Goblin Succubus

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Goblin Succubus


Bust of the Goblin Succubus by DCLzexon
Creator Balak Knightfang
Gender Female
Location Frostwood
Level 6
Health 420
Resolve 236
Strengths The Goblin Succubus has 2 action points

From out of the snow-laden woods steps a familiar foe: the goblin succubus. Seeing her favorite prey, the shortstack's eyes fill with lust even as her trademark grin spreads across her face once more. "Look what the Kas dragged in! Did you come to submit to Mistress like a good [pc.boyGirl]? Or are you in need of punishment again?"

The Goblin Succubus is an enemy who appears in the Frostwood. Not much is known about her, though presumably she was a goblin who ran into Kasyrra or her demons and ended up losing her soul. Now she roams the area south of Winter City, using hypnotism and lust magics to dominate thralls.


After a few more moments of the approaching entity remaining out of sight, she enters your field of view. Stepping out into the moonlight is a staggeringly voluptuous goblin woman, a figure only complimented by her almost complete lack of clothing. A second glance, however, reveals that your initial evaluation of her race was partially off—a black, spaded tail and a pair of horns immediately tip you off to her true nature: she's a demoness. Seeing your recognition, a devilish grin forms on her face as she appraises each of you like cattle.


First Encounter

"Well, isn't this quite the find. Three new toys, all for me," the demon says, a hungry, borderline insatiable lust dripping from each word. A hand makes its way to one of her barely-concealed nipples, letting a pair of fingers circle the areola and drawing your attention to the methodical movement. "But then, I hardly need to tell you that, now do I? You knew from the first moment you laid eyes on me that I own you." This time the words seem closer, quieter, and yet still more forceful, as if she were whispering them into your ear, sending a shiver down your spine with every syllable. "Yes, I see it in your eyes. You know it, don't you? That you're mine?"

Once you've cleared Winter City, you can encounter the Goblin Succubus in the Frostwood. She approaches confidently, and if you pass a Willpower check you recognise that she's trying to sway your mind with magic, similar to Quintillus. Whether you pass or fail, you're able to shake off the compulsion and do battle with the demoness. If you win, you have the option to have your way with her, and if she wins, she'll do the same to you.

Subsequent Encounters

On subsequent encounters, you recognise the Goblin Succubus and initiate combat before she can try to enthral you. The same post-combat options are available, though if you lose five times in a row you trigger a Bad End.

Bad End

There, two fingers apply pressure and begin to rub right at the soft spot where spine meets cranium and within seconds, you find your head tilting up reflexively while your eyes begin to droop. "Shhh. Be a good boy / girl for me and sleep."

If you lose five times in a row to the Goblin Succubus, she grins as she realises she's broken your psyche. She commands you to sleep, and you awaken in a cave being styled as a throne room for the self-styled queen. She makes use of you, claiming your face or cock once more, and you spend the rest of your days as the Goblin Succubus' prized pet.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 21.0 Spellpower: 77.0
Sexiness: 28.0 Temptation: 22.0
Armor: 107.0 Physical Resist: 9.0
Warding: 113.0 Magic Resist: 53.0
Focus: 19.0 Mental Resist: 26.0
Evasion: 35.0 Blight Resist: 75.0
Fire Resist: 33.0 Frost Resist: -15.0
Holy Resist: -100.0 Tease Resist: -50.0
Drug Resist: -50.0 Pheromone Resist: -50.0
  • All Cocks
  • No Cocks
  • Multi Cocks
  • All Breasts
  • No Breasts
  • Vaginas
  • No Vaginas
  • Milk
  • No Milk
  • Big Asses
  • Small Asses
N/A stealable - [+]


If you defeat the Goblin Succubus, you have the following victory sex options.

  • Ride Face: Her magic seems to at least partially rely on speech, so why not put the goblin's mouth to better use pleasuring your cunt. (requires vagina, +5 corruption)
  • Rail Her: Pound the goblin's pussy until she's a gibbering mess. (requires penis, +5 corruption)

If the Goblin Succubus defeats you, one of the following defeat sex scenes will occur.

  • Defeat Face Sit: (+5 corruption)
  • Defeat Breast Worship: (+5 corruption)
  • Defeat Ride Cock: (requires cock, +5 corruption)




Found in her Bad End