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Busts of Elyon by Moira
Creator The Observer
Full name Elyon Eliamsson
Species Boreal Elf
Gender Master
Occupation Huntsmaster
Title Master of Hounds and Hawks
Religion Lumian
Location Palace of Ice

"Of course it fucking matters!" Gritted teeth and balled fists accompany Elyon's outburst, prompting the warg to perk its ears up and look around. He hurries to calm the animal, giving it a few strokes with the stiff-bristled brush, then sighs and pats it on the back. "Well, so much for that. Now neither I nor my poor friend here is in the mood for brushing, so I might as well talk to you. What is it you want, champion?"

Elyon is the Huntsmaster of the Winter City palace. He was first appointed to his position under the old King-Regent, then served Queen Alissa until being cast out during Kasyrra's corruption. If you're a Marcher-Baron or Marcher-Baroness, you are privy to Elyon being returned to the palace after Bailiff Daliza and her soldiers captured him. Etheryn restores him to his old position, and Elyon works with Elthara to help keep the palace running after losing most of their staff to Kasyrra's army or the Abyssal Thing.

Elyon was familiar with Etheryn in her childhood. He taught Etheryn falconry and gave her the hawk who would be Harrick's ancestor, and showed her kindness when few in the palace had the courage to. It's partly because of this that Etheryn is invested in helping Elyon overcome his corruption, and the guilt caused by Elyon's role in Queen Alissa's rule and in the hunt that led to the passing of their father.

"He's hurting inside, [pc.name]. I just... I just don't want to watch someone who's served my family so faithfully for so many years, even against his better judgement, end up like this. He stuck with Alissa and her rule even though he didn't agree with what she was doing because of his respect for my father and mother, and she betrayed him for it."


Elyon is taller than average for a boreal elf man, perhaps seven feet tall given that he seems just that bit taller than you remember Alissa being. Ah, if only height were sufficiently imposing in and of itself... but you remember his own story about how he got into this position to begin with. The huntsmaster is possessed of a thick shock of golden-blond hair with matching stubble — perhaps he doesn't shave that regularly — that contrasts with his purple-blue skin tone that's not too uncommon amongst the boer'alvar. Broad-shouldered and stockily built, one might consider him just slightly above the average pale elf man in that regard, a fact that's no doubt been made all the more pointed by his profession. Man must've gotten plenty of exercise back in the day. Given the stereotypes about most other elves' menfolk, it's a bit of a culture shock to remember that his square chin and strong jawline are about standard for pale elf men; it goes well with his broad face and wide-set eyes.

When it comes to clothes, the leathers Elyon's wearing look comfortable if form-fitting, in the same design as the outrider's outfit that you found Ryn wearing when you first met her. Deerskin gloves and boots to match complement his ensemble, save for the falconry glove he uses when he's handling the birds in the mews. The palace staff have found him a stylish yet functional tunic and pants, which is quite fitting given his changed role in Ryn's new rule... not that it does much to cover up the numerous scars from nips and claws from his charges over the many years he's been in service to the var Ridells. Most of them are on his arms, but there're a few on his legs, too. At least all of the scars look old, which implies he got most of them when he was younger and more headstrong...

Of course, there's the mark of the taint Kasyrra was spreading in the palace before you arrived with Ryn to set matters straight — despite him having left soon enough to escape the fate which befell most of the palace's denizens, it wasn't enough for him to avoid being outwardly changed later on — the golden slitted eyes and hooked claws that've replaced his fingernails are proof of that. The latter don't appear to have impeded his fine manipulation any and he keeps them hidden under his gloves most of the time, but you can see telltale marks and scabs on his skin where he's scratched himself not remembering how different he is from what he used to be. Unlike Elthara, it's outwardly visible; unlike Jae'lyn, the man is still himself, even if his appearance's changed — well, mostly.

All in all, Elyon Eliamsson might have been handsome once, but given that he's been around in his capacity since the time Ryn's dad was ruling, it's not really surprising that he's more rugged nowadays. There's a certain world-weariness in his expression and demeanor that detracts from his handsomeness, but you can see how he might once have been fetching in his younger days.

Maybe time doesn't heal all wounds, after all...


