Black Mage

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Scholars of the occult who delve into the twisted, and often forbidden, secrets left behind by the Wraiths that once plagued the world are referred to "black mages" by more traditional sorcerers. As a black mage, you command tremendous magical power, able to blast your foes with magic, corrupt their minds, or even bind spirits to do your bidding. You must have great willpower to control such magics, though, and you'll need both cunning to resist the temptations and dangers of magic, and the presence to overbear and command dangerous spirits. The life of a black mage is one of power through knowledge and secrets.

Primary Attribute: Willpower

Class Details

Starter Items


  • Level 1: Arcane Strike | You add half your Willpower to your Critical Chance when casting spells.
  • Level 3: Arcane Attunement | +10 bonus to Spellpower

Class Affinities

Class Talents

Starting Talents

Level 2 Talents