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There are many transformation items and NPCs that a player can interact with in Corruption of Champions 2, but overindulgence and certain characters can transform, warp or otherwise alter a player in ways that mean they either can no longer physically undertake their quest, or that they no longer wish to undertake that quest. These are known as Bad Ends or Game Over.

This article lists the various Bad Ends that it is possible to experience in the game, how they can be achieved, and the basics of those Bad Ends.

Centaur Village.

Cause: Lose/Surrender to the Packleader and his Centaur Marauders 4 times in a row.

Effect: The Packleader informs your character they are weak and would be better suited coming with them. After tying your character up, the Packleader spears your character on his equine member. His fellow Marauders move in to tie you to his legs, essentially having your character as a cocksleeve on the way to the village. Once there, your character is used by a few centaurs before being thrown into a cage. Eventually, the centaurs release you, only to put you into stocks (pillories) along with other unfortunate souls left there to be used endlessly.

Mistress Matiha

Cause: Lose/Surrender to Matiha after Berwyn asks for your help.

Effect: Black tentacles will emerge from the walls and violently grab you and your companions and aim for your orifices. The tentacles keep raping you as Matiha scolds you until you orgasm. Then she kisses you into submission and live your life with her as your mistress.

Soul Harvesting.

Cause: Lose/surrender to the Effigy Herald or the Alraune.

Effect: The Effigy Herald will bring you to the Alraune, who will proceed to pull you closer to her. Her tentacles thrust inside of your character, pushing their way through you. She then proceeds to lay seeds inside of your character, pushing many inside of you before binding you with tentacle-like vines. Eventually, Kasyrra appears, briefly seeming like she wants to help. The Alraune begins to orally pleasure the demon as she berates your character. The demon takes flight, your character being forced to fly away with her to a deserted area. She begins to throatfuck the PC before more berating occurs. Once she releases into your character's throat, she begins to destroy the character's will, leaving them a worthless cumslut. Eventually, your character orgasms, their soul leaving their body into Kasyrra's hand. She talks down more to the character before handing them their soul back, telling them to give it to the Alraune. Your character obeys her command, as they have taken Kasyrra as their master. As they arrive to speak with the Alraune, she consumes the soul, bringing her to a quick orgasm before capturing your character in tentacles, forcing them to an eternity of being used as a seedbed.

Argoth's toy

Cause: Lose/surrender to Argoth after ambushing him before Arona calls out to you in the "Right of Conquest" side quest with Arona.

Effect: Argoth will applaud your strength for whatever race you are, but tells you that you are not good enough. You are brought to his bedchambers where he sees you still resisting, only for him to degrade you with his dick and tell you that you belong to him now as a slave and that your adventure ends there in Kervus and treats you to a life as his personal sex slave. He later dolls you with very explicit clothing, golden nipple rings, and the Kervus insignia emblazoned on your ass. Champions with vaginas will also get pregnant from him as well.

Benny's seed bed

Cause: Lose/submit to Argoth and Benny after Arona calls out to you in the "Right of Conquest" side quest with Arona.

Effect: Benny will take you to his cave in the hill. There, he will force you to suck his over sized troll penis, after forcing it open when you resist. He keeps doing this until you are finally broken into and you live the rest of your life as his seed bed, where you take gallons of his jizz in you. Champions with vaginas are also impregnated by Benny as well.

Hretha's New Pet

Cause: Lose/submit to Hretha in the "Right of Conquest" side quest with Arona.

Effect: Hretha will claim you as a new pet, saying she's been wanting a new pet for a while. If the champion does not have a penis, she will force feed you a potion to grow one, making you a new slave to cum for her and her alone. Party members and Arona will be forced into the makeshift stocks where they are also kept as slaves, though to everyone else in Kervus.

Kervus's Newest slave

Cause: Lose/surrender to the tavern of orcs in the "Right of Conquest" with Arona.

Effect: You and your party are ultimately separated and forced into different places, all as slaves to the orcs of the tribe. Thogrin, Argoth's lieutenant, informs you of your new life and face fucks you into submission. Soon you spend the rest of your life in the camp stocks as a fuck toy for everyone in Kervus to use as they please. Even the slaves have the opportunity to use you, though none with the courage do so. Your party is used as an example to everyone as to what happens when you to plot against the chieftain. Cait is subject to relentless fucking by the tribe men from all directions. Brint is whisked away by the amazon orcs. Berwyn is heralded as a cocksleeve to the orcs while they violently go at his ass.

Arona's Pet

Cause: Lose to Arona several times, Deny Arona your help in the "Right of Conquest" side quest, then lose to her in the duel.

