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The Foothills
Level range 2-3
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Leads to Kervus Warcamp
Fort Marrok
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One of the three starting zones of the game, the Foothills lie between the village and the mountain, and home to an orcish tribe who've set up camp in the north-eastern section of the map. The orcish warlord must be defeated to open the mountain pass - worse, it's guarded by a wandering band of rapey orc amazons led by the futa war-captain Arona. A teleport stone resides in the orcish camp, hidden away in the ruins of an elvish outpost near the mountain pass. Abandoned Belharan watchtowers are constant sights, looming above the paths.

No sooner has the PC entered the Foothills, then they come face to face with an ultra-curvy Harpy Matron and her brood of aggressive daughters. The matron flies back to her nest in the High Mountains, but the thieving daughters will continue plaguing you whenever traveling through the region.

The western approach to the minotaur domain of Kor'Minos is guarded by a giant chasm and a squad of elite legionnaires, who will block passage into the next zone unless defeated or removed via story events.

Places of interest



While the events of Right of Conquest have not been resolved, the orc party encounters will continue to be present:

  • Arona and her roaming orc warband of Orc Amazons and Executioners located at the Northern and Western regions (the Champion must be at least level 3)
  • Vaush - sometimes with his hunting party located in the same regions as Arona's warband

While the events of The Mistress have not occurred yet:

  • Berwyn roams the Western and Southern regions, looking for a fight to train his summoning


  • Harpy Matron - seen only once when first stepping into the Foothills
  • The Harpy thieves found in all regions consisting of:
  • The Marked Mercenary Band can be encountered at the Northern and Southern regions
    • Lieutenant Jen - encountered in the same regions as the mercenaries (requires the Champion has defeated the mercenaries at least 5 times)
  • Wyvern Girl located at the Western and Southern regions
  • Manticore Girl encountered at the North and South regions (granted that the Champion is at least level 2)
  • Minotaur Gate Guard - guard the gates to the domain of Kor'Minos (gates cannot be opened yet)
  • Shar - located at the old watchtower at the top most of the north region
  • Grettel - Appears in the same area as Arona did, after 'Right of Conquest' has been resolved.



Items under this category are encountered when exploring that don't lead to items or characters and can provide helpful or harmful effects.

  • Refresh Walk (written by Savin)
  • Small Cave (written by Savin)
  • Battlefield (written by Savin)


(written by Savin)

As the Champion ventures through the Northern region of the Foothills, they may encounter a cavalcade of head-size stones tumbling towards them. The Champion may:

  • Run - Try and outrun the boulders!
  • Shelter - Use a little quick thinking to find somewhere safe to hide!
  • Shield - Put your magic to use and create an arcane barrier against the landslide!
Action Success Requirement
Run Agility range + ((random of 1 to 20) / 100) of at least 60%
Shelter Cunning range + ((random of 1 to 20) / 100) of at least 60%
Shield Requires Black Mage or White Mage class
Willpower range + ((random of 1 to 20) / 100) of at least 60%

Quest Related

Right of Conquest

The Kervus Tribe have set up a camp somewhere in the Foothills, and are close enough to threaten Hawkethorne

The Mistress

After encountering Berwyn a few number of times, he will ask the Champion for help

Missing Meows

Hirrud's missing Cat Harem disappeared somewhere in the Foothills

Shades of the Past

The medallion Garth is looking for is located within Fort Marrok

Caparison Hunter & Nothing Like Housework

Sturdy Stone can be found within all regions of the Foothills

One Man's Poison

Leorah requires Wyvern Venom from a Wyvern Girl

Ugly Duckling

Shar needs help getting into an old watchtower

Inheriter of the Idols

A Waystone is located near the entrance of the Kervus Warcamp


  • Despite not being the starting area, the Foothills was the first area implemented. This was due to the amount of content that was already in-place instead of Old Forest.