Old Forest

From Corruption of Champions II
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Old Forest
Old Forest.jpg
Region Frost Marches
Level range 1-3
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Leads to Corrupted Garden (north)
Neutral Hub No

The Old Forrest is a vast wooded wilderness north of Hawkethorne.

Places of interest



  • Brint - found when initially exploring the forest
  • Eryka - will remain hostile until helped
  • Forest Kitsune - friendly if helped, hostile if not (remains until the Alraune is defeated)
  • Ninian - remains hostile until invited to Hawkethorne
  • Sugo - can be encountered, stuck


Items Found


Items under this category are encountered when exploring that don't lead to items or characters and can provide helpful or harmful effects.

  • Wolf Kill
  • Lust Garden (deducts Resolve)
  • Tip Toe Tulips


  • Anal Probing - Foolsiversary