Wyvern Venom

From Corruption of Champions II
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Wyvern Venom
Author Savin
Type Consumable
Base Price 40
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable Yes
Combat Usable Yes
Version Added 0.1.2


A clear vial of venom milked directly from a Frost Marches wyvern. The substance is thick and a little gooey after having been preserved, but it retains its lustrous pink hue.

Additional Information

Wyvern Venom, as its name suggests, can be milked from the fangs of Wyvern Girls. The substance can induce extreme arousal and affect a person even through skin contact or through inhalation, as demonstrated by Leorah's use of it as a sexual drug.

"Truth be told, I'm kind of surprised someone shares my enthusiasm for the stuff. It's not as socially acceptable as winterstem, and a whole lot harder to get," Leorah says with a laugh as she uncorks the vial and splashes some wyvern venom out onto her palm. "Then again, I always fancied myself as the dangerous kind of girl. Now then, just relax and let me show you how some of this is done..."
Leorah to the Champion, on agreeing to have some fun with wyvern venom



Quest Related

Getting Into The Closet

Can be used to deal with the cultist barricade.

One Man's Poison

Leorah requests a bottle of wyvern venom in exchange for teaching the Champion something about archery.

Right of Conquest

Can be used to Spike Mead of the Orc Lodge.