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Full body art of Etheryn by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Full name Etheryn var Ridell
Nickname(s) Ryn
Species Boreal Elf
Gender Dickgirl
Occupation Princess
Title Royal Cuntlicker Etheryn, Duchess of the Rim (pre-Palace of Ice)
Princess Regent Etheryn (post-Palace of Ice)
Height 5'7"
Bust Size A - DD (transformable)
Family Queen Alissa (older sister)
Queen Alraince (mother) [deceased]
Unnamed Father [deceased]
Queen Atheldred Sunbringer (maternal grandmother) [deceased]
Queen-Consort Synneva (maternal grandsire) [deceased]
Unnamed Paternal Grandmother [deceased]
Unnamed Paternal Grandfather [deceased]
Harrick (war-hawk)
Religion Lumian
Location Corrupted Garden
Level 3
Health 170 (Level 3)
200 (Level 4)
230 (Level 5)
Resolve 100

Etheryn var Ridell, a half-sexed frost elven princess, is a potential companion, sex partner, and love interest in Corruption of Champions 2.

"I'm not afraid of you anymore! I'll never let you hurt me again."

"By decree of the Winter Throne, I name you, [], as [|Baron|Baroness] of the March. You shall be my spear and my shield, my eyes and my ears. You shall be my heart."

Etheryn, or "Ryn", as she prefers, was born the second child of Queen Alraince, ruler of the isolated Winter City. Her mother died of complications from childbirth and her father, the King Dowager, was killed on a hunt a few years later, leaving the throne to Ryn's elder sister, Alissa. Although Alissa projected the image of a strong and noble huntress-queen to the ordinary frost elves of the Winter City, she was endlessly cruel to Etheryn in private, relentlessly bullying her even as a child. When Ryn came of age, Alissa 'rewarded' her by locking Ryn's penis in a magical chastity cage and forcing her young sister to eat or rim her out on demand.

Despite this abuse, Etheryn developed an adventurous spirit, yearning to see the world beyond the palace; the young elf repeatedly tried to break out of her imprisonment, and often succeeded...before being recaptured by Alissa's guards as she tried to sneak through the city. But she also grew up shy and socially awkward, easily pushed around by people with stronger wills than herself. Unfortunately for her, most of Alissa's aristocratic camarilla was exactly like that, strong-willed and cruel, and only the misfits - Elthara, the responsible, motherly high priestess of Lumia; Elyon, the acerbic huntsmaster; Jael'yn, the friendly Guard-Captain - ever really took pity on her. They helped ensure that she gained something of an education as a noblewoman and ranger, and Elyon helped her raise her closest friend in the world, her war-hawk Harrick. But they were the only ones, and no one outside the palace knew anything of Etheryn but her name, let alone her awful predicament.

Only Alissa's distraction with a new, mysterious lover allows Etheryn to escape from confinement at the beginning of the events of CoC2. When the Champion first encounters her in the Ruined Wayfort, she has been captured by a demon in the midst of her attempt to seek help for the frost elves from the peoples of the south and overthrow Alissa.

After freeing her, Etheryn has the option to join the party. Her Confidence mechanic allows the player to help her overcome her shyness with friendship and support. A fully confident Etheryn becomes a charming, brave young (young for an elf, that is, at the age of fifty-and-change) woman, a clever diplomat, and an assiduous student of rulership - and a devoted friend to the Champion. If the Champion beds high-Confidence Etheryn, she is extremely romantic and switchy, and openly professes her love for them. However, a Champion who chooses to abuse Ryn ensures that she stays shy, submissive, and helpless to do anything without them; her new mistress or master dominates her instead of Alissa. Ryn's Libido can also be trained, with low-Libido Etheryn acting somewhat more hesitant as a sex partner while high-Libido Etheryn more fully embraces her lust. Finally, Etheryn's cage also contextualizes much of the interaction with her, as its magic makes her cripplingly horny and forces her to seek relief. Unless and until the Champion finds the way to remove the cage, Ryn is incapable of using her penis for sex.


Etheryn is a lanky, waif-thin girl of about 5'7 — a bit taller with the help of her short-heeled boots and taller still if you count the long, perky elf-ears sprouting from her head. Each is tipped with a large silver stud, just hefty enough to make them droop. She's got a very pale complexion, with skin the color of fresh milk tinted ever-so-slightly frost blue. Her ice-blonde hair is stringy and thin, cut roughly around her shoulders with her bangs braided and tied around the back of her head. Large, dark blue eyes stare at you with a mix of wonder and fear, and she chews her pink-painted lower lip as your eyes wander up and down her body.

Her figure could best be described as waifish. She has neither much in the way of chest or butt, and her hips are quite slender. She's almost boyish, but the subtle rises of her chest beneath her armor are enough to remind you that she's very much feminine, too. You'd guess that she currently has A-cup breasts, and you'd describe her ass as small and perky.

Considering where your eyes are currently straying, Ryn whimpers, but stands at attention for your inspection.

Perhaps her most eye-catching garb is a small leather choker around her neck. It's completely unadorned, but the craftsmanship is quite nice. Someone paid quite a pretty penny to get this elven beauty the nicest collar around, perfectly molded to the contours of Etheryn's slender neck. There's a small metal loop on the front, like someone could mount a tag there... or attach a chain.

The rest of her outfit consists of plain ranger's garb: leather boots and bracers and a hardened vest. A dark blue cape hangs from her shoulder, pinned by a clasp of obsidian shaped like a falcon. Her simple linen knee-skirt is covered by leather tassets, protecting most of her lower body except for a small stretch of pale skin between boot and skirt, maybe a hand's breadth wide, that's been left open. Guess the cold doesn't bother her much.