First Encounter

"On your knees before the Queen Regent," the bailiff snaps, pushing him down to the cold floor of the audience chamber. "May I present for your judgement Elyon Eliamsson, Master of the Hounds and Hawks. Or former Master? He certainly hasn't been around to perform his duties for a while."

The elven man looks about with wide but weary eyes, his gaze finally alighting on Ryn atop her throne. "Ah. I didn't quite want to believe it myself, but it doesn't look like Daliza was lying, after all. The younger princess has indeed deposed her sister."

If you accept Etheryn or Elthara's offer at the Wayfort to become a vassal of the state, you meet Elyon the next time you return to the Palace of Ice. Elthara and Daliza have been arguing what to do with a man they've captured, who is revealed to be Elyon. He was sent away from the palace to recapture Etheryn when she fled, and told not to return without her, which he took as an opportunity to flee Queen Alissa's rule, escaping the worst of Alissa and Kasyrra's depredations, but is still visibly corrupted from his time in the palace. Over Daliza's objections, Etheryn orders Elyon freed and reinstates him to the palace's service.

Subsequent Encounters

Once Elyon has assumed his old post, you can find him attending to his duties around the palace. He's rather brusque and temperamental, which he explains he's become more 'emotional' since being corrupted. You can talk to him about his experiences with the palace and the throne, though he doesn't make it easy for you.

  • Appearance
  • Talk: Despite the man's standoffishness, you still want to try and reach out to the man. As far as you've seen, he's a decently valuable member of [[Etheryn}Ryn]]'s new court, after all, and you're going to be working together.
    • Animals: Can he tell you something of the hawks and hounds that he cares for?
    • Royals: Ask him about the var Ridells.
    • Alissa: Ask him about Alissa's reign.
    • Work: So now that he's returned, what kind of jobs does Ryn and Elthara have him running?
  • Sex: You've seen what Elyon is like underneath all that, and you want to help him return to being the man Ryn once knew him as. (requires completing The Wyld Hunt)

The Wyld Hunt

Once you've covered all Elyon's talk topics, Etheryn stops you as you go to leave the palace. She wants you to look into her father's death. Elyon was Huntsmaster when the late King Dowager was gored to death hunting a wild boar, and he was ostracised and even suspected of having masterminded the ordeal. His guilt and loneliness led to his misplaced loyalty to the throne during Queen Alissa's reign, and still haunts him today. Etheryn wants you to poke around, ostensibly to find new information but mainly so word gets back to Elyon.

Elyon follows you out to the Frostwood when you go to investigate the site of the hunt. There, you, or Etheryn if present, explain that the point was to show Elyon that people cared about him (so he can stop being such a tool). It's not going to happen right away, but with time, maybe Elyon could open up more to the people in his life who care about him.


"So, you want to fuck, huh? Word's around the palace that you're fucking everyone who's anyone within these halls, so-called champion. Don't know how much truth there is to those rumors, but everything feels like that would be the way things are if you were indeed fucking what remains of the nobs. Lumia's tits, guess I should be glad I'm counted amongst their number now, right?"

After The Wyld Hunt is completed, you can offer to help Elyon open up. Yes, he's angsty, broody, and downright unpleasant. But maybe you can fix him. The first time you have sex with Elyon he will treat you like one of his beasts, especially if you're a Lupine or Catfolk. Most of his sex scenes follow in that manner, the dominant beastmaster taking control and plowing you. When you're done, you wake up in Elyon's bed. The Huntsmaster had to go out, but he leaves you a nice note.

  • Get Mounted: The memory of being under him, of being pounded silly like some kind of horny beast just won't leave your mind. You want to relive it, so that you don't forget... and perhaps capture some fragment of that first time...
  • Get Spanked
  • Get Collared: All the collars and leashes lining the far wall look like they could be put to use. If you want him to treat you like one of his animals, you're sure he'll be willing to oblige...
  • Cuddle: Just cuddle with him for a bit, maybe play with his hair...?

Quest Related

The Wyld Hunt

Etheryn asks you to investigate the hunt where her father, the late King Dowager was killed, as part of a favour for her old friend Elyon.