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Janeen DCL Bust.png

Janeen DCL Nude Bust.png

Busts of Janeen by DCLzexon
Creator BubbleLord
Species Lupine
Gender Female
Occupation Mercenary
Height 6'
Bust Size E
Faction Marked Merk Mercenaries
Nationality Tronarii
Location Foothills
Hawkethorne Gym (8:00-11:59)

"... Really? I can't only want to eat out pussy but think knots are hot? A dick knotting a girl is a breeding essential; besides, there are toys out there that have knot bulges. Ramming a strap-on up inside my girlfriends still gets them off if I can't with my mouth or fingers."

Janeen is a lupine of the Marked Merk Mercenaries that can be fought against as part of the Marked Mercenary Band and met at the Hawkethorne Gym. She is only interested in pussy and will treat the Champion differently if they are masculine or feminine and what betwixt their legs.

"Leorah would probably get along well with Janeen! They're both so... outdoorsy! Yeah, that's it! And they both probably like eating girls out too. Not that I'd know — I'm not really playing for that crowd!"
"Getting someone drunk can really mess with their decision-making, too; Janeen got so hammered one time, she actually sucked a dick! And she vehemently says she's into girls! Although, the guy bragged about it and a day later she beat him senseless. I think she actually doesn't like guys... so um... don't try tricking her."
—Also Lusamine


A six-foot tall lupine woman sprints around the impromptu course, wearing a simplistic pair of maroon shorts with white bandaging clasping pretty sizeable tits to her chest. She must be at least an E-cup, yet the bindings keep them compressed to nearly a mere C-cup for her height. Unlike Garth, her brown fur is one seamless coat without any other colorations. Dirt clings to her legs but she doesn't seem the slightest thrown-off; her athletic body seems as if she had spent her entire working on her physique. Her hair is kept short and pulled back into a short ponytail, keeping her purple gaze clear.


As the Marked Mercenary Band

As part of the Mercenary Band, the Champion will fight generic mercenaries but will be able to scissor Janeen if they defeat the mercs.

At the Hawkethorne Gym

First Encounter

Janeen can be found at the Fields from 8:00 to 11:59. It is not required to meet Janeen at the Foothills as part of the Mercenary Band, although if the Champion were to meet her at the Field of the Hawkethorne Gym she will react to the Champion differently if the they had fucked her previously and if they have a vagina or a cock. Regardless of how she treats them, she will invite the Champion to join her for a run as she states she can run for hours because the fields are chilly compared to running around all day with her amror in the scorching heat.

Subsequent Encounters

Subsequent visits to Janeen during her field time will find them able to Exercise with her. Deciding to join her in her jog will find the Champion struggling or keeping up with Janeen based on their Agility range (< 33%, < 66% and >= 66%). After each session, the Champion will lose Thickness up to 3 or until 0 and at random will gain the Fatigued status effect, lose 5 resolve or gain/lose nothing else. They will not be able to Exercise with Janeen again for the rest of the day as spiriting with her is quite tiring.

After a 3rd session and if the Champion is Female or Androgynous, Janeen will offer the Champion an invitation to eat her out as she gets pent up in her armor and since they look good and is the type of girl that Janeen is fine with.


Combat Victory against the Marked Mercenary Band:

  • Scissor Woman - Beating down crime makes you want to pleasure the ol' girl between your thighs, but not with a phallic intruder. This must be a woman that'll give you both a good rubbing. (requires a vagina and has not done scene before)
  • Scissor Janeen - It's the lupine gal, Janeen. She's got a cunt and loves rubbing it against others. (requires a vagina and has done Scissor Woman)

At the Fields of the Hawkethorne Gym:

  • Muffdive - You're girly enough and Janeen offered it before; you want to eat her out! (requires to be Female or to be Androgynous and has Exercised with Janeen at least 3 times)