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Busts of Ambra by Moira
Creator The Observer
Species Catfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Merchant
Location Khor'minos Outskirts

"My name is Ambra, and I have many wares to sell if you have coin, nya-jya!" She thumps her enormous rucksack with a muffled but very satisfying thud. "This faithful companion of mine can hold so many things in her, nya-jya. Together, we are here to make money!"

Ambra is an enterprising catgirl merchant in the Khor'minos Outskirts. Armed with an enormous rucksack filled with a seemingly endless supply of goods and keen mercantile savvy, she's refusing to let a demonic invasion and indefinite quarantine dampen her spirits. Her good looks and adorable demeanour don't hurt either. Ambra speaks with a distinctive vocal tic, which sounds startlingly similar to another pint-sized purveyor of goods. However, Ambra denies any association with anyone you may be thinking of. She's just a regular catfolk merchant, nya-jya.

"I know, but... I kind of want to buy something from her just to cheer her up, she's so cute! Look, she must be a foot shorter than me, maybe more! I could just pick her up and be away with her, let alone any of the minotaurs!"


The first thing that strikes you about Ambra is that she may be the tiniest catfolk that you've ever seen — about a good foot shorter than Cait is, by a quick reckoning. It gives her a rather adorable demeanor, but Ambra is anything but childlike — while her bosom may merely be handfuls, her wide hips, enormous thighs and deliciously round ass push out prominently against her black leather leggings, giving her an unmistakable pear shape. Given that the latter two look firm enough that you could bounce a coin off them, it's doubtless that she does a lot of walking on the regular, even if there's no visible muscle definition to be had.

Slowly, your gaze raises upwards to her head — she's got large feline ears that're no doubt alert to the calls of her customers, swivelling to and fro with a life of their own and complementing their owner's extroverted demeanour. Their insides are a pale cream instead of the deep, rich gold of her hair and fur, the messy, haphazard tufts sticking out from each ear just begging to be tweaked and tickled. A large woven hat sits atop them to keep the light out of her eyes, complete with slits cut out in the brim for her ears so she can even wear it to begin with.

While there's clearly been some effort to try and get it in shape, Ambra's hair is just as unkempt as her ear tufts. It falls from her head in a glorious mess, framing her face almost all the way to her pointed chin and parting at her big red eyes; behind her, it extends all the way to her curves of her pert, squeezable butt, threads of spun gold gleaming in the light. Perhaps it would look better done up, but there's an undeniable raw, natural beauty that stands out there amongst the ruggedness, giving the impression of a cute and adorable yet plucky go-getting kitten from whom you really just want to buy something from to make her day. Not dirty enough to be off-putting, but enough to give the impression of someone who knows the value and meaning of hard work.

Not that she doesn't put her face to good use, either. A pretty face is an asset in a merchant, and she's got the assets for it — big, endearing eyes, a small nose, and a welcoming, open-mouthed smile that she liberally bestows upon all around her. Despite the warmth of Khor'minos and the Undermountain in general, Ambra wears a thick fur cape that fluffs up against her neck and reaches the small of her back; despite the warm clothing, she hasn't broken a sweat at all.

The rest of her clothing isn't out of place for the city — despite the minotaurs having their own distinct aesthetic, especially the citizens proper and patricians, the remainder of the populace looks free to dress as they please in all manner of styles and fashions.

A simple linen top barely holds back her rack, joined to a figure-hugging leather piece for her midriff and followed up by short, hip-hugging skirts that wouldn't look out of place on Cait at all. The whole yellow-and-black ensemble is held together by red string, visible at the seams. Black leather leggings hug her legs all the way to her high boots, and one gets the impression that the amount of thigh between the hem of her skirts and her boots has been very carefully calculated for maximum effect on anyone brave or lecherous enough to ogle — not to speak of the way her round butt pushes up the back of her skirts just enough to give anyone a good peek at her posterior. And speaking of her behind, Ambra's possessed of a long, sinuous tail covered in fur the same shade of gold as her hair; it's just as excitable as the rest of her is, constantly in motion as it twitches and whips about, especially when she's just made a sale.

You're not fully sure that it's there, but every now and then you think you see a flash of deep blue nestled within Ambra's cleavage — just a glimpse that might very well have been a trick of the light. A necklace or pendant? No, there's no chain or thread about her neck from by which such a thing could hang, so it was probably your imagination. Besides, there's so much more cute little golden kitten to see, what does that matter?

