Caparison Hunter

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Caparison Hunter
Creator BubbleLord
Quest Giver Sugo
Requirements If a certain path is chosen:
5x Pristine Wood
5x Metal Parts
5x Sturdy Stone
200 EC
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Side Quest
Location Hawkethorne
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 When initially receiving the quest from Sugo In an effort to replace the short caparison he's been stuck with, Sugo asked for you to help him obtain a new one. You're going to need to get one made or ordered. Sugo suggested that you should talk to Ogrish or Leorah to start with finding a way to get one. With luck, one of them can help and Sugo won't have to worry about flashing anyone on accident.
1 Having talked to Ogrish only to be directed to Leorah Searching for a new caparison from Ogrish isn't going to work — after talking with him, he made it clear he didn't have any means to help you and Sugo out. He did however suggest speaking to Leorah — the pair of them suggesting her must mean she can help you find a caparison.
2 If the Champion had refused Leorah's deal After speaking with Leorah, you turned her down. You're not particularly interested in hearing out her deal until you're certain there's no one else in town who can help find a caparison. Worst case, you can always go back to her and take her up on the deal.
3 If the Champion had accepted Leorah's deal To get Sugo a new caparison, you took Leorah up on her deal — you're going to be gathering materials for her in exchange for her ordering a caparison. She needs you to get wood, metal and stone and bring them back to her.

Wood: X / 5, Metal: X / 5, Stone: X / 5

4 If the Champion had accepted the Mysterious Lupine's deal Instead of taking Leorah's deal, you took up the mysterious lupine's offer to help. In exchange for 200 electrum he'll order a new caparison for Sugo. All you need to do is gather the money and bring it back to him.
5 Having paid and ordered the Caparison through the Mysterious Lupine You gathered all 200 electrum and paid the nervous-looking lupine to order Sugo a new caparison — now all you need to do is wait a few days before checking up with Sugo. Hopefully he didn't just take the money and run.
6 Having delivered the goods and ordered the Caparison through Leorah Leorah handled your delivery and Sugo's new caparison should be on the way. She said it would be a few days before it arrived; when it's been a while, you'll need to check in with Sugo to see if he received your new gift.
7 After several days have passed, the delivery has arrived A few days have passed since you had Sugo's caparison ordered and it should have arrived by now. You should visit him when you get the chance and see if he got it.
8 (completed) Having talked to Sugo after the Caparison was delivered The (chosen color) caparison you ordered arrived and Sugo loves it — looks like the town's pretty taurboy won't have to worry about losing his pony-blanket ever again. Unless he wants to take it off, that is.


When talking to Sugo about a Caparison, he will ask the Champion for help


After helping him get out of predicament in the Old Forest, Sugo can be found at his stall west of The Frost Hound. While he's able to adapt to his life, he is struggling with a specific problem - public modesty. As it turns out, the caparison he ordered was too short to hide certain parts. This is where the Champion comes in and can offer to help Sugo. The Champion can:

  • Help Out - Okay, you get the hint.
  • Refuse - Well...
    • Refusing to help Sugo will not activate the quest and can be activated at anytime

Overjoyed at the agreement to help, the centaur points to two people who might be of help: Ogrish and Leorah. If Ogrish is visited, he will remind the Champion that he works with armor and weapons, thus with only one choice would be to visit the business-savy catgirl. She knows someone who might help, but you'll need to do some work for her first. The Champion can:

  • Deal - Okay, so what does the local huntress need to make this trade happen?
    • Leorah will be happy by this decision
  • No Thanks - While you're fine with helping Sugo, doing errands for Leorah doesn't sound too fun.
    • If the Champion declines Leorah's deal, the Champion may ask Leorah again if a deal wasn't made with the Nervous Lupine
    • Leorah will not be happy by this decision

Accepting Leorah's deal will require the Champion to deliver the following items to her:

If the Champion refuses the deal with Leorah, they may find a Nervous Lupine just north of Sugo. He is one of the locals that "support" Sugo and is willing to order a caparison for Sugo for 200 EC. The Champion may:

  • Deliver - Well, it's much easier than running around doing quests...
    • OrderCaparison
  • No Thanks - You're not ready to take the easy way out.

A color must have to be chosen by the Champion (see Caparison Colors). Having chosen the color, Leorah or the Mysterious Lupine will handle the ordering and the caparison will be available in a few days.

After a few days (at least 3 days) have passed since the order was successfully placed, the Champion will be noted that the caparison has arrived and has been delivered to Sugo. Sugo will thank the Champion upon their visit and this will unlock several new interactions with him.

Caparison Colors

  • Green Plaid - A green caparison with a plaid of darker and brighter greens; it looks natural and warm.
  • Solid Black - A simple, solid black caparison; a nice and thinning choice.
  • White Striped Blue - A white caparison with blue stripes running diagonally across it; just enough fanciness but not too eye-catching.
  • Orange Spotted Red - A red caparison with orange spots of all sorts of sizes; it looks quite energetic!
  • Brown Trimmed Yellow - A yellow caparison with brown trim; really stands out in a crowd.
  • Pink Frilled Purple - A purple caparison with pink frilling; a girly-looking caparison if you've ever seen one.
  • Rainbow - A rainbow-striped caparison; only for the most fashion-brave.


New interactions with Sugo will be available