Altogether, you'd say her outfit is unremarkable.

It's what's under her clothes that's more interesting, after all. Etheryn has a small little dick, maybe four inches hard on a good day... and it's locked up inside a solid brass-and-gold chastity device. There's no obvious lock or mechanism, no way to pry and pick it free. Her little pouch of a balls hang lightly under her caged prick, looking more like a single, smooth sack than a man's sack. Her ass, at least, is fully exposed and ready to be used: there's no doubt it's been her main source of sexual release since this magic cage was placed upon her.

Things that will affect Etheryn's Appearance:

  • If Etheryn Confessed her situation
  • Etheryn's Attire
  • Etheryn's Confidence
  • Butt Range
  • Cup Range


Recruiting Etheryn

The Champion first meets Etheryn after defeating the Alraune. Proceeding north from the Corrupted Garden leads the party to the Ruined Wayfort, where Ryn has been tied up by a marauding demon on her way to seek aid from Castle Hawkstone. Upon untying her, the Champion can choose to immediately recruit her into the party as a companion, or leave her to solve her problem alone.

If the Champion chooses not to recruit Etheryn immediately, they have another opportunity to do so at Castle Hawkstone, where Ryn is fruitlessly trying to gain the attention of its ruler. Ryn will automatically become a companion after this encounter.

Ryn is a required party member for the Palace of Ice main quest dungeon at the end of Act 1. If the Champion does not have her as an active companion or chooses not to recruit her before that quest, she is a mandatory party guest. She is also a mandatory party member or guest for the Specter of the Wyld event.

After recruiting Ryn, the Champion can encounter her at the Frost Hound with the rest of the companion roster at any time of day. Following the completion of the Palace of Ice, the Champion can also visit Ryn in the throne room there.

Standard Interactions

Ryn's initial interaction introduces her basic background and personality: shy princess of the frost elves seeking aid to help her people and overthrow her tyrant sister. It also introduces her war-bird, Harrick. The Champion receives the Boreal Elves Codex entry after this chat.

Subsequent interactions in camp, in Frost Hound, and in the Palace of Ice contain the following menu:

  • Appearance
  • Talk - See if you can pry a few words out of the introverted elf.
  • Hug - Etheryn always looks like she needs a hug.
  • Sex - Etheryn could always use some relief, but she's also submissive enough to do just about whatever you tell her to... (requires Etheryn Confession) (see Sex for details)
  • Nursing - Given how close you and Etheryn are, she'd probably love to do a little intimate nursing with you. Even if you don't plan to get lewd with her, she'd still enjoy your company… and your [pc.milk]. (requires Etheryn Confession, female pronouns, and B-cup or larger milky breasts)
  • Sleep With - Share your bed with your adoring elven lover (requires Etheryn Confession, and having had sex with her three times) (see Sleep With for details)
  • Give Item - Etheryn could use bigger tits and ass, and you might have just the things to do it. (requires an item she will accept, either Juicy Peach-infused Purple Egg or Wild Melon-infused Bovum Sherry)
  • Spend Time - Now that you and Ryn have free run of the Winter City, why don't you ask her to show you around and see the sights? (requires completion of Specter of the Wyld; can only be accessed from her Palace of Ice menu)


Etheryn's talk menu contains the following options:

  • Her Story - So what's her story, exactly?
  • Her People - Ask Etheryn about her people.
  • Winter City - Get the details on this Winter City of hers...
  • Her Bird
  • Queen Alissa - Ask Ryn about her sister, the queen. (requires Her Story and Etheryn Confession)
  • Alchemy? - Considering her cage can't be removed, maybe you could remove what it's attached to... (requires Her Story, QueenAlissa, Etheryn Confession and Alchemy? from Ivris)

After completing the Palace of Ice, the options change:

  • Winter City - Talk about the Winter City - its history, its people, and its future.
  • Her Sister - Ask Ryn how she's handling her sister's disappearance... and her fall to demonhood.
  • Harrick - Get personal with Etheryn's noble war-bird.
  • The Cage - So, about that gilded cage of hers...
  • Reign Thus Far - Ask Etheryn about how her reign over the Winter City has been going.
  • Demons
  • Elthara - How does Ryn feel about Elthara's growing little family? (requires Elthara to be pregnant or have had children, either by the Champion or one of the Champion's virile companions)

In general, Etheryn loves to talk about her city and her people. She expresses worry about Alissa both before and after completing the Palace of Ice, although this can be mitigated at high Confidence. In fact, all of Ryn's talks are heavily inflected by her Confidence; low-Confidence Ryn is very shy about most things (other than chatting about frost elves, which always makes her happy) and high-Confidence Ryn speaks about them with more ease and hope.

Ryn is also excited about warm, tender topics, regardless of Confidence. If Elthara becomes a mother, Ryn is extremely proud of her.


"T-this is my bird, Harrick," Ryn says, turning to you with the first big, genuine smile you've ever seen from her. "I let him loose when I ran from the city... I didn't want my sister to hurt him because I left. He's been my best friend since I was a baby... and now he's here! He followed me!"

Harrick is Etheryn's war hawk and best friend (apart from the Champion). He returns to her when the Champion initially meets Ryn, accompanies her on adventures, and can be summoned for use in battle. The Champion can interact with Ryn and Harrick together through the talk menu, which makes for the easiest way to check on Ryn's Confidence; at low Confidence, Harrick will be suspicious and uneasy around the Champion, but at high Confidence, the very good bird accepts headpats and playfully headbutts the Champ in the chest.

