Marked Mercenary Band

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Marked Mercenary




Headshots of the Marked Mercenaries by DCLzexon
Creator Author-BubbleLord
Species Multiple
Gender Males & Females
Occupation Mercenary
Faction Marked Merk Mercenaries
Nationality Tronariian
Location Foothills
Level 2
Health 145
Resolve 100

"Give us your shit. The Commander might have vanished on us and left Jen in command, but like hell if we're going to give a damn about that old bastard! Until the old man comes back, we need to make a living too!"

The mercenaries are a part of the Marked Merk Mercenaries, an organization from Tronarii who came to Frost Marches for work. After the disappearance of Commander Leofric and the poor leadership of Lieutenant Jen, the mercenaries became erratic and scattered as bandits plaguing the Foothills.


Three men of various species - or at least you think they are from how their armor makes them look - stand before you wearing bronze-coated galea helmets with matching featureless masks of bronze. Their right shoulders all bear a bronze pauldron, with a strange formation of snaking engravings lined with black paint. Although they're wearing their own arrangements of furs and have differing lengths of skirt-like hemmed shirts, each of them wears a squamata - a leather vest with scale plates laid over it - to provide both ample protection and a unified appearance. Not to mention those short swords in their gloved hands... being pointed right at you!


The mercenary band does not have any other interactions outside of combat and post-combat fucking.

Unique Mercenaries

Among the band, there are currently five (5) unique mercenaries who can appear within the band.


Appearing in groups of threes, the mercenaries fight in a band that requires all of them to be beaten. Losing will trigger an unnamed mercenary to fuck the Champion's face, winning will allow the Champion to choose whether or not to have sex with a mercenary.

Mercenaries can also appear by Lieutenant Jen's power Merc Reinforcements which will summon 2 mercenaries to her side.

Mercenaries are a combat encounter prioritized on controlling aggro and are individually strong; the best method for beating them is disruption abilities such as Grease or high-damage single target moves to remove them as quick as possible.


Attack Power: 18 Spellpower: 9
Sexiness: 4 Temptation: 6
Armor: 61 Physical Resist: 16
Warding: 28 Magic Resist: 3
Focus: 3 Mental Resist: 8
Evasion: 25

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Small Asses




Victory Sex Options (The four options below are what is displayed if the Champion has not selected any of them before):

  • Ride Dale - You remember them mentioning Dale. That's likely a cock you can use to plug a hole... so surely it must be him you acquired!
  • Fuck Guy - After all that trouble, you find your cock aching for a nice squeeze... surely this has to be a guy you can fuck in the butt! (requires a cock)
  • Scissor Woman - Beating down crime makes you want to pleasure the ol' girl between your thighs, but not with a phallic intruder. This must be a woman that'll give you both a good rubbing. (requires a vagina)
  • Fuck Gal - You've got a dick but a butt won't satisfy your needs! Surely this person has a nice cunt for you to pump a few loads into! (requires a cock)

Victory Sex Options (The four options listed below are what the four options above will change to if the Champion has seen them previously):

  • Ride Dale - It's the human man, Dale! He's got a dick for you to ride on.
  • Fuck Boomer - It's the catfolk boy, Boomer. He's got a thing for getting fucked in the ass and you've got an ache for using that cute pucker. (requires a cock)
  • Fuck Janeen - It's the lupine gal, Janeen. She's got a cunt and loves rubbing it against others. (requires a vagina)
  • Fuck Lusamine - It's the wyld elf woman, Lusamine. She's got a thing for cocks up her cunt. (requires a cock)

Defeat Sex Scenes:

  • Cait Fuck (requires Cait and 50% chance to occur)
    • Don't Mind - They won fair and square, as much as you hate to admit it. Besides, watching Cait suck a thick prick might actually be hot. Or something to tease her about later.
    • Do Mind - You'd prefer it if they fucked somewhere else.
  • Defeat Facefuck


  • The mercenary pictures were created and numbered in a visual order; the first image (found on this wiki) looks down, the second image leveled and the third image upward. This makes them all looking toward the same opponent when in their original order.
  • Every mercenary should be wearing bronze but DCLzexon made an art mistake when creating them; instead, the artwork showcases silver and iron. This is primarily done to allow visual differences that showcase the individuality of mercenaries that was lost in their headshots (such as their furs).
  • Despite having a unique dick, the mercenary who facefucks the Champion on defeat isn't named. Despite misconceptions, he and Dale are two different people.