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The Foothills
Level range 1-3
Accessible from Hawkethorne
Leads to TBA

One of the three starting zones of the game, the Foothills lie between the village and the mountain, and home to an orcish tribe who've set up camp in the north-eastern section of the map. The orcish warlord must be defeated to open the mountain pass. Worse, it's guarded by a wandering band of rapey orc amazons led by the futa war-captain Arona. A teleport stone resides in the orcish camp, hidden away in the ruins of an elvish outpost near the mountain pass. Abandoned Belharan watchtowers are constant sights, looming above the paths.

No sooner has the PC entered the Foothills that they come face to face with an ultra-curvy Jacques-tier Harpy Matron and her brood of aggressive daughters. The matron flies back to her nest in the High Mountains, but the thieving daughters will continue plaguing you whenever traveling through the region.

The western approach to the minotaur domain of Kor'Minos is guarded by a giant chasm and a squad of elite legionnaires, who will block passage into the next zone unless defeated or removed via story events.

Places of interest




Orc Tribe

The local tribe of orcs, considered to be the reason the Foothills have become so active again.


A brood of harpies that originated from the High Mountains now turned into bandits and thieves looking to breed.

Marked Merk Mercenaries

Foreign mercenaries hired by an unknown employer to quell the region's sudden activity both orc and harpy in origin; turned to banditry after their leader mysteriously left them alone.


Other misfits or unaffiliated encounters within the region.


Despite not being the starting area, Foothills was the first area implemented into Corruption of Champions 2. This is due to the amount of content that was already in-place instead of Old Forest.