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Lusamine Bust RattlePool.png
Bust of Lusamine in her casual clothes by RattlePool
Creator BubbleLord
Species Wyld Elf
Gender Female
Occupation Mercenary
Faction Marked Merk Mercenaries
Nationality Tronarii
Location Foothills (as part of the Marked Mercenary Band)
The Frost Hound

If you... uh... want... maybe swing by sometime? I'd love to have someone to talk to! From now on, I dub thee... Champ! You look like the kind of person to win a championship, anyway! Experienced, at the least!"


A wholesome slice of 5'6", Lusamine is exactly the sort of waifish figure you'd expect out of your average wyld elf. Outside of her armor, she actually looks quite normal; freckled, tanned, and bearing shoulder-length brown-hair. And a pair of two impressive three inch-long ears curving into thick, shorter points adorning each side of her head — the trademark pointed tips of the elven species and its various cousins. Her chest is rather modest compared to girls like Cait — only around a C-cup for her height — but her hips and face carry plenty of young, feminine vitality. Despite her hidden wyld mark, the entire length of her legs are covered in fur and instead of feet she has hooves. As if caught between a winter and summer coat, most of the limbs are covered in thick white fur while sections of it still remain brown. Her tremendously thick tail shares the same pattern, swaying to and fro like a massive brush. The bits of her skin you can see are smooth and light with muscle to give her a beautiful complexion and aesthetic.

As far as clothing, her outfit is very traditional if not a tad bit light considering the weather — a lighter-material white dress worn beneath a pinkish, smaller dress with a rope belt wrapped tight around her waist. Lusamine's left thigh openly carries a sheathed dagger, its blonze blade hidden and waiting for any unexpected combat as if she were preparing to fight at any moment.

Although you've not seen her naked apart from her plump, clean-shaven pussy, you can imagine she has two nipples like every other girl with tits. Even if her womb doesn't work, the rest of her is still ready to mingle with any cock around.


The Champion's initial interaction with Lusamine will most likely come from the Marked Mercenary Band that roams the Foothills. Lusamine, like all the other unique members of the band, share the same combat stats and powers (for more details on combat related information, see the Marked Mercenary Band page). The Champion will get to 'know' Lusamine through some victorious post combat sexing.

If the Champion is at least level 3, they will find Lusamine at The Frost Hound from 11:00 - 14:59 under the Guests option. At the tavern, Champion will be able to spot a familiar WyldDeer among the patrons of the tavern. Her first meeting with the Champion will have some additional dialogue if the Champion had sexed her before. She will introduce herself, the tough mercenary that she is, and will mention that she would love to have someone to talk to. The following options will become available:

  • Appearance
  • Talk
    • About Her - Lusamine loves to talk; how about getting her to talk about herself?
    • Sterility - She's mentioned sterility before — maybe you can help her cure it? (unlocked either by sexing Lusamine or through the About Her)
  • Flirt - Why not take the time to make a pass on her? (description will change if done before)
  • Gossip - Lusamine's love for communication makes her ideal for small talk — why not indulge her for a bit?

Talking to Lusamine about herself will unlock the Codex lore entry on Tronarii if they haven't unlocked it already. Lusamine will mention that she has spent a long time training to be a merchant, and wouldn't mind being one some day. She will also mention that she would like to be a mother one day, although she is sterile and would like to get her womb through a ceremony of sorts, she has neither the time nor the money to even dream of getting her womb fixed.

Flirting with Lusamine will take a long and difficult process as the Champ masters the ways of ear-teasing. Flirting with Lusamine has three stages/variations, those being; the 1st time the Champion flirts with her, if the Champ has flirted with her less than 4 times (will entirely change if in silly mode) and if flirted with mat least 4 times. Should the Champion be successful in getting Lusamine to orgasm from the ear-teasing, she will become unavailable for the rest of the day as she will be recovering from the onslaught.

Lusamine is quite the gossipy deer and have loads upon loads of things and people to gossip about. The Champion will be able to gossip with Lusamine once a day, of which the topics are randomized though there are many. The various things Lusamine will gossip about are split into 6 topics; people, tronarii, advice, encounters, puns and miscellaneous. Additional gossips will be added into the mix should the Champ have recruited certain companions.


If the Champion has beaten the Marked Mercenary Band, they can sex Lusamine by picking her for some post combat sexing. If the Champion had not fucked Lusamine before, they will find the option:

  • Fuck Gal - You've got a dick but a butt won't satisfy your needs! Surely this person has a nice cunt for you to pump a few loads into! (requires a cock)

If they have already sexed Lusamine, the option will turn into:

  • Fuck Lusamine - It's the wyld elf woman, Lusamine. She's got a thing for cocks up her cunt.

Mastering the ways of ear-teasing will result in Lusamine orgasming from the onslaught.


  • Lusamine has an entire Jojo's bizarre adventure scene in silly mode
  • Insert Lusameme here