Effect: Arona begins fucking you roughly before putting you in a collar, saying that you are not the one who can help her with the tribe. You accept the collar and you are taken to Kervus as her pet, only to leave with her week later after Arona Is exiled. She takes you and runs for the hills. You end up in Belharan, an old town. Arona continues her life by making money through raids or simply whoring you out to the public. Either way, your life is set as her eager pet willing. Arona will eventually steal 3 cat folk slaves who are also pregnant, and go through the phases of being Arona's pet. Denial into submission. The 4 of you all end as her willing slaves. Champions with vaginas will be impregnated by Arona and give birth to twins.

Fun Time with Kasyrra

Cause: have over 65 corruption and choose to suck Kasyrra's dick continuously after beating her imp children.

Effect: Kasyrra recognizes that, after having her dick sucked bt you so many times that you have already been broken in. She begins to fuck your mouth with better depth than you would have on your own to get the full depth. Your soul comes out as a shimmering crystal, where you ask it back, albeit too rattled to sound clear. She calls you arrogant, but gives it back to you and she takes you to the city of stone as her new pet.

Reckless heroism

Cause: Lose/surrender to Hirrud Grune in the "Missing Meows" quest.

Effect: Hirrud kills you in front of your companions and the harem.

Ghostly chill

Cause: Lose/surrender to the Jarl in the "Shades of the Past" side quest

Effect: The jarl kills you with his blade and watches the life leave your eyes.

You are nothing

Cause: Lose/surrender to Prince Nyze in the "Land of Milky Honey" quest.

Effect: Prince Nyze will spend two months corrupting and morphing you into a near-replica of him. He oversees you corrupting Cait (doesn't matter if in party or not when losing) and leaving her bloated and corrupted. He sees you reminiscing and reminds you that you are nothing. He abruptly shoves his dick in you raw and pushes you toward a glass, overseeing Hawkethorne. Nyze reminds you that you will break everyone in town like you did with Cait, then reminds you that you are nothing but a fucktoy. He says that when he is bored of you, you will be put in the stands for everyone to use.

Never ending fun

Cause: Lose/surrender to the Honey Golem in the "Land of Milky Honey" quest.

Effect: The golem starts clinging to you as you are disarmed. You are absorbed into her body. You vaguely see your companions being taken away after they are infested with lust from the other Hornets. The honey golem's body constant constantly shoves lust-inducing honey into your body until you give in. In the end, she treats you to never ending sex to all orifices.

For the true queen

Cause: Lose/surrender to Jyrranazz in the "Land of Milky Honey" quest.

Effect: Jyrranazz will perform experiments on you and your companions by force-feeding them her corrupted honey. Your companions are taken away for not turning out the way she wanted. A year passes as the experiments continue and you gradually turn into a demonic bee with matching traits as her. Every experiment of drinking from her tits led to an explosive orgasm. Soon, Kasyrra comes and visits you two. Kasyrra has her cock go down Jyrranazz's throat and has you lick kasyrra's cunt. She discusses her plan nearing success after gathering more followers and tells her that she will be ruling the world soon. Jyrranazz cheers as you continue to work.

Cutie lil cumslut

Cause: Lose/surrender to Queen Nyzerrah in the "Land of Milky Honey" quest.

Effect: Your companions are taken away as Azzyran cries into Nyzerrah's chest then sucks on her nipples. Azzyran turns into a complete bimbo after sucking. You watch as Azzyran changes in front of you completely, becoming more curvy and slutty. Nyzerrah tells you that you lost and that the two queens own you now. In shock, you try to formulate a plan to escape by holding out. However, once they are both in you, any plan that you had, or didn't, immediately disappears, especially after hearing your companions' orgasms in the other room. You are fucked into a bee bimbo where you are repeatedly fucked by both Azzyran and Nyzerrah.

Warrior's Wife

Cause: Lose/surrender at any point in the "Den of Foxes" quest, except against Nakano.

Effect: Komari will hold you most responsible for the invasion. She uses magic to change you into a female kitsune, completely losing masculinity. then one of three bad ends is chosen. You are forced to marry Nakano, much to his dismay. Overtime, however, he starts to take to you and live with Nakano as his wife for the rest of your life. He grows more attached to you over time as his skills with poetry and art grow as well.

Little sister

Cause: Lose/surrender at any point in the "Den of Foxes" quest, except against Nakano.

Effect: Komari will hold you most responsible for the invasion. She uses magic to change you into a female kitsune, completely losing masculinity. then one of three bad ends is chosen.

Komari then decides that you are best suited to be the little sister of the twin kitsune, where you are doted on and trained sexually by them. Your life continues with miko and mai, where you are full of orgasmic pleasure and exhaustion. All memories of your companions, friends, and kasyrra fade away with your life in the den.