But most eye-grabbing of all is the absolutely enormous, well-made rucksack from which all of her merchandise flows. You're not surprised that it's that big in and of itself — it looks like it'd be nicely fitted for a minotaur — but for someone as diminutive as Ambra, it's absolutely massive. Two-thirds her height and thrice as wide as she is, you have no idea how she gets around with it on even considering the snug shoulder and waist straps; the very idea of the little kitten struggling about with it on conjures up images of an ant or beetle carrying leaves or seeds many times its own size and weight. Despite all this, though, it's hard to believe that all the knick-knacks on display before her actually came out of it, and there's still more within; it's got to be as bottomless as these things come...

...But if nothing else, it's a good, eye-catching piece, and certainly helps to draw customers to her impromptu roadside stall.


First Encounter

As you enter Khor'minos, you see a diminutive peddler set up by a Waystone. Cait, if present, is immediately smitten with how cute she is. If you've met Kohaku, you suspect something, and try to touch the merchant's tail. Ambra draws away before you can get solid contact, scolding you and saying all the available goods are on the mat. In fact, maybe you'd like to make up for your impertinence by purchasing some. You chat for a bit, but she keeps drawing back to her goods and whether you'd like to buy some of them. Very reasonable prices! So, are you buying something?

Subsequent Encounters

Before she manages to derail the conversation into a whole other topic altogether, you're going to press home the point. Does she know anyone by the name of Kohaku?

Ambra's ears fold forward and her eyes widen, the perfect picture of shy, uncomprehending innocence. "What's a Kohaku? Sounds foreign. Can you sell it, nya-jya?"

Whenever you approach her, Ambra is thrilled to see her favourite customer. And since you're her favourite customer, perhaps you'd like to inspect her wares for the day? You can also talk business with her; she refuses to divulge how she keeps resupplying with perishable goods, insisting it's a trade secret. Ambra does reveal that the gangs are managing to smuggle things over the mountain, and that she's been able to exchange goods with people still in the Undermountain. She also made her rucksack herself. And she's never heard of a Kohaku, but if the price is right she's sure she could find you one. Now, would you like to buy something?

  • Appearance: Take a good look at what this little golden kitten is selling.
  • Buy: Take a good look at what this little golden kittin is selling.
  • Talk
    • Kohaku: Say, she looks really familiar, a lot like someone you know. Might they happen to be acquainted with each other? (requires having met Kohaku, one-time)
    • Business: So, how's business doing?
  • Sex: Let's face it, you want to buy some time with this little golden kitten.


"Please, browse, browse! And always remember: I don't do refunds, nya-jya!"

Each day, Ambra will have a different random selection from the available pools to sell you. Everything from her store is sold at a 50% mark up, so a Remedy available elsewhere at 80 EC is sold here at 120 EC. She will also buy your goods at a lower value.

Consumable Pool Rare Pool Tome Pool
9 items per day
Item Cost
Remedy 120 EC
Oil of Oliban 120 EC
Trail Rations 300 EC
Steadfast Tonic 120 EC
Conjurer's Concoction 120 EC
Vulnerary 120 EC
Wyvern Venom 60 EC
Blood Iris 120 EC
Fresh Milk 75 EC
Creamy Cheddar 75 EC
Bacon Strips 75 EC
Brazenberry Ale 120 EC
Leananstone 120 EC
Naptha 120 EC
Hornet Honey 75 EC
2 items per day
Item Cost
Ovilixer 75 EC
Winterstem 180 EC
Broken Metal Parts 37 EC
Pristine Wood 37 EC
Sturdy Stone 37 EC
1 item per day
Item Cost
Tome of Bark Skin 450 EC
Tome of Disarm 450 EC
Tome of Power Wave 450 EC
Tome of Driving Thrust 450 EC
Tome of Vitality Reap 450 EC


Should you proposition Ambra, she will extract the price of one kiss from you before agreeing. The two of you retire to a room in a nearby tavern. Sex with Ambra leads to the Enervation condition, though at least you were able to negotiate an agreeable price.

  • Pillow-Biting: Push the kitten's face against the pillows and make her mewl for mercy. (requires penis)
  • Eat Out: You really want a taste of a golden pussy's pussy.
  • Mating Press: Oh, you know what you want all right. Ambra may be petite, but those hips of hers are made for bearing kittens. If she doesn't get pregnant from this, it won't be for lack of trying./While you may not be able to take advantage of them in the way the gods intended, there's absolutely no reason you can't take her down to pound town. (requires penis)
  • Nursing Fingering: Kittens like milk, don't they? You're pretty full at the moment and wouldn't mind being relieved a bit... and in exchange, you can do Ambra a favor as well. (requires B+ breasts, and to be lactating)
  • Tease Ears