Ruined Shrine

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Kitsune Shrine
Kitsune Shrine.png
Interior map
Region Old Forest
Level range 1+


"There’s a vague resemblance to a lupine burial barrow, perhaps, with a good portion of the rocky face having been worked by hands, but a cursory examination ends the comparison there. Someone has carved an archway into the hillside, its architecture considerably more elegant and given to flowing than the harsh edges of the people forged of the Frost Marches. Twin statues adorn each side of the archways, but they’ve long been consumed by the Old Forest, leaving little behind but plinths and human-like feet of stone.

Further on in, a passageway leads on into the interior of the hill. There’s not enough light for you to actually see what’s inside, but the draft blowing into the darkness assures you that there’s an inside to be explored."


You discover the entrance to the Kitsune Shrine while exploring the Old Forest paths. Upon using the door you encounter a set of three puzzles, one door after another, in order to gain access to the inner sanctum. Once it was used as living quarters for the Kitsune infiltrators, now old and crumbling, the statue to their god and a weathered, yet still impressive mural are all that remind what this shelter once was. Inside you also will find one of first potential followers, Kiyoko, as well as the beginning of your possible path towards siding with Keros, the Trickster god. Once that is taken care of, the shrine becomes inaccessible for the time being.

Notable Rewards

Amber orb, offering a choice between following Keros or locking yourself out of it.

Beast Killer bow. It is the only surviving object inside the shrine. Make sure to grab it before using the orb, as it won't be available afterwards.


To gain access to the inner chambers you have to solve three puzzle doors, each forming words you can understand to offer a riddle. Can you position the gems to fit the description?

See Kitsune Shrine Door Puzzles

Puzzle solution

Most importantly, the gem doesn't have to be right next to the one its line in the riddle describes.

Going from top-left to right:

Puzzle 1

Lapis, Agate, Jade, Amber, Pearl

Puzzle 2

Agate, Amber, Pearl, Jade, Lapis

Puzzle 3

Amethyst, Agate, Lapis, Amber, Pearl, Jade