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Sigrune DCL Bust.png

Bust of Sigrune by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Nickname(s) Siggy
Species Jotun
Gender Female
Occupation Gatekeeper
Family Randver (father)
Location Old Forest
Level 6
Health 575
Resolve 100
Strengths Sigrune has 2 action points

I am Sigrune, daughter of Randver. I guard this archstone. You will not pass while I draw breath.

Sigrune wields two weapons, a man-sized bearded axe held in her right hand, and a brutally spiked bronze hammer in her left.


The woman can only be described as a giant: she stands more than four yards tall, all wiry muscle and tattooed cobalt skin barely covered by a bear-hide loincloth and chest wrap. A mane of black hair falls around her shoulders, the lion's share pulled into a braid that falls well past her broad hips. Two wine-red eyes stare menacingly down at you.

Your eyes are drawn inexorably towards a man-sized bearded axe held in her right hand, and the brutally spiked bronze hammer in her left.


The Champion will first encounter Sigrune when exploring a strange stone archway to the east of the Old Forest, just above the Ruined Shrine. She guards the archstone and will stop the Champion continuing on. The Champion may:

  • Talk - Try to strike up a conversation with Sigrune.
  • Attack - If she won't move of her own accord, push your way through the giant woman!

Talking with Sigrune will reveal that she swore an oath to Prince Philander of Tychris many years ago to protect what lies beyond the stones. This will require the Champion to find more on Prince Philander to speak with her further. Currently there is no way to peacefully convince Sigrune to allow you past her and the Champion must fight her in order to get past her.

Attacking and defeating Sigrune is a difficult task, such that being defeated by her does not result in a bad end. If the Champion decides to fight Sigrune, the Talk option will no longer be available. Currently, Sigrune cannot be interacted with once the Champion has defeated her.

If the Champion is successful in defeating Sigrune, they will be able to find a huge tunnel through the rocks behind the arch. A new path will open up to the east of Sigrune, which leads to the Ancient Archway. The Champion may pass in and out of the tunnel without having to deal with Sigrune again.



Armor: 38 Physical Resist: 27
Warding: 24 Magic Resist: 9
Focus: 24 Mental Resist: 14
Evasion: 30 Frost Resist: 100
Tease Resist: 100 Drug Resist: 100
Pheromone Resist: 100



  • 10,000 XP