Give Item

The Champion may give Etheryn certain transformative items that will change her body and also her appearance (picture). Etheryn's bust will change when she reaches C cups and butt and hip rating of 9.

Item Requirements Change
Juicy Peach-Infused Purple Egg
  • Hip Rating < 12
  • Raise Hip Rating by 1 to 3 or until 12
  • Raise Butt Rating by 1 to 3 or until 12
  • Butt Rating < 12
Wild Melon-Infused Bovum Sherry
  • Cup size < DD
  • Raise Cup size by 1 to 2 or until DD


Some of Etheryn's personality remains constant: she loves her people and is excited to learn new things, and she cares very deeply about the Champion as the person who rescued her. But depending on the Champion's actions, Ryn can either stay downtrodden, shy, and submissive or grow to show charm, grace, wit, and bravery.

At low Confidence, Ryn is the Champion's plaything, desperately eager to do anything that would please them because even a brutish Champion is better than Alissa. At high Confidence, Ryn is the Champion's dear friend and potential lover, an emotional princess who deeply cares about them and wants to make things better.

Different Confidence levels also change Etheryn's art; low-Confidence Ryn looks considerably more ill at ease, both nude and clothed, while high-Confidence Ryn looks excited to be there, smiling and showing off for the Champion.

Increase & Decrease

Scene Requirements Change Frequency
/ While has not talked about Her Story -5 Once
I Do
It's hard not to look down on the submissive princess after all that.
Etheryn has confessed about her situation
Has talked about Her Story
I Don't
You can't blame Etheryn for the depredations of her sister.
Etheryn has confessed about her situation
Has talked about Her Story
Pick up Harrick and get to know the war-hawk.
First time talking about Her Bird 3
No thanks.
First time talking about Her Bird -5
Etheryn Caravan Gift
Has Etheryn in party for repeat encounters with the Caravan of Wonders 25
Etheryn Confession
Fuck Gently
Requires a Cock <= 12" 5
Etheryn Confession
After Care
Fuck Gently scene
Requires a Cock
Etheryn Confession
Ruin Ryn
Requires a Cock -10
Etheryn Confession
Cait Help
Requires Cait in the party or at The Frost Hound 5
Etheryn Confession
Not yet available
Requires Arona in the party or at The Frost Hound
Recruited Arona
Comfort During Royal Amnesty after meeting with Baroness Carmen Reverra 5
Leave During Royal Amnesty after meeting with Baroness Carmen Reverra -10
Sleep With Etheryn First time requesting Etheryn's presence in bed
Requires having had sex with Ryn three times
Stop Sleep With Etheryn First time evicting Etheryn, if Ryn's Confidence is below 75 -5
Caravan of Wonders
Must have Etheryn in the active party when encountering the Caravan 25
Ball Massage
Leave Her
That's enough for now.
/ 1 Repeatable
Ball Massage
Feed Her
Ryn's made such a mess. Time to make her clean it.
/ -2
Cait & Fuck Requires a Cock <= 12"

Requires Cait in the party or at The Frost Hound
Requires a Cock 3
Requires a hyper Cock -2
GrindCage Requires a Vagina -3
Let Her
Allow Ryn to please you at her own pace. Good girls get rewards.
Requires a Cock 3
Take matters into your own hands and dick the elf deeply.
(If Silly Mode: Elves are born cocksleeves, after all.
It is their greatest purpose in a cooperative environment.)
Requires a Cock -3
Hug For increase, every 24 hours 10
Nursing Requires female pronouns and B-cup or larger milky breasts
Limited to once every 24 hours
Hashat Etheryn Fuck Has Etheryn in party and has fucked her
Champion is not a Female Elf
Spoil Her / 3
Dildo Requires a Vagina and the Dildo 3
Service Top
Face to Face
/ 3
Service Top
Ass Up
/ 1
Winter City Throne Talk
Spend Time
Requires completion of Specter of the Wyld
Limited to once every 24 hours


Libido as a stat increases tease effectiveness, reduces tease resistance, and increases the success chance when using Sense. The stat is calculated as 10 + Libido Mod (which is 8 in Etheryn's case). However, Etheryn has certain scene variations that will check her Libido Range which will check the percentage of her libido vs the libido max (100). It is noted, however, that as Libido increases, characters will receive a penalty to their Mental Resistance, as it is so much harder to resist your lusts, and to even care who or what's propositioning you.

At low Libido, Etheryn will be more sexually hesitant (although this can be mitigated somewhat by high Confidence). A Libido in the middle of the range - between 25 and 75 - makes Ryn sexually eager but usually only when appropriate. A Libido higher than 75 makes Ryn a slave to her own lusts. If she is still caged, Ryn's High Libido also decreases the amount of time Ryn can spend without getting off before gaining the negative Blue-Balled effect.

Increase & Decrease

There are a couple of scenes that will increase or decrease Etheryn's Libido, those being:

Scene Change Frequency
Etheryn Confession - Fuck Gently - Aftercare +5 Once
Etheryn Confession - Ruin Her +5
Etheryn Confession - Cait Help -5
Etheryn Confession - Give2Arona (Not yet available) +5
BallMassage - Feed Her -2 Repeatable
BallMassage - Stuff Her +2
Assfuck - Roughly +1
Blowjob - Facefuck +3
FemDuoBH +5
Service Top
Ass Up
Hug - Cuddle -5


As of update 0.5.36, Etheryn’s sex scenes are no longer locked out based on the PCs dick size. Instead, Ryn can be trained to gain the Buttslut perk. Certain scenes can lead to Buttslut Point accumulation. She loses 1 Buttslut Point every 3 days if she does not have the perk. When she reaches 10 Buttslut Points, she gains the perk permanently.

