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Creator BubbleLord
Species Taeleer
Gender Male
Occupation Ex-Cultist
Location Harvest Valley

"Be careful out there, alright? I'd hate to hear you lost to the cult or something, alright?"


Quintillus is a young, taeleer man in his early twenties. Tanned and 5'9", he's pretty standard fare for the race; he's not girly but his skin is blemish-free and soft. His slightly accented masculine jaw is beaten back by the pair of droopy, mottled black-and-brown rabbit ears sitting atop his head and twitching with every shift of his emotion. His narrow eyes have two big pink irises, glimmering with magical power and a deeper understanding of his surroundings. Matching his height, his build is lean with the compact muscle of his species; both his arms and legs appear human until you see their black fur. Clad like natural lingerie, their fur is soft and well-groomed so that they invite anyone and everyone to touch them. And — last but not least — you can see a tufty bunny tail poking off the back of his waist.

As far as clothing goes, he's wearing the same outfit he made when he came to Hawkethorne: a salvaged cultist cloak and waistcloth, secured by belts over a simple green shirt and a pair of shorts. Burlap gloves coat his hands currently, occasionally smoking with a magical flame or two. Despite the rest of his clothes, both of his feet are bare so that you can see the fur ending at his ankles.

While you haven't seen him naked, his lean build implies he isn't absolutely ripped; in fact, you're pretty sure he's physically pretty average or lacking muscle definition. Additionally, his groin doesn't sport some shorts-splitting bulge so he's probably not packing anything too out of the ordinary for his size. Almost uncharacteristically to the rest of his body, his rear-end is comfy-sized and could fit on a wiry girl just as well as a guy.


Initial Encounter

The Champion will first encounter Quintillus while exploring the North and Lake regions of Harvest Valley where they will hear distant cries and calls of which the Champion has the option to Investigate or Ignore.

Choosing to ignore the cries and calls will result in the encounter being unavailable for 24 hours/1 day.

Deciding to investigate will lead to a trio of cultists on horseback chasing after a single cultist. The feeling rabbit-eared cultist runs through the Champion which will cause the cultists to stop and accuse the Champion of interfering with the cult's business. However once they realize the Champion's identity, they will move to fight the Champion.

The Champion will face a Cultist Bloodletter, Cultist Mage and Cultist Archer.

Should the Champion be defeated, the cultists will have no time to claim their spoils as the taeleer man makes a break for it which results in the cultists resuming their chase to catch the rabbit-eared cultist.

If the Champion emerges victorious, the cultists will turn tail and flee leaving the Champion with Quintillus with his arms raised. If the Champion has Brint, Arona or Atugia in their party, he/she will raise an arm or weapon to prevent Quintillus from coming too close to the Champion. Should none of the 3 mentioned companions be present, the Champion will raise their own weapon defensively. Quintillus will back away sightly and mention that he simply wanted to thank the Champion for the rescue and mentions that he had been running from the cult since the night at the temple. Should Cait be present in the party, she will race towards the cultist however she will stop after a quick look from the Champion. He will mention that he was a cultist but is looking to have a turn of heart after seeing Kasyrra come out from the ritual. Quintillus will then ask the Champion if they can help him get into Hawkethorne to hide from the cult. The Champion will be presented with 3 options:

  • Escort - You'll walk with him; you wouldn't want him to get captured on the way to safety.
  • Recommend - You'll help but you don't have time to escort him; you can recommend how he can get in, though.
  • Fuck Off - You didn't intend to save him in the first place; you're not recommending him shit except to hit the road.

Telling Quintillus to fuck off will result in him begging the Champion for their aid. The Champion is given a final option to either agree (Fine) and will result in the Champion giving him a recommendation on what to do once they get to town or telling him to fuck off which results in a increase of +8 Corruption and Quintillus not being encounterable again.

Should Quintillus be given a recommendation on how to get into the town, the Champion will tell him to go see Garth at the The Frost Hound and tell him that the Champion sent him. Quintillus' face lights up from the news and greatly thanks the Champion, in doing so he also inquires on their name. The Champion tells him their name and instructs him to mention their name when telling Garth who sent him. Quintillus will thank the Champion and offer them a drink once he gets back on his feet. Should Cait be present, she will grumble from the fact that their helping a cultist however she will trust the Champion's judgement and notes that Quintillus may be able to provide a clue on how the cult operates.

Deciding to escort Quintillus to Hawkethorne will, if present, result in a semi-hesitant Cait stating she thinks he deserves a second chance and he could give more information about the cult and a lead to Calla. With thanks the party and Quintillus make their way towards Hawkethorne, however they are stopped by two militia guards due to the attire of Quintillus. Quintillus readies himself for a fight as his hands drift high and brush along the back of his ears, which glow with heat and magic, however the Champion explains to the guards the situation of an ex-cultist seeking asylum in the town. The guards share a look of doubt but lower their weapons and see to getting some new clothes for Quintillus. As he makes his way into the town, he thanks the Champion and raises a thumb and a wink as the states he'll see them later as he owes them a drink. This will result in a reduction of -3 Corruption.

Whether the Champion was victorious or was defeated by the cultist trio, they will unlock the Taeleer codex entry.

At the Frost Hound

If the Champion helped Quintillus to reach Hawkethorne, he can be found at The Frost Hound from 8:00 to 17:59 where he can be talked to under the Guests section.

If the Champion has not visited Quintillus at the Frost Hound before, they will be able to give him the first real look-over since meeting him. He will greet the Champion and say that Garth is letting him stay for now. The following options are available:

  • Appearance
  • Drink - He owes you a drink. (one time only)
  • Talk - You want to chat.
  • Sex - Would he be open to the idea? (if hasn't asked before)

The sex option's tooltip information will change is the Champion has asked before or if they had just recently asked.

Talking about the drink he owes the Champion will catch him off-guard before he realizes his mistake and he slides his mug towards the Champion. He states that he'll pay the Champion back when he's actually back on his feet. The Champion will down the drink and return the mug back to him. This will result in the Drink option becoming unavailable and the Champion receiving one of Garth's alcoholic Boons.

Deciding to have a chat with Quintillus will result in the following topics:

  • Arrangement - What's his arrangement with Garth, exactly?
  • Cult - What can he tell you about Tollus' cult?
  • Tollus - What can he tell you about Tollus?
  • Help? - Does he need help with anything, like getting back on his feet? (available once Agreement was selected)

Inquiring about Quintillus' agreement with Garth will reveal that he's preparing a guide so the local leaders can be on the lookout for Tollus' spies however he will mention that Tollus has no reason to infiltrate the town anymore not since he completed the ritual. He will also mention the Cultist Evangelist and will state that unlike her, he has trained in more than mere parlor tricks as he flicks his wrist towards Cait (if present in the party) or a female patron. She will then become suddenly aroused and rilled up until he snaps his fingers again.

When talking about the cult, Quintillus won't really give much information however he will state that the Champion is a unexpected cog to the cult. He mentions that what happened at the temple was something a lot of the members had no idea would happened and that the cult will begin collapsing in on itself as the fanaticism is challenged.

If asked about Master Tollus, Quintillus will refuse to talk about him, stating that the things Tollus has done is something he can't and won't discuss.

When asked if he would like some help, he will refuse as his plan for now is to help the village with the guide. Once he's cooled off for a bit, he'll be able to start taking on work noting his experience in arousal magic and his competency in scraps and other black magic. He'll let the Champion know once he's ready to start getting active again.

Asking if he's open to the idea of sex sets the taeleer man back a bit as he says that although he is flattered that the Champion asked, he will refuse because if it got around that he was fucking anyone, it might make the people leery of him.