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Full body art of Lusamine by RattlePool
Creator BubbleLord
Nickname(s) Little Miss Gossip (Cait)
Species Wyld Elf
Gender Female
Occupation Mercenary
Height 5'6"
Bust Size C
Faction Marked Merk Mercenaries
Nationality Tronarii
Location Foothills (as part of the Marked Mercenary Band)
The Frost Hound

If you... uh... want... maybe swing by sometime? I'd love to have someone to talk to! From now on, I dub thee... Champ! You look like the kind of person to win a championship, anyway! Experienced, at the least!"

Now that you're here, wanna make-out? Ha! Just kidding — what's up?

"Hey! It's you! The one that stuck their dick inside me!"

Lusamine, like Boomer, is one of the recent recruits of the Marked Merk Mercenaries that were hired to keep the roads safe and clear. She is a Wyld Elf and her wyld mark is her cloven legs. She has spent a very long time training to become a merchant, and wouldn't mind becoming that one day, but above all, Lusamine wants to be a mother, as knife-fighting with orcs, winning difficult battles and all those great stories are pointless if she has no one to hear about all of them, and that a husband would be nice, unfortunately, Lusamine is sterile, but she has been looking into getting her womb fixed.


A wholesome slice of 5'6", Lusamine is exactly the sort of waifish figure you'd expect out of your average wyld elf. Outside of her armor, she actually looks quite normal; freckled, tanned, and bearing shoulder-length brown-hair. And a pair of two impressive three inch-long ears curving into thick, shorter points adorning each side of her head — the trademark pointed tips of the elven species and its various cousins. Her chest is rather modest compared to girls like Cait — only around a C-cup for her height — but her hips and face carry plenty of young, feminine vitality. Despite her hidden wyld mark, the entire length of her legs are covered in fur and instead of feet she has hooves. As if caught between a winter and summer coat, most of the limbs are covered in thick white fur while sections of it still remain brown. Her tremendously thick tail shares the same pattern, swaying to and fro like a massive brush. The bits of her skin you can see are smooth and light with muscle to give her a beautiful complexion and aesthetic.

As far as clothing, her outfit is very traditional if not a tad bit light considering the weather — a lighter-material white dress worn beneath a pinkish, smaller dress with a rope belt wrapped tight around her waist. Lusamine's left thigh openly carries a sheathed dagger, its bronze blade hidden and waiting for any unexpected combat as if she were preparing to fight at any moment.

Although you've not seen her naked — apart from her plump, clean-shaven pussy — you can imagine she has two nipples like every other girl with tits. Even if her womb doesn't work, the rest of her is still ready to mingle with any cock around.


As the Marked Mercenary Band

The Champion may first encounter Lusamine after defeating the Marked Mercenary Band where they decide to Fuck Gal if they were victorious in combat. Having fucked Lusamine at least once will change the option's name to Fuck Lusamine.

At the Frost Hound

Once the Champion is at least level 3, they can find Lusamine at The Frost Hound from 11:00 - 14:59 under the Guests option. At the tavern, the Champion will be able to spot a familiar WyldDeer among the patrons of the tavern. Her first meeting with the Champion will have some additional dialogue if the Champion had fucked her before. She will introduce herself, the tough mercenary that she is, and will mention that she would love to have someone to talk to. The following options will become available once introductions are out of the way:

  • Appearance
  • Talk
    • About Her - Lusamine loves to talk; how about getting her to talk about herself?
    • Sterility - She's mentioned sterility before — maybe you can help her cure it? (requires Fuck Gal or About Her)
  • Flirt - Why not take the time to make a pass on her?|Hitting on a mercenary gal never gets old!
  • Gossip - Lusamine's love for communication makes her ideal for small talk — why not indulge her for a bit?
  • Sex - Your mercenary friend looks a little lonely; how about you two have some fun? (requires Flirt 3 times and a cock)

Talking to Lusamine about herself will unlock the Codex lore entry on Tronarii if they haven't unlocked it already. Lusamine, like the rest of the Marked Merk Mercenaries, is from Tronarii, and although she is sterile, both of those reasons are why she became a mercenary. She has also spent a very long time training to be a merchant, so she wouldn't mind becoming that one day. Above all, Lusamine wants to be a mother, as knife-fighting with orcs, winning difficult battles and all those great stories are pointless if she has no one to hear about all of them, and that a husband would be nice. She also loves talking, as being overly complex was never on her list of things to do.

On the topic of her sterility, Lusamine is a bit uncomfortable with it as she states she has been trying to get her womb fixed, although what caused it isn't something she's sure of. When the Champion asks couldn't she fix her problem through the right mixture of alchemy, Lusamine shows them a paper containing complex ancient texts circles most of its center and intricately tucks between every letter and symbol, forming a tight knot. She goes on to state that the only thing she has left is a ceremony involving what's on the paper, and adds that if the Champion is still interested, that they should look her up once her job ends, however, until then, she is either too busy or not getting paid enough to even think of getting her womb fixed.

Flirting with Lusamine involves mastering the ways of ear-touching, as playing with an elf girl's ears is as good as flirting. On the first attempt, Lusamine will encourage the Champion to try again, and says she just might think it's not an accident. Upon the next two attempts, Lusamine will quiver and openly moan as the Champion toys with her ears. It should be noted that during these two next attempts, the scene will be replaced by a scene themed on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, if done in Silly Mode. After their third attempt, the Champion will have mastered ear-teasing, such that they'll be able to successfully get Lusamine to orgasm from it, she will become completely dazed and Cait will bring her back to her room, and she will become unavailable for the rest of the day, as she will be recovering from the onslaught.