Perpetual pregnancy possession

Cause: Lose/surrender at any point in the "Den of Foxes" quest, except against Nakano.

Effect: Komari will hold you most responsible for the invasion. She uses magic to change you into a female kitsune, completely losing masculinity. then one of three bad ends is chosen.

Komari will possess your body. She will make your body into her temporary vessel of pleasure where she has you prepped for breeding. If you have a male companion, that companion will be chosen to breed you before being let go with all of their belongings. If with Brint, the pc is more aroused, while Brint is drugged with liquor, while berwyn is a bit more reluctant, while the pc is fighting harder to break free. If neither are present, then a generic cat boy breeds you instead. During the breeding session, Komari is feeling everything you do as she possesses you. She soon leaves after remarking on your body's capacity. The rest of your life is spent getting bred by the inhabitants of the den. Occasionally, Komari will possess you to have the feeling of getting bred.

For the shrine mother

Cause: Lose/surrender to Nakano in the "Den of Foxes" quest.

Effect: Nakano swiftly kills you, presumably with your companions directly after you.

Lumia's Blight

Cause: lose/surrender while fighting against the corrupt dragon in the "In her Footsteps" quest in Winter City.

Effect: Kas and the champ will fall against Lumia, where she plunges a tendril into the champ. The champ is immediately over taken with lust and loses consciousness. When waking up again, the champ will see that Kas is still struggling to fight, while the champ's body is writhing with tentacles. the champ will then capture Kas with the tentacles and spear her on the champs tentacles, meanwhile the companions, who are also struggling, will be forced taken and violated with tentacles as well.

Guard's sex toy

Cause: lose/surrender to Jael'yn in the "In her Footsteps" quest in Winter City.

Effect: your party has their hands tied and are carried to the stockade. With only room for two people, Etheryn and yourself are put into the stocks for all of the elves to use. Any other companions will be sent elsewhere until its their turn to be put into the stocks.

Personal entertainment

Cause: lose/surrender to Elthara in the "In her Footsteps" quest in Winter City with a penis.

Effect: Etheryn will be taken to the queen while your companions will be divided to her liking. Elthara uses her magic to control your body to bend to her will. If Brint is in the party he will be kept alongside yourself and kept with her to keep fucking her on both ends. She will ultimately favor you and spend more time with than him and you spend your life fucking her. Other companions are taken elsewhere.

Scepter replacement

Cause: lose/surrender to Elthara in the "In her Footsteps" quest in Winter City without a penis.

Effect: Etheryn will be taken to the queen while your companions will be divided to her liking. Elthara uses her magic to control your body to bend to her will. Her magic will spread your legs as she uses her golden scepter to fuck you constantly. Your body will ultimately replace Elthara's as the scepter stays in you for the rest of your life. If Brint is in party, he'll be kept with her, though saved for later for her personal use.

Demon Polishing

Cause: lose/surrender to Alissa in the "In her Footsteps" quest in Winter City.

Effect: Etheryn is returned to Alissa while your attention is given Kas. You're given the choice to either pleasure her or take the risk of going through the portal that she created. Choosing to pleasure her will lead to her keeping you around and being used with her half dragon daughters. Choosing to go through the portal will lead you to fall in the hands of an omnibus who grooms you to be her mindless fuck pet, altering your mind and body to her desire.

Slave's slave

Cause: lose/surrender to Tollus during the "Harboring a Fugitive" quest.

Effect: The champion will be bound to the already bounded centaur as her cocksleeve. Once penetrated, the corrupted fills you with every cum shot. After the third, your mind is lost to the pleasure.

For the true Goddess

Cause: Have sex with the unitaur during the "Harboring a Fugitive" quest.

Effect: The unitaur will bring in close enough to where she will get you addicted into fucking her until your corrupted, where she plans to keep you as a champion of Kas.

Willing Servitude

Cause: lose/surrender to the Behemoth during the "Harboring a Fugitive" quest.

Effect: The Behemoth will stand above you, waiting for your actions after being defeated. His growing erection entices you as you feel around and take every part of it in your mouth. Soon, you find yourself addicted to his dick and spend the rest of your life as his mindless sex slave and live to satisfy his needs.

Tentacle heaven

Cause: lose/surrender to Taldahs during the "Harboring a Fugitive" quest.

Effect: The champ is blasted with a cloudy gunk that envelops your mind controls your consciousness. Soon your mind clears up to and yourself indulged in Taldahs's tentacles and he applauds your fortitude, only to force your submission even further. You soon forget about your quest and give in to his tentacles.