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Ogrish Cheshire.png
Bust of Ogrish by Cheshire
Creator Savin
Species Orc
Gender Male
Occupation Blacksmith
Location Ogrish's Smithy

Ogrish is vendor and sells items and gear at his smithy.


A big, burly greenskinned man is working at the shopfront, a leather apron covering a body bungling with powerful muscles and thick, curly black hair. Between the strikes of his mighty hammer that send sparks flying, you can see flashes of tell-tale tusk and dark yellow eyes — an orc!


Unfortunately as of Version 0.2.5, Ogrish does not have any other interactions outside of purchasing items from the smithy


Caparison Hunter

The Champion can talk to either Ogrish or Leorah regarding Sugo's caparison. Upon talk to Ogrish however, he will suggest that you talk to Leorah for smithies don't sew.