Lusamine makes a brief cameo when the Champion talks to Quintillus About Him, where she will sneeze when the Champion suggests to Quin that he should see an alchemist to help him fix his bad hair.


Lusamine is quite the gossipy deer and has loads and loads of things and people to gossip about. The Champion will be able to get the latest gossip from Lusamine once a day, of which the topics are randomized though there are many. The various things Lusamine will gossip about are split into 6 topics; people, tronarii, advice, encounters, puns and miscellaneous. Some gossips may involve a companion, which will have the respective companion comment on said gossip, and their response will vary based on how many times they've responded to it.

Topic Condition
Cait N/A
Berwyn Has completed The Mistress or not
Sugo Found Sugo in the Old Forest or not
Lieutenant Jen Has fucked Jen
If the Champion has ever seen a girl
with adorable eyebrows such as Lusamine's
Etheryn If recruited
Ivris N/A
Evelyn Has had sex with Evelyn or not
Leorah N/A
Ogrish N/A
Hawkethorne used to have lots of Lupines,
and Garth
Brother Sanders N/A
That Lusamine can drink more than the Champion,
and Janeen
Marked Merk Mercenaries and Boomer N/A
Gwyn N/A
Dale N/A
Lusamine wonders what life would
be like if she stayed back home
Orders of Mallach compared to
orders of Tira + Cait response
People always say Lusamine is great with kids N/A
Lusamine can't understand why some people
kill their opponents, and Commander Leofric
The mercenaries wear a lot of armor
unlike back home
Castle Hawkstone freaks her out
The Frost Marches having a diverse population,
like Tronarii
Horses of Tronarii and Jen's horse
Tronarri used to produce most of the
bronze used around the world
People look at her funny when she speaks Tronariiani
and she doesn't mind the cold with her fuzzy legs
A weird catfolk merchant and her bodyguards
trying to make offers on iron
With how often people wear or carry bronze,
coloring it is an important job
Lusamine is desperate but not that desperate to
look of a slut of Mallach + Cait response
Not everything works against every opponent
Alcohol consumption
Full inventory
Think before you touch stuff
Some substances are best avoided
A rule of thumb in any negotiation:
choose wisely when revealing your hand
That touching an elf's ears
is super special
The Champion seems really charismatic,
that sparing people may net them a lot of new friends
Old Forest and Wyld Elves
Wyld Mark
Orcs, Benny, + Arona response
Orcs, a big horned wolf + Arona response
Hawkethorne Gym
The mercenaries and money
Minotaur Gate Guard
The Harpies
Lusamine misses sand
Minotaurs + Brint/Brienne response
The oases back in Tronarii
Frequency of sexy dreams
The Seven
The first crush
Sugar for your tea
Lusamine's wyld mark
What Lusamine said to her last boyfriend
What happens when Lusamine gets super horny
Difference between a soldier wearing bronze
and one wearing iron
Why Leofric loves Tira
The best feature of a lupine man when
you get him in bed
The great story
Has the Champion tried the bread at the inn
Lusamine likes puns
Leofirc has high hopes for Jen
+ Atugia response
Lusamine's got nothing this time
People and their awesome hair
Relationships should be as simple as possible
or if Silly Mode, the topic of incest
Forecast of weather
One day, Lusamine is gonna slay a dragon
Cheesy love story on a lupine alchemist
rescuing and marrying a centaur archer
Hand holding
The jokes about elves and orcs + Arona response
If anyone in the town militia is
looking for a girlfriend
The inn could use some eye candy


Technically, Lusamine is not directly fought in combat as she takes the form of a generic mercenary as the Marked Mercenary Band. Listed below are the combat stats for the Marked Mercenary Band.


Attack Power: 18 Spellpower: 9
Sexiness: 4 Temptation: 6
Armor: 61 Physical Resist: 16
Warding: 28 Magic Resist: 3
Focus: 3 Mental Resist: 8
Evasion: 25

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Small Asses




Victory Sex Options (The option below is what is displayed if the Champion has not selected it before):

  • Fuck Gal - You've got a dick but a butt won't satisfy your needs! Surely this person has a nice cunt for you to pump a few loads into! (requires a cock)

Victory Sex Options (The option below is what the option above will change to if the Champion has seen them previously):

  • Fuck Lusamine - It's the wyld elf woman, Lusamine. She's got a thing for cocks up her cunt. (requires a cock)

At The Frost Hound (requires to Flirt with Lusamine at least 3 times and has a cock):

  • Missionary - Gentle and wholesome sex with Lusamine will make her feel (if Silly Mode:endeering| else:endearing) by the end of the night.
  • WyldButtRut - Rather than the front, you want to fuck her from behind and take a ride on her (if Silly Mode:wyld| else:wild) side! (requires Fuck Gal)
  • Facefuck - (if Cait responded to Lusamine's Gossip:Time to make Cait jealous and facefuck her gossiping rival. | else:Lusamine needs to quiet down and you plan to lay some pipe down doing it.)




Found in the Marked Mercenary Band's
Fuck Gal/Fuck Lusamine victory sex scene

Other Art


  • Lusamine has an entire Jojo's bizarre adventure scene in Silly Mode]