, claw-shaped marks from under her eyes to near her chin, and branching out to cover her cheeks in vein-like strands. She's got a short-cropped mess of untamed and green-dyed hair, parting around a pair of particularly tall feline ears of the same color. A pair of small but perky breasts peek up from a low-cut padded vest and white undershirt, showing off a fair bit of cleavage as their owner leans over the counter.

She idly blows a stray lock of hair out of her eyes as you close this distance, looking at you with mild disinterest. "Name's Leorah. This is my shop." The dusky cat-girl sits up a little straighter as you bring up business. "I make and sell supplies for the other hunters in the village. I used to be one myself, until a wyvern just about took my leg off. Now I make arrows, leather armor, bows... light weapons and armor, basically. If that's something you need, you're in the right place. Otherwise... enjoy the fire, I guess?"

Due to the unkemptness of her hair, she is described as having to idly blow a strand of hair out of her eyes when meeting the Champion. Her body is described as athletic, with toned abs, powerful thighs, and "while her muscles aren't defined like that of a bodybuilder's, they nevertheless leave little doubt to their presence"

Personal history

Leorah is deflective when asked to talk about herself, and says she had an exciting childhood, but that most people around Hawkethorne did too, whether they wanted it or not. She is good at massaging, and earlier in her life considered doing it professionally in her homeland Jassira, but not erotically. She is a first-generation emigrant from Jassira, and doesn't hold much love for her homeland, preferring the Frost Marches. On why she left:

"There wasn't any one event that led to me deciding to cross the sea. Getting sick of having to clean sand out of my fur every morning. The Sultana's slew of crazy edicts that were practically changing every two months, so no one knew which was in effect at any time. Having no one left whom I gave a damn about, that really helped me with making the leap."

One of Leorah's prize possessions is a beautiful Elvish Whitewood Bow she took from a wealthy elf, who berated her for taking anything from the forest, which Leorah found ridiculous. The elf had assistants with her, and so, not wanting to take them all on, Leorah ran away, leading the wealthy elf away from her companions, straight into an animal trap she had set up earlier. Once the elf was caught, she took her bow with her as a trophy. The elf said that Leorah would be in so much trouble once her mother found out, but no trouble ever came, leading her to assume that the elf's mother must have not agreed with her daughters actions either.

Leorah used to be a hunter, then she took a Wyvern talon in the knee. Ever since, use of her leg has been limited, and this prompted her to become a shopkeeper. The mauling happened a few years ago, when she first arrived in Hawkethorne. Out of boredom, she went after some Wyverns to get their venom, after word came in that there were some in the foothills. She had one restrained, then one of the monster's talons cut directly to the side of her kneecap and cut the tendons clean through, leaving her poisoned and her leg "dangling like some strung-up puppet". The beast escaped, she was rescued by other hunters, and healed by Brother Sanders and Ivris. Her knee never set properly however, so she can't walk long distances without it hurting greatly, let alone climb. As she says: "I can't rough it for weeks like I used to thanks to my knee, but nipping out for a few hours is still more than doable.". The event really gave her a taste for Wyvern Venom however, as painful as it was. Brother Sanders told her he actually had to stop her from masturbating during the healing because the venom had her so absurdly aroused, tying her hands together and making her wear scratchy, rough mittens. Leorah privately makes use of Wyvern Venom as a drug. She uses it to attain a sexual high that is "better than being in heat", rubbing the fluid into her skin in front of the heat of a fire, making herself more aroused and sensitive, as well as using it as lube for a cat-cock dildo. Whilst under the effects of Wyvern Venom, Leorah's pupils are described as contracting to "pinpricks", not slits or lines, which may suggest she has circular, human-like pupils instead of the vertical slit-pupils like other catfolk such as Cait. After years of taking Wyvern Venom, her body seems somewhat infused with it, such that a person can feel it's effects when receiving oral from her.

Leorah makes some of her products, and gets the others from merchants, a few of which she customizes herself. She says this and other "clever ways" help to keep her costs down. Leorah sometimes uses phrases from her homeland or that refer to the Pantheon, for example: "Seven suns and sands, this is going to be great", "Thank the Seven there's no one in here but you and me", "what in the name of all Seven Gods am I supposed to do", or "Mallach's balls. Although Leorah dislikes the particular practices of the temples of Mallach in Jassira, a point that can cause some friction between her and Cait. It seems she finds the clergy pampered, and disconnected from the reality beyond their temples.

When Leorah mentions her sisters:

"Heh... when I was younger, I wanted bigger tits like my sisters had; those kitten-sluts would flaunt them anywhere they could get a little attention in exchange for it. Always told myself that they'd get in the way of my work, though. Those were the days... and now I'm just a shopkeeper."


  • Shop - see Huntress's Shop
  • Give Venom - On a second visit to Leorah, see will ask the Champion a favor (see One Man's Poison).
    • Having brought the venom to her, Leorah will close the shop for a while. The Champion can take a peek as to find the true reason why she's closing shop.
    • Yes - A little voyeurism can't hurt...
    • No - Nah, this has nothing to do with you.

Upon completing One Man's Poison, the Give Venom option will disappear and the following options will become available:

  • Training
    • Leorah can teach the Champion Ranged powers.
  • Chat
    • Herself - Feeling good lately?
    • Business - How's business holding up?
    • Venom - So... what exactly is is with Leorah and wyvern venom, anyway?
  • Sex


When first propositioned for sex, she becomes embarrassed and stating that it had been a long time since someone dared to ask. If the Champion has a Wyvern Venom with them may choose to use it or not.

Additional propositions require the use of Wyvern Venom

  • BestialSex (requires a cock) - Just fuck Leorah like the beasts she knows so well.

One-Offs and Events


One Man's Poison

Upon a subsequent visit to Leorah, she would propose a business proposition. Bring her a bottle of Wyvern Venom and in exchange she will teach the Champion Archery.

Caparison Hunter

Leorah is one of the two suggestions that Sugo tells the Champion is capable of crafting a new caparison of him.


  • Regarding Leorah's behaviour, her creator Savin comments that he "initially wrote her as acting bored and disinterested -- but her tail swishes like crazy when you come over to actually talk to her. She's... basically being a cat, acting like she's not interested in you when in fact she is super interested in you and has probably dropped everything to watch you."