Increase & Decrease

There are several scenes that will grant +1 to Etheryn’s current Buttslut score, those being:

Scene Change Frequency
BallMassage - Stuff Her +1 Repeatable
Assfuck - Roughly +1
Assfuck - Monstrously +3
Arona Threesome - Watch Them +2
Arona Threesome - Spitroast Ryn +1

Confession & Chastity

After initial recruitment, Etheryn does not start out with sex options while traveling. These are only unlocked if she reaches zero Resolve while in the active party, either through combat or by becoming blue-balled without relief. The Champion notices Etheryn's strange behavior: fidgetiness, sweating, locking her thighs together, trembling. Upon further interaction, Ryn denies that there's any problem, but can't stop herself from leaking cum all over her legs. Then, shamefacedly, she reveals the nature of her forced chastity and her abuse at Alissa's hands: the cage around her penis keeps her from masturbating normally, while simultaneously using its magic to heighten her erotic needs and cause excruciating pain. The Champion has the following options to respond:

  • Take Home (not a sex option)
  • Fuck Gently - Give the chaste elf some relief the only way you know how: a good, hard dicking. (requires a cock or magicock)
    • Move On - Let's just get moving.
    • Aftercare - Poor thing! She needs some tender loving care after losing her virginity like this...
  • Ruin Ryn - (If Dark Knight:You can finally get to doing what you've always wanted to.|That beautiful ass of Ryn's just sings out to you.) (Written by The Observer) (requires a cock)
  • Cait Help - Let Cait handle the poor elf, she's trained for situations like this after all. (Written by The Observer) (requires Cait or at The Frost Hound)
  • Give2Arona - Give Etheryn over to Arona's tender mercies. Your futa orc amazon can sort out her problem in a hurry. (requires Arona or at The Frost Hound)
  • Ignore Her - You can't deal with this right now. (If not at The Frost Hound:Hopefully you can get back to the Frost Hound unmolested...) (not a sex option)

Once Etheryn has confessed her situation, the next time Etheryn becomes blue-balled (calculated as time since her last orgasm + (60 * (40 - Libido/3))) which at base usually means about 34 - 36 hours since she's last cum, Etheryn will not be able to recover resolve through resting until she's cum due to her predicament. However, the Champion can fix this in several ways. They can provide Ryn with a dildo (purchased from the Caravan of Wonders), they can suggest that Ryn fuck some of the other members of the party (such as Cait or Arona), or they can simply fuck her regularly on their own. Each of these options relieves Ryn's lust, and if she has a dildo or is persuaded to have sex with other party members, she will not develop the blue balls condition (although her Resolve will still decrease over time until sleeping or sex restores it).

Confession also makes it possible for Ryn to trust the Champion to have sex with her. In addition to opening up her repeatable sex menu, confession adds additional talk options.

Quests and Events

Although no companion is a forced companion in CoC2, Etheryn is deeply involved in most quests that take place in the northern part of the Frost Marches, especially in the Winter City, her home and birthplace.

Royal Amnesty

To begin Royal Amnesty, the Champion must speak to Etheryn at camp or at the Frost Hound, which can be done as soon as the Champion has recruited her. Etheryn must be brought to Castle Hawkstone (or brought back there if she was not recruited initially) in order to converse with Baroness Carmen Reverra and seek aid to protect the Winter City from Alissa's depredations.

The quest is short, involving a single conversation with Baroness Reverra, who is sympathetic to Ryn's plight and her invocation of ancient treaties but apologetically points out that she has no army and no means to march north and help overthrow Alissa. Although Carmen offers to put Ryn up in Hawkethorne, she can do no more to help. This is a devastating blow to Ryn, who was banking on some kind of assistance against Alissa and her loyal forces, and the Champion can optionally reassure her about their chances of success:

  • Thank Carmen - At least the baroness was willing to hear Ryn out, right?
  • Get Mad - Wow, what the fuck. How dare Carmen just turn Ryn away!
  • Comfort
  • Leave - Thanks for nothing, bitch.

Regardless of their decision, the Champion and Etheryn will have to deal with the elves' tyrannical ruler on their own.

The Palace of Ice

Etheryn is a mandatory party member for the culmination of Act 1, the Palace of Ice dungeon. If she is in the active party as a companion, the party can have Hethia as a guest. If she is not in the active party or not even a companion, Ryn is the automatic guest instead. As such, it is best to recruit Ryn and level her up to at least level 5 before entering the Winter City, because this improves her combat power even as a guest party member.

Ryn helps explain much of what's happened to the palace since Kasyrra's arrival: the corruption of many of the guards and nobles, what's happened to Elthara and Jael'yn, what's happened to her sister and the throne room. After a confrontation with Alissa and her new mistress, Ryn fights with the Champion against her imp-laden sister. During the fight and the encounter with Kasyrra and Alissa on the palace balcony, Ryn chases off her newly demonic sister with arrows; although she wounds Alissa in the battle, she is unable to land a killing blow before the erstwhile queen escapes.

