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Sugo DCL Bust.png

Sugo DCL Nude Bust.png

Busts of Sugo by DCLzexon
Creator BubbleLord
Species Centaur
Gender Male
Occupation Prostitute
Location Old Forest, Hawkethorne

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Sugo is a traptaur prostitute with quite a thing for butts, both giving and receiving. Your first encounter happens in the Old Forest, as he got his rear quite unusually stuck between two pine trees, trying to flee from a now-gone threat. The choice is up to the player and once released, Sugo travels to Hawkethorne to resume his business.


Wearing a frilly-styled navy-colored sleeveless blouse on his human half and a white-striped blue caparison over his equine section, Sugo's exact horse breed isn't a very simple one to nail down. With pale human-skin clashing with solid black fur over much of his muscular horse body, you can get a hint that whatever it is must be close to a draft horse.

His shoulder-length faded-blonde hair is cut in a wavy style, framing a pair of sapphire-blue eyes and a thin-lipped smile or smirk depending on his arousal. You know his skin and touch are soft, lacking any sort of blemishes visibly along the surface. Two cute horse-like ears poke out of those curly blonde locks, their black color matching his horse coat.

And of course, the money maker. While he definitely bares the larger frame of a cart-puller, his ass flares out more like that of a mare. Fat haunches and a lewd butthole lie between them but are mostly and entirely concealed with a large, drooping blonde-colored tail. Beneath the lip of that caparison is an arm-thick two-foot long flared equine rod. Black-skinned balls easily as big as large fruits dangle at its base, with the splotchy pattern of pink and black going up the shaft. Thick clumps of blonde fur-like hair also wreath his lower legs like a clydesdale, likely intended to help endure harsh winters.


  • Talk
    • Stall
    • Clothes
    • Caparison - will lead to a quest for a more acceptable lower garment!
    • Reputation
  • Services - Well, you're here; why not use the stall's services? You feel like once you bring this up, you're not leaving until someone is fucked.


  • Ride That Taur (needs cock)
  • Get Pounded
  • Use Mouth
  • Sexy Fun (after procuring a new caparison for him)


Caparison Hunter