Wyvern Venom

From Corruption of Champions II
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Wyvern Venom
Type Consumable
Base Price 40
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable Yes
Combat Usable Yes

Wyvern Venom, as its name suggests, can be milked from the fangs of Wyvern Girls. The substance can induce extreme arousal, and effect a person even through skin contact or through inhalation, as demonstrated by Leorah's use of it as a sexual drug.

According to Leorah, Wyvern Venom's use as a drug is not as socially acceptable in Hawkethorne and is much harder to get.


A clear vial of venom milked directly from a Frost Marches wyvern. The substance is thick and a little gooey after having been preserved, but it retains its lustrous pink hue.


  • Consuming the item give the Champion the Venom High and Blue Balled statuses.
  • Consuming the item while in combat, deals 10+Cunning Pheromone damage and inflicts the Aroused state on the targeted enemy for 3 turns


  • Random drop from defeating the Wyvern Girl
    • Can be milked for the item through the victory option MilkVenom

Quest Related

  • Wyvern Venom is the object of Leorah's One Man's Poison quest
    • One Wyvern Venom is needed for future sex scenes with Leorah