After Alissa's departure and the cleansing of the corrupted from the palace, Ryn returns to the throne room to address her people and warn them of the demon threat. Elthara names Ryn the Princess Regent of the Winter City and tasks her with finding and defeating the now dethroned Alissa in accordance with ancient law as a prerequisite for becoming queen. Ryn then uses the opportunity to try to heal the schism between the Lumian elves of the Winter City and Hethia's fellow druids, and names the Champion as her Champion of Frost.

Optional Rewards

Downstairs, in the basement, the Champion can visit the palace vault before fighting Jael'yn and the rest of the encounters. If Ryn opens the vault door, either with her blood or with her cum, she receives a new gear set and a revelation about Alissa.

Upstairs, in Etheryn's room - only accessible after defeating Alissa - the Champion can discover Ryn's lingerie set. This enables a scene where Ryn can show off her outfit to the Champion, and Champions with real cocks or magicocks can optionally end it by fucking her butt, to her delight. Ryn must have at least 30 Confidence to model her outfit for the Champion. After that, she can show off her outfit from the regular sex menu whenever the Champion wants.

Both of these optional rewards, if missed on the initial run through the dungeon, can be acquired after completing it. However, as one of the best healing and buffing sets in the game, Ryn's Queenly Raiment gear from the vault is such a significant boost for her combat power that it's strongly recommended that the player acquire it on first entering the dungeon.

Becoming the Baron(ess)

Following the completion of the Palace of Ice dungeon, Etheryn will offer a surprise reward to the Champion, and ask them to go to the Wayfort. Upon arrival, they are greeted by Elthara and a contingent of elven soldiers led by Bailiff Daliza. El - and Ryn, if she is present in the active party - offers to confirm the Champion's possession of the Wayfort with a baronial patent from the elven crown. By accepting the title, the Champion becomes a baron or baroness of the March and gains the services of Daliza and her troops to garrison the Wayfort and help patrol the Frostwood.

Accepting the title overjoys Ryn if she is present, so much so that Elthara offers to step aside so Ryn can grant the title personally. Ryn alters the proclamation of nobility by saying that the Champion is "her" spear and shield, eyes and ears, rather than "the realm's"; at extremely high Confidence, she also says that the Champion is "her heart". Elthara reminds her of the correct words, but doesn't actually object. The high priestess also hints that Etheryn's granting of a title is to make the Champion a nobleman or noblewoman so that she can eventually marry them.

If Ryn is not in the active party, Elthara grants the title in her monarch's name instead.

Rejecting the title deeply disappoints Ryn and the elves, and also locks out one of the primary options for improving the Wayfort.

Specter of the Wyld

Etheryn is a mandatory party guest or companion for the investigation into the Winter City's crypts. As with the Palace of Ice dungeon, Ryn is best in this quest if leveled up beforehand. Make sure that she is at the level you want her to be and wearing her appropriate gear set before returning to the palace for the first time after entering the Glacial Rift.

The quest is full of revelations for Etheryn about her family history, as she meets the shades of her grandmothers, Synneva and Atheldred. Both encounters have conversations, although these can be avoided by using Banishment on the ghosts instead.

Optional Rewards

Ryn can gain multiple significant stat bonuses if the Champion does not banish either Athel or Synne. The most fruitful way to complete the quest - at least, for Etheryn - is to promise to assist Synneva in persuading Atheldred to let go of her hatred. Both encounters still require combat to resolve, but avoiding banishment and not asking Hethia or Elthara to send the ghosts' spirits to the beyond enables you to reunite the lovers following Athel's defeat in battle.

If the Champion persuades Athel and Synne to reunite after defeating both ghosts in battle, Etheryn receives a permanent upgrade to her bow that grants it an additional +10 Holy damage. If they reunite over an emotional conversation with Ryn, rather than through sex, the elven princess gains the permanent holy damage buff to her bow and an additional permanent +10 Critical chance regardless of set or primary weapon.

Festivus Ball

Completing Specter of the Wyld unlocks a special seasonal event. During the month of December - or at any point in the year, if seasonal events are active as "always on" - Etheryn and Elthara will invite the Champion to attend a winter celebration, a giant party put on by the crown for all the people of the Winter City. This year, in order to try to gradually heal the schism, the druids are invited as well. The Champion has the option to participate in the festivities or decline to attend.

If the Champion is present, they have several interaction options with Etheryn, including chats during the party, a royal speech for the masses, a Cinderella-esque ballroom dance between Champion and monarch with no one else on the floor, and ending the evening by making love under the stars.

Spend Time

After completing Specter of the Wyld, the Champion has the option to spend time with Ryn in the Winter City. These dates consist of a visit to a landmark and then a meal out. All the while, Ryn excitedly shares information about her people and talks about everything she's seen, heard, or lived in the city; Confident Ryn also expresses hope that she can change things for the better in the future as queen and help keep her people safe and happy.

The Champion raises Ryn's Confidence by 10 with every date. However, only one date can be completed per day.

Dates may optionally end with sex in Ryn's chambers. Sex options are pulled from her normal interact sex menu.

If other companions are in the active party, they can make brief appearances in certain parts of the date.

