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Lithe and agile denizens of the endless forests of the north, catfolk are the most sociable of the beast-kin and were eager to join elves and men in society when they were first met in the great deserts of the Southlands. Catfolks' friendliness often underlies a cheeky mischievous streak. Their grace and dexterity gives them a naturally higher Agility.
Even some daring catfolk merchants and adventurers come to the Frost Marches in search of riches and new horizons, far removed from their desert home.

Catfolk (such as Leorah) are known to have a rough tongue, similarly to actual cats. They also posses other cat-like traits such as tails, vertical-slit pupils, ears on the tops of their heads, the ability to purr, claw-like nails, and teeth sharper than humans's (whether this applies to just canines or all their teeth is unclear).

According to Leorah, there is a stereotype that Catfolk have a certain fondness for milk and tits, which seems to be founded on some truth (Leorah herself is no exception).

Catfolk can have the same range of skin and hair colors that humans do.

Catfolk very rarely grow large breasts naturally.

Catfolk are naturally more flexible and limber than humans.

Swishing of the tail can subconsciously indicate emotions such as excitement, such as how Leorah and Cait's tails may swish and thump nearby furniture when the Player Character is present. Catfolk tails are also prehensile, and can be very dexterous.

Getting scratched between the ears is generally pleasurable for catfolk. They are also fond of rubbing their cheeks into someone as a sign of affection, similarly to cats.

Female catfolk go through heat cycles [unclear on how it affects herms/futas?]. Based on how heat works for Catfolk players, it occurs for one week out of every month (7 / 30 days). Heat is not always perfectly regular, such as Leorah remarking her heat was late by one or two days.

Gameplay Attributes

Starting Boost: Agility +1

Affinities: Agility, Cunning, Presence

Physical Attributes

Height Range: 5'0"(60in.) to 6'0"(72in.)

Hair Colors: Brown, Blonde, Red, Black

Eye Colors: Blue, Green, Golden

Skin Colors: Pale, Bronze, Dark

Cock Size: 4"-8"

Tit Size: A-D



Known Catfolk

Cait - Calla - Cat Harem - Leorah