Bad Ends

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There are many transformation items and NPCs that a player can interact with in Corruption of Champions 2, but overindulgence and certain characters can transform, warp or otherwise alter a player in ways that mean they either can no longer physically undertake their quest, or that they no longer wish to undertake that quest. These are known as Bad Ends or Game Over.

This article lists the various Bad Ends that it is possible to experience in the game, how they can be achieved, and the basics of those Bad Ends.

Centaur Village.

Cause: Lose/Surrender to the Packleader and his Centaur Marauders 4 times in a row.

Effect: The Packleader informs your character they are weak and would be better suited coming with them. After tying your character up, the Packleader spears your character on his equine member. His fellow Marauders move in to tie you to his legs, essentially having your character as a cocksleeve on the way to the village. Once there, your character is used by a few centaurs before being thrown into a cage. Eventually, the centaurs release you, only to put you into stocks (pillories) along with other unfortunate souls left there to be used endlessly.

Soul Harvesting.

Cause: Lose/Surrender to the Effigy Herald or the Alraune.

Effect: The Effigy Herald will bring you to the Alraune, who will proceed to pull you closer to her. Her tentacles thrust inside of your character, pushing their way through you. She then proceeds to lay seeds inside of your character, pushing many inside of you before binding you with tentacle-like vines. Eventually, Kasyrra appears, briefly seeming like she wants to help. The Alraune begins to orally pleasure the demon as she berates your character. The demon takes flight, your character being forced to fly away with her to a deserted area. She begins to throatfuck the PC before more berating occurs. Once she releases into your character's throat, she begins to destroy the character's will, leaving them a worthless cumslut. Eventually, your character orgasms, their soul leaving their body into Kasyrra's hand. She talks down more to the character before handing them their soul back, telling them to give it to the Alraune. Your character obeys her command, as they have taken Kasyrra as their master. As they arrive to speak with the Alraune, she consumes the soul, bringing her to a quick orgasm before capturing your character in tentacles, forcing them to an eternity of being used as a seedbed.