Seeing the Sights

Scene Description Special Procs Cameos Writer
Cathedral of Lumia Visit the Dawn Maiden's enormous cathedral in the heart of the Winter City. Ryn's Lumian faith is very important to her, and you're sure that she'd love to share more about it with you. But the cathedral's also a pretty building in its own right, and it might be worth taking a look inside. None Azyrran Alypia
Winter City Marketplace See what the elves trade with each other in the market square around the Waystone statue. Whether it's just browsing, trying on clothes, or meeting with Etheryn's subjects, the two of you can probably find lots to do there! First time visit unlocks the Formal Outfit for wearing to the ball
First time visit with High-Confidence Etheryn unlocks meeting Delanel, who can make an appearance at the ball
Kiyoko (does not require presence in active party) Alypia
Play in the Snow Just like Ryn says, it snows ALL the time here. Why not take advantage of that and spend some time together in a wintry wonderland? None Atugia Alypia

Getting a Bite to Eat

Scene Description Special Procs Cameos Writer
Sausage Vendor The elves have a few street vendors selling warm, tasty sausages. If you want a quick bite to eat, this is the best option! None Brienne
Fish Market It wouldn't be the Winter City without the catch of the day! See what the smell is all about. Ryn won't make you try anything too adventurous. None Cait
Turf-Cooked Meal Visit Garadelle's brewery for some tasty peat-cooked food. Turf might be an unusual fuel for the fire, but it adds a unique, smoky flavor to both the food and the drink! First time visit unlocks meeting Garadelle at the ball Arona Alypia


Stats Growth

Etheryn's Main Attributes are:

Stats Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Health 170 200 230
Attack Power 15 18 21
Spellpower 32 41 50
Sexiness 5 6 7
Temptation 5 6 7
Armor 60 61 62
Physical Resist 16 17 26
Warding 63 66 69
Magic Resist 23 26 29
Focus 9 12 15
Mental Resist 15 15 15
Evasion 40 43 46
Tease Resist -25 -25 -25
Pheromone Resist -25 -25 -25

  • Small Cocks
  • Average Cocks
  • Small Asses
  • All Breasts

  • Big Asses
  • Big Cocks



Harrick is called into battle by Etheryn's Summon Falcon power and his power and stats are based on Etheryn's level

Combat Stats

Harrick has the Beast Taxonomy such that his
Blight and Pheromone Resistance is -75,
however Harrick is Immune to Lust attacks such that his
Tease, Drug and Pheromone Resist are 100.

Harrick is also constantly in Flight

Stats Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Health 90 100 110
Attack Power 19 52 55
Spellpower 19 52 55
Sexiness 3 4 5
Temptation 3 4 5
Armor 3 4 5
Physical Resist 3 4 5
Warding 5 6 7
Magic Resist 5 6 7
Focus 3 4 5
Mental Resist 13 14 15
Evasion 10 11 12
Blight Resist -75 -75 -75
Tease Resist 100 100 100
Drug Resist 100 100 100
Pheromone Resist 100 100 100


Companion Sets

Outrider's Gear

Outrider's Gear
Acquisition Description Attire & Weapons Main Stats Level Perks Powers
Default A set of relatively plain hunting leathers, though they're made of superior craftsmanship. Etheryn finds these comfortable and familiar. It consists of simple hunting garb and a short skirt, with a leather vest, guards, and boots to offer some modicum of protection from whatever beasts she may track. One of her gloves has been replaced with a large falconry gauntlet, giving her the ability to call down and commune with her war-hawk. Holy Whitewood Bow

(identical description to Whitewood Bow, but with added Holy damage. Requires confronting Queen Atheldred and must not banish her. Replaces Whitewood Bow)

1 Twist The Knife Frost Arrow
Iceburst Arrow
Call Falcon
Whitewood Bow
2 N/A Group Heal
Outrider's Leathers

A simple but expertly-crafted set of leather hunting armor over a dark green tunic. The design is clearly northern, and is well suited for the lithe and acrobatic fighting style of the boreal elves. The physical protection this set offers is lacking in comparison to harder, heavier armors from the southlands.

3 Ranger's Quarry N/A
5 Escape Artist Aurora Arrow
Author Savin Version added: 0.1.9
Full Body by DCLzexon


Queenly Raiment

Queenly Raiment
Acquisition Description Attire & Weapons Main Stats Level Perks Powers
Obtained after unlocking the castle's vaults in the Winter City A beautiful dress fit for a warrior-queen, made up of rich white silks and hardened white leather, accompanied by a holy spear bearing Lumia's sunburst. This royal attire was commissioned by Queen Alissa of the Winter City for her little sister, ostensibly in recognition of Etheryn's royal heritage... but it bears an uncanny resemblance to a Belharan wedding dress, hinting to Alissa's true intentions for her half-sexed sibling. Royal Greatspear

A towering greatspear of boreal-elven origin, outfitted with a long blade and a sturdy crossguard. Designed originally for hunting the savage northern wargs and boars, but when the Belharan Empire first invaded the North, these spears proved they were perfect for tearing through southern armor. They have since become a status symbol for elven nobility.

1 Healer's Hands Heal
Spirit Veil
Princess Dress

(same as set description)

2 N/A Group Heal
3 Ranger's Quarry N/A
5 Escape Artist Aurora Arrow
Author Savin Version added: 0.3.0


The first time the Champion will be able to sex Etheryn is when she confesses her situation to the Champion and she becomes too horny to do anything:

  • Take Home (not a sex option)
  • Fuck Gently - Give the chaste elf some relief the only way you know how: a good, hard dicking.
    • Move On - Let's just get moving.
    • Aftercare - Poor thing! She needs some tender loving care after losing her virginity like this...
  • Ruin Ryn - (If Dark Knight:You can finally get to doing what you've always wanted to.|That beautiful ass of Ryn's just sings out to you.) (Written by The Observer) (requires a cock)
  • Cait Help - Let Cait handle the poor elf, she's trained for situations like this after all. (Written by The Observer) (requires Cait or at The Frost Hound)
  • Give2Arona - Give Etheryn over to Arona's tender mercies. Your futa orc amazon can sort out her problem in a hurry. (requires Arona or at The Frost Hound)
  • Ignore Her - You can't deal with this right now. (If not at The Frost Hound:Hopefully you can get back to the Frost Hound unmolested...) (not a sex option)

