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River Bust Cheshire.png
Bust of River by Cheshire
Creator The Observer
Alias The Singing Arrow
Species Catfolk
Gender Male
Occupation Bard
Location The Frost Hound

But yes, I'm a first-generation emigrant from Jassira. Little River down by the Frost Hound — he's three generations in, and he's already starting to look more and more like the locals when it comes to fitting in. Can't say I've much love for where I came from, if I'm going to be completely honest. -- Leorah


You approach the pint-sized catfolk bard by the hearth, and he tilts his head upwards to regard you. At first, you're not quite sure that he's not a child — his looks are certainly very childlike — but considering the deep tenor voice that emerges from his mouth when he speaks, he's definitely no youngling.


The Champion will be able to talk to River at The Frost Hound during the events of Shades of the Past. Garth will ask the Champion to inquire with River, who is a friend of Garth, for details on Fort Marrok and what exactly the party is supposed to retrieve from the fort. Upon meeting River, he will introduce himself and will ask the Champion for their name. He will remark that Garth has told River alot about the Champion and will state that he was not present in the Frost Hound during the day of the storm.

River has a plan to get into the old fort as he draws out a large brass key that will open the gates to the fortress. Where he got the key from, he won't say as he makes it his business to be in the know. River will explain that although he will guide the Champion towards the fort, he will wait outside the fort. The Champion will be able to ask more information regarding the fort:

  • History - Ask about Fort Marrok's history.
  • Medallion - What's the significance of the jarl's medallion?
  • Opposition - What kind of dangers are you likely to face in there?
  • Jarl - What can he tell you about the jarl's history?
  • I'm Done - You've asked River all the questions you want to. Time to move on.

Once the Champion has finished their questions, he will tell the Champion that they might want to talk to Garret and bring him along for the adventure.

Should the Champion have Cait in their party, he will call for her attention as he has something to discuss with her. Should the Champion have the acolyte or scholar background, they will be able to partially understand that the strange gestures from River are handsigns that have a relation to Mallach, but not be able to understand the message behind the handsigns. Whatever message River relayed to Cait, it was of negative outcome. When asked about it, she will wave it off as some old temple stuff.

Should the Champion inform Garret of the upcoming adventure, he will travel with River to the gate and wait for the Champion there.

Once the Champion has met with River and Garret, if he was brought along, near the chasm he will proceed to unlock a winch that will open the gates of the old fort. He will ask the Champion for a bit of muscle to help operate the winch, noting it wasn't stuck the last time he was there. Before the Champion enters the fort he will give a word of caution to the Champion, If you feel you're overwhelmed, don't hesitate to beat a quick retreat. Better to come out with your life, than to die trying.

Should the Champion be defeated by the roaming Ghosts, the Champion will wake to find themselves outside the gates of Fort Marrok. River was able to venture into the fort and drag out the Champion and their party. Music soothes the bestial soul — and that holds true even when said souls are supposed to have passed on. All it took was one good saga by the Iron Poet, and they were too busy listening to me to do anything else.

Should the Champion decide to call it quits and leave the fort, River will not blame them for their decision and they will return to the Frost Hound.

Should the Champion defeat the Jarl in combat, River will remark that he was half-considering heading inside and checking on the party. He will then inspect the medallion and give it a good sniff, confirming it does smell like Gunvaldsen. He will then suggest that the party head back before he expires from starvation and on the trip back, he wants to hear the whole story.

If the Champion had successfully parleyed with Jarl Gunvaldsen without Garret around and having witnessed the passing of the Jarl and his spectral soldiers into the great beyond, he will be ecstatic from the event he just witnessed. River will inspect the medallion, giving it a long sniff and pressing his fingers along the heavy surface. He will confirm that it is indeed the very medallion Garth wanted and will ask the Champion to tell him everything that happened in the fort on the way back.

If the Champion had successfully parleyed with the Jarl with Garret around, he will come to inspect the medallion from Garret. He will confirm that it is indeed the very medallion Garth wanted but Garret will inform him that it wasn't necessary. Garret will comment that he knows why his father wanted the medallion and that he learned more from the adventure then he could ever learn from the medallion itself. He will practically drag River with him as he needs his help to concoct a believable alibi for why he was gone.

Quest Related

Shades of the Past

River will give you the details on Fort Marrok and if needed, will pull the party out of the fort if they are defeated by the roaming Ghosts