Wyvern Venom

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Wyvern Venom, as its name suggests, can be milked from the fangs of Wyvern Girls. The substance can induce extreme arousal, and effect a person even through skin contact or through inhalation, as demonstrated by Leorah's use of it as a sexual drug.


A clear vial of venom milked directly from a Frost Marches wyvern. The substance is thick and a little gooey after having been preserved, but it retains its lustrous pink hue.

Value: 40

According to Leorah, Wyvern Venom's use as a drug is not as socially acceptable in Hawkethorne as winterstem, and is much harder to get.

The venom can be given to Leorah for the sidequest One Man's Poison, in exchange for being taught some bow skills.


  • It can be obtained as a drop.
  • Or purchased from Leorah for 20ec

Dropped By

  • Wyvern Girl