Jarl Gunvaldsen

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Jarl Gunvaldsen
Jarl Gunvaldsen Bust DCL.png
Bust of Jarl Gunvaldsen by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Full name Galon Gunvaldsen
Alias The Winter Wolf
Species Lupine
Gender Male
Occupation Leader of Fort Marrok
Title Jarl
Family Magna (niece)
Spouse Thyri
Relatives Garth (grand nephew)
Garret (grand nephew)
Location Fort Marrok
Level 5
Health 425
Resolve 100
Strengths The Jarl has 2 action points

Jarl Galon Gunvaldsen, the poor bastard chosen to lead the garrison, wanted to make sure that no wraith-touched was going to cross the pass on his watch, and stocked the fortress with everything he could bring to bear; the minotaurs were equally proud of their handiwork, and helped him as much as they could. Fort Marrok was supposed to be the glorious gatekeeper of the passes, impenetrable, indomitable, unbreachable. -- River


The figure in the throne leans forward, doubled over in unending agony, hunched over with both hands on the pommel of a bastard sword. He leans his weight on it like an old man on his cane, the blade still in its scabbard, its point delicately balanced on the floor.

This must be the jarl, then. The muzzle sticking out from above the heavy, fur-lined cloak, the broad-shouldered stature, and most of all, the medallion hanging from his neck by a heavy gold chain, gold untarnished by the years and sapphires glinting in the eldritch light.


Entering the Jarl's chambers will put them mere paces from the Jarl himself, the Champion will remember an old wives' tales about most undead not having reflections in normal mirrors, but silver ones are apparently an exception. Should the Champion have the Silver Mirror with them, they will be able to Parley with the Jarl, those who do not will have to face the Jarl in combat.

Should the Champion lose to the Jarl in combat, they will be executed by the Jarl resulting in a Bad End. Should the Champion emerge victorious, they will witness the Jarl's final moments before he died. With the passing of the Jarl's essence, the spectral soldiers will pass as well, all that is left if the Jarl's sword and badge of office.

If the Champion was successful in parleying with the Jarl without Garret in the party, he will come to realize the dilapidated state his fortress is in. He will come to question why the Champion is in the Fort and is given the answer (for the medallion), he will come to an understanding that the Champion is in service of the pack who wish to have the medallion retrieved. He will ask if the histories tell of his family and fate, of which he is given the answer that they were exiled. He will not be surprised that they were exiled but will note that it was the least of fates which could have befallen them. He will then hand the Champion the medallion, along with his sword and cloak. He will ask that the Champion may accompany them on the way out, I shouldn't have to ask you this, but to see what has happened to my fort in the intervening years... I fear it may be a match for my nerves. He will then instruct his spectral soldiers to rise and to inform them that they are all dead, that it is time to move on to the beyond. At the gates, he express this eternal thanks to the Champion and will pass on to them deep words of wisdom his father told him on his deathbed. He will apologize to his wife Thyri for having kept her waiting for so long, and with that he will dissolve into a thousand spectral motes of glimmering radiance that, in their own time, wink out of existence.

If the Champion had brought Garret along and has the necessary item to parley with him, it will be Garret who will talk with the Jarl. With the help of the mirror Garret will be able to convince that the Jarl is already dead, that he has been dead for some time now. The sudden realization of this puts the Jarl in a state of grief, blaming himself for the deaths of all his soldiers. Garret will tell the Jarl to stop blaming himself, stating that if events were different he and his sister wouldn't even exist. He will also mention that he is the strongest man in all of Savarra, which will snap him out of his grief into half laughing and half crying. The Jarl will embrace Garret, of which Garret also returns, and will come to mention that Garret's boasting title is something Magna would say. He will come to realize that despite the tragedy that occurred at Fort Marrok during the Godswar, his wife and children lived on. With renewed vigor, the Jarl will rally this men and lead them into the beyond mentioning that his goal now would be to find his wife Thyri, but not before passing on to Garret his cloak, his sword and his badge of office. He along with all the spectral soldiers that haunt the fort will wink out of existing and move on to the beyond.



Attack Power: 51 Spellpower: 27
Sexiness: 13 Armor: 43
Physical Resist: 30 Warding: 10
Magic Resist: 5 Focus: 14
Mental Resist: 14 Evasion: -5
Crushing Resist: 75 Fire Resist: -50
Holy Resist: -100 Penetrating Resist: 100
Storm Resist: -50 Tease Resist: 100
Drug Resist: 100 Pheromone Resist: 100



Quest Related

Shades of the Past

The Jarl still carries his medallion, the very same medallion Garth asked you to retrieve