Regular Sex Options:

  • BallMassage - Gently massage Ryn's sack and tease her backdoor. Perfect for some quick relief while in chastity.
    • Leave Her - That's enough for now.
    • Feed Her - Ryn's made such a mess. Time to make her clean it.
    • Stuff Her - All that cum's gotta go somewhere...
  • Cait & Fuck - Call Cait over to help comfort Ryn while you give her a nice, slow assfucking. It'll make it easier on Ryn to have something soft and wet to munch on during the ordeal. (requires Cait
  • GetEatenOut - Have Etheryn use her mouth on your quim. (requires a vagina)
  • Assfuck - Take Ryn's ass for a ride. (requires a cock)
    • Tenderly - Take Ryn gently, making sure she enjoys it as much as you. (requires a cock)
    • Roughly - Pound Etheryn into the bedsheets. (requires a cock)
    • Monstrously - Go hard on Ryn with a cock that’s monstrously huge. It’ll hurt, but she’ll never forget it. (requires a hyper cock)
  • GrindCage - Put Ryn on her back and ride her chastity cage like a dildo. She might not get off on it, but you sure will. (requires a vagina)
  • Blowjob - Boreal Elves have a cool exterior and a chilly interior. See if Etheryn's can quench your heat. (Written by William) (requires a cock)
    • Let Her - Allow Ryn to please you at her own pace. Good girls get rewards.
    • Facefuck - Take matters into your own hands and dick the elf deeply. (If Silly Mode: Elves are born cocksleeves, after all. It is their greatest purpose in a cooperative environment.)
  • FemDuoBJ - Etheryn and Boomer are both pretty cute — you wouldn't mind having them suck your dick as a team. (Written by BubbleLord)
    (requires a cock, met Boomer at The Frost Hound, at The Frost Hound and during 13:00 - 17:00)
  • Spoil Her - Give Ryn's back door a little oral massage. It's always nice to reverse someone's expectations. (Written by William)
  • Dildo - Trade dildo fucks to ensure that both you and Ryn get some relief. (Written by Alypia)
    (requires a vagina and the dildo)
  • Service Top - Ryn's butt, your fingers. Don't just give her some quick relief: hold (if Etheryn has been crowned: the elvenqueen; otherwise: your ice princess) in your arms and make her happy. Whether you do it roughly or gently is up to you. (Written by Alypia)
    • Face to Face - Fingering with a side of lovey-dovey elf smooching. May need to clean off your tummy afterward.
    • Ass Up - Loosen Ryn up with a firm back massage, so she's nice and ready for you to pin her down and fingerfuck her. (If Silly Mode: Face down, booty up: that's the way we like the WHAAAAAT!)

Other Sex Scenes:

  • Nursing (Written by Alypia)
    • Champ can have Etheryn either Relax (no sex) or Cuddlefuck (both Champ and Ryn get off) while Champ nurses Ryn from her breasts.
      (Etheryn has confessed, and Champ has female pronouns along with B-cup or larger milky breasts)
  • Hashat (Written by SomeKindofWizard)
    • If the Champion is not a Female Elf but decides to pursue sex after they have lost to her in combat. After she facefucks the Champion, she will go for a second round with Etheryn
    • When encountering Drunk Hashat, should the Champion decide to Sit Beside, Etheryn will blow and frot Hashat
  • Evelyn (Written by Wsan)
    • Foursome - Evelyn is something special — invite two friends to help you satisfy her every whim. (Cait and Etheryn recruited and has fucked Evelyn at least 5 times)
      • Cait & Ryn - You know just the pair to help you treat Evelyn right.
  • Lupine Scouts (Written by Balak Knightfang)
    • Lupine Defeat Female - While the Lupine Warrior has her way with the Champion, the Lupine Archer will facefuck a random sexable companion
  • Jael'yn
    • Call Ryn (Written by SomeKindofWizard) - You know she's eager for it.
      (Valid for both Frost Hound Jael'yn and Wayfort Jael'yn. Requires a penis; Etheryn must have at least 25 Libido)
    • Ride with Ryn (Written by Alypia) - A queen needs a throne, and Jael'yn's got just the thing: a lovely pair of lips, and an even lovelier prehensile tongue. Have Ryn take her rightful place on Jael'yn's face while you sit on the maid's proud phallus.
      (Valid for Frost Hound Jael'yn only. Etheryn must have at least 25 Libido)

Sleep With Etheryn

After having sex with Etheryn three times, the Champion can offer to spend their nights with her. Etheryn will join the Champion in bed for the evening if she is in the active party. If she is not in the active party, she will still sleep with the Champion at the Frost Hound.

The first time the Champion asks Ryn to sleep with them, Ryn will gain 5 Confidence. The first time the Champion asks Ryn to sleep on her own again, she will lose 5 Confidence if her current Confidence is 74 or less.

Going to Sleep

These scenes can proc at the beginning of the evening, when Etheryn and the Champion are going to bed. Proc chances are random and equal unless otherwise stated. Only scenes that can currently be triggered in-game are listed.

