Old Forest

From Corruption of Champions II
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Old Forest
Old Forest.jpg
Region Frost Marches
Level range 1-3
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Leads to Corrupted Garden (north)
Westbank (west)
Neutral Hub No

The Old Forrest is a vast wooded wilderness north of Hawkethorne.

Places of interest



  • Brint - found when initially exploring the forest
  • Eryka - will remain hostile until helped
  • Forest Kitsune - friendly if helped, hostile if not (remains until the Alraune is defeated)
  • Ninian - remains hostile until invited to Hawkethorne
  • Sugo - can be encountered, stuck


Items Found


Items under this category are encountered when exploring that don't lead to items or characters and can provide helpful or harmful effects.

  • Wolf Kill (written by Savin)
  • Lust Garden (written by Savin)
  • Tip Toe Tulips (written by Savin)


  • Anal Probing - Foolsiversary

Quest Related

In Her Footsteps

The source of corruption seems to be coming from the Alraune located at the Corrupted Garden

Dog Days

Garth has asked you to searched for his missing son Garret

Caparison Hunter & Nothing Like Housework

Pristine Wood can be found while exploring the Old Forest