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Creator BubbleLord
Quest Giver Quintillus
Requirements Rescued Quintillus
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Companion
Reward Quintillus recruited as companion
Location Hawkethorne
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"If you are still offering," he sighs. "I... begrudgingly would take whatever aid you can offer. While Garth is quite accommodating, I've had issues acquiring the funds to arm myself."

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 After the Champion rescues Quintillus and seven days have passed Quintillus, the taeleer cultist you rescued, mentioned that if he wanted to get back on his feet and adventure he would need help. You asked him a week ago but now you have a hunch he's getting itchy for adventure: go ask him again.
1 After discussing Help? with Quintillus After a quick talk, Quintillus mentioned needing some supplies. You need to gather the following items still:
2 After the required items are in inventory You have everything with you; take the items to Quintillus, so he'll join you!
3 (completed) After the items have been turned on You recruited Quintillus the taeleer; now that Quin is your companion, you should work to get along with him. If he trusts you, you may one day learn more about him or the cult.


To acquire this quest you need to have encountered Quintillus in the Harvest Valley, have defeated the cultists pursuing him, and then chosen to Escort or Recommend him so he could make it to Hawkethorne. After seven days have passed, this quest will appear in your Quest Log.


Most of the items can be easily found in the vendors in Hawkethorne.

Once you have all the items, return to Quintillus and choose Turn-In to complete the quest.


Quintillus will become a companion and be available to join you on your adventures. He will also become a sexable character.