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Busts of Byvernia by Moira
Creator BubbleLord
Full name Byvernia Talsna
Pronunciation Bye - vern - ea
Species Taeleer
Gender Female
Occupation Huntress
Title Legendary Huntress (self-proclaimed)
Height 5' 3"
Bust Size D
Nationality Taelian
Location Foothills (West & South)
Level 4
Health 225
Resolve 100
Strengths 2 Action Points
Version Added 0.3.6
0.3.11 (victory Buttfuck)

"You think you can defeat Byvernia the legendary huntress with such pathetic tactics like those?"

"Time to commence a good, proper hunt!"

"I, Byvernia Talsna, claim you for a while. Be lucky it is not to add you to my collection for good. But even an interloping weakling like you has their purposes... and I will show it to you."

Byvernia is a taeleer huntress that hunts for wyverns in the Foothills. It's mentioned that Byvernia can beat a dragon and has a collection related to wyverns.


Now that you're getting a better look at her in the sunlight, you can see that this axe hurling hare isn't just your run-of-the-mill mercenary, bandit, or thief. She's wearing a fur-backed scaleplate coat; the front of it is covered in scales at least as big as a fist, segmented into a rack-guarding section and one for her abs. The mysterious woman's arms are completely bare but their muscles make it apparent she's far from the soft and subtle type. Even her pants are dotted with an occasional scale or two, even bearing a large knee-guarding plate that could stud a large shield.

The fair-skinned girl's red hair is cut short on the sides and swept back, reaching her shoulders but kept short so that it doesn't get in her face or mess with her ears. It's the type of haircut and complexion befitting a tunnel-raider... the real deal.


First Encounter

To encounter Byvernia, the Champion must either be at least level 4 or have completed Right of Conquest.

While venturing through the Foothills, the Champion finds the unnatural quiet of the hills concerning, noting that their journey has never been this quiet. This train of thought is cut-off when a throwing axe sails past their head, over their companions' heads if they are not travelling alone, and crashes into the craggy ground. The chains attached to the axes pull back and the axes fly back to their owner as she grumbles that they might be worth their weight in scales. After facing their aggressor, the taeleer comments that she'd prefer dealing with larger drakes more than annoying people, however, at least annoying people know how to stay out of her way, or if the Champion is a Wyvern; noting that they aren't a natural one, but they've clearly gone off the deep end if they're like the wyvern now. Having gotten a better look at her, they ask who she is, however, she doesn't give an answer and instead moves in for a fight.

The Champion will pick up her name after downing her for the first time, but instead of going down, she will drink a vial from her belt and ask if they think they can best her with such pathetic tactics, before she unlatches her coat and continues the fight, having fully recovered.

For victory and defeat options, see the section below. There are a few unique lines for defeating Byvernia the first time you meet her.

Subsequent Encounters

Repeat encounters with Byvernia will have the Champion learn from their previous encounter and be able to catch Byvernia's hatchet. They call for her to reveal herself to which she observingly questions that the Champion is learning her tells, and that they'd be worth something if they didn't keep interrupting her hunt.

Field Encounter

Once you've defeated Byvernia at least once and had victory sex with her, there's a random chance of encountering her in the Old Forest, Harvest Valley (not including the lake zone near Marefolk Village), and the Foothills. Depending on where you find her, she will either be training, harvesting bark, or resting against a tree. Once you've triggered this encounter, you'll need return to the southern zone of the Foothills to defeat her again before you can see this event again.

  • Bother: Given her normal temperament, this might be the only time to actually talk or have fun with her.
  • Leave Her Be: It's probably best to let Byvernia have her peace, since it may just end up turning into a fight.

If you Bother Byvernia, you interrupt whatever she's doing and have another choice.

  • Talk: [Instead of fucking, you're actually curious if she's open to chatting. / Given you can't fuck her without a dick, you might as well just chat.]
  • Quick Fuck: [Even if she's carrying your child / With such a sturdy tree nearby], you might as well fuck the taeleer woman if she's offering. (requires penis)

After a quick talk or fuck, Byvernia will leave to resume hunting.

Combat Stats

The powers available to Byvernia depend on the Champion's party composition; whether they have a full party of 3 or not. Once per fight, when Byvernia is defeated by either HP or Resolve loss, instead of collapsing Byvernia will consume one of the vials around her waist and stand back up, fully recovering HP and Resolve.


Attack Power: 33 Spellpower: 30
Sexiness: 8 Temptation: 11
Armor: 101 Physical Resist: 16
Warding: 8 Magic Resist: 8
Focus: 10 Mental Resist: 10
Evasion: 17 Crushing Resist: -10
Fire Resist: 25 Frost Resist: -33
Penetrating Resist: 25 Tease Resist: -20

  • Average Cocks
  • Small Breasts
  • No Breasts

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks

Powers if the Champion does
not have 2 Companions in the party:

Powers if the Champion
has 2 Companions in the party:



  • Victory sex options:
    • Angry Breed - As grumpy as the taeleer girl is, you might as well have an angry breeding session. (requires a cock and Byvernia knockup chance)
      • Byvernia... - You don't know what to say to Byvernia right now. Maybe in the future, you'll think of a way to approach her. [content isn't implemented for this yet]
    • 69 - You just want to pin her down and have some wholesome girl-on-girl fun. (requires a vagina)
    • Prone Titfuck - Her tits are pretty nice and her wrists have that soft fur. Perfect for a thorough titfucking. (requires a cock)
    • Buttfuck - Fuck that bunny butt. Hard. (requires a cock)
  • Defeat sex scenes:
    • FaceRide
    • WorkYou


The Champion can impregnate Byvernia through the Angry Breed victory sex option. Typical Pregnancy rules apply and more details can be found here.

Pregnancy Stages

During her pregnancy, Byvernia will reach certain stages that will affect some scenes that involve her appearance, attitude, and or current state.

Stage % Through Current Pregnancy Duration (Normal)
(180 days)
Duration (ShortPreg)
(30 days)
0 > 33% 0 ~ 59.2 0 ~ 9.9 The taeleer slips out of her cover and rolls her shoulders, letting her ears dangle low and her eyes narrow. You can't quite place it but her eyes aren't as venomous today as the first time you met her in battle.
1 >= 33%
< 66%
59.4 ~ 118.6 10 ~ 19.8 The taeleer slips out of her cover and rolls her shoulders, letting her ears dangle low and her eyes narrow. She's pulling at her armor, almost as if it isn't quite fitting her thickening midsection.
2 >= 66% ~118.8 ~20 The taeleer slips out of her cover and rolls her shoulders, letting her ears dangle low and her eyes narrow. At this point, her pregnancy is almost entirely making her armor stretch to its limit.




Found in Quick Fuck during her Field Encounter

Found in Quick Fuck during her Field Encounter