Scene Sex? Requirements Scene Proc Chances Description Writer
Big Spoon No None High chance if Ryn's Confidence < 75
Low chance if Champion is a Dark Knight or if either Ryn or Champ is blue-balled
The Champion cuddles behind Ryn as they go to sleep together. Alypia
Reassure Ryn No Champion's Corruption < 25
Neither the Champion nor Ryn can have blue balls
Low chance if Ryn's Confidence > 74 The Champion soothes an exhausted Etheryn's worries before bedtime. Ryn gains 1 Confidence. Alypia
Tummy Rest No Champion's bellyPregRange < 3
(i.e. the Champion is either not pregnant or not visibly pregnant yet)
No special random modifiers Ryn rests her head on the Champion's belly and compliments their physique. Alypia
Titty Time No Champion's cup size > D Low chance if either Ryn or the Champion is blue-balled Ryn cuddles into the Champion's bust. If the Champion is Milky, Ryn will relieve a little of the pressure. Alypia
Thigh Pillow No Sleeping in the Frost Hound or Wayfort
Champion cannot be a Dark Knight
Low chance if Etheryn is blue-balled Etheryn rests her head on the Champion's thighs as they relax together. Ryn gains 1 Confidence. Alypia
Elven Buttfuck Yes Champion must have a Real Cock or a magicock
Ryn must have lost her anal virginity
High chance if Etheryn or the Champion is blue-balled The Champion fucks Ryn's butt before bedtime. Alypia
Elven Chastity No Champion must be a Dark Knight
Etheryn's Confidence < 25
Etheryn must be caged and blue-balled
High chance if the Champion is not blue-balled The Champion teases Etheryn into begging for relief, then goes to sleep without giving it to her.
Ryn's Resolve is reduced to 25 if it is currently higher than that.
Elven Needs Yes None High chance if Etheryn's Libido > 74 and if the Champion is not blue-balled
Very low chance if the Champion is blue-balled
The Champion fingerfucks Ryn's butt to relieve her stress. Alypia
Royal Massage No Etheryn's Confidence > 74
Champion and Etheryn must have done the Ass-Up version of Service Top sex scene
Champion must have skin, plant skin, fur, or scales
High chance if the Champion is Enervated Etheryn returns the favor that the Champion did her by giving them a pleasing backrub before bed. Alypia
Take the Edge Off Yes Etheryn's Confidence > 74
Champion must not have a Real Cock
Champion must not be a Dark Knight
High chance if the Champion is blue-balled and Etheryn is caged
Low chance if Ryn is not caged
Ryn fingers the Champion's pussy before bedtime, and is delighted to receive a fingering of her own. Alypia
Gentle Ryn Fuck Yes Etheryn is Uncaged
If vagAss returns anal, Champion must not be an anal virgin
High chance if either the Champion or Etheryn is blue-balled
Low chance if the Champion is a Dark Knight
Etheryn gently fucks the Champion's vagAss until the two of them cum and doze off. Alypia

Waking Up

These scenes can proc at the end of a sleep cycle, after emerging from a dream (if one occurs). Proc chances are random and equal unless otherwise stated. Only scenes that can currently be triggered in-game are listed.

Scene Sex? Requirements Scene Proc Chances Description Writer
Excited Morning No Etheryn's Confidence > 74
Etheryn must be in the active party
Neither Etheryn nor the Champion can have blue balls
No special random modifiers Etheryn excitedly wakes up the Champion and helps them get ready for a day together. Alypia
Groggy Morning No Champion must not be a Dark Knight
Neither Etheryn nor the Champion can have blue balls
No special random modifiers The Champion needs to push a still-tired Ryn to wake up. Alypia
Morning Fuck Yes Champion must have a Real Cock or a magicock High chance if Etheryn or the Champion has blue balls The Champion fucks Ryn's butt so they can relieve their pent-up nighttime urges. Alypia
Morning Nightmare No Champion must have expressed an opinion about Alissa's cruelty to Ryn
Alissa must be the elvenqueen or at large
Low chance unless Ryn's Confidence < 75 and she is not blue-balled Ryn relives a bad dream about Alissa from the night before, and the Champion helps her work through her feelings. Alypia
Morning Service Yes None No special random modifiers The Champion wakes up to Etheryn sucking them off or eating them out, and relaxes as Ryn enjoys a morning meal. Alypia
Morning Sixty-Nine Yes Etheryn must be caged
Champion must not have a Real Cock
High chance if either Etheryn or the Champion has blue balls Ryn eats the Champion out while Champ simultaneously finger-fucks Ryn's butt and gives the frost elf's balls a massage. Alypia
Morning Titjob Yes Etheryn must not be caged
Champion must have C-cup or larger breasts
No special random modifiers The Champion uses their bosoms to handle Ryn's morning wood. If Ryn has higher than 75 Libido, she unloads all over Champ's face and boobs. Otherwise, Champ swallows the royal load. Alypia
Morning Wood Yes Etheryn must not be caged
If vagAss returns anal, Champ must not be an anal virgin
High chance if either Etheryn or the Champion has blue balls The Champion helps Etheryn deal with her morning needs by letting her roll them on their side and fuck them. Alypia


Condition Dream
/ Trial By Cunnilingus
(written by The Observer)
Etheryn Dedicking
(written by The Observer)

Quest Related

Royal Amnesty

Etheryn is intent on getting to Castle Hawkstone and she'll need the help of the Champion.

Specter of the Wyld

Etheryn, Hethia, and Elthara require the Champion's aid to settle the ghosts in the Ice Palace's crypt

The Demon of Ice

Etheryn confronts her sister on the Isle of Dracia.




Found in combat bust and Appearance
while Queenly Raiment is equipped

Other Art


Etheryn Armored bk!.png
Etheryn, ready to face her sister