Minotaur Gate Guard

From Corruption of Champions II
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Mino Guard
Creator Savin
Species Minotaurs
Gender Male
Occupation Guard
Location Foothills (King's Gate)

"Aye, traveler. I cannot say for certain how bad things are, but the king would not order the gates sealed without cause. Hmm, perhaps if a hero rose on the surface, one worth the king's attention... but no. We have heard of none such."

The Minotaur Gate Guard is the leader of the guards that guard the King's Gate that leads to the minotaur city of Khor'minos. Although currently the gates cannot be opened,


As you draw near, you can see these are hardly orcs or harpies: the figures are each nearly eight feet tall, and covered with thick pelts of shaggy fur beneath worn links of silvery scale armor. Their faces are sculpted like those of bulls, complete with mighty horns and in half of their cases, big golden rings through the nose.

The bull-man standing in the path raises a hand to you, less in greeting than to stop you. A glance shows that a broad, spade-pointed blade is slung at his hip and a circular shield is strapped to his other arm. His head is mostly hidden beneath a weather-worn, red-plumed helm.


Upon first arriving, the Gate Guard will raise his hand and inform the Champion that the King's Gate is closed and that they should turn ye and be gone. The Champion may do the following:

  • Minotaurs - What's with the gate guard? Go up and talk to these bull-folk. (desc will change to if seen already:Talk to the minotaurs guarding the gate.)
  • Leave

If asked on why the gate is closed, he will state that by order of King Kelsaz the gates are to be closed. "Things are not safe in the Deeplands. Monsters and folk go mad in the tunnels. Not safe anymore for outsiders." The Champion may do the following:

  • Ask Entrance - Try and persuade the minotaurs to allow you entrance. (if Dark Knight:No mad monsters are going to stand in your way.|Maybe you could help?)
  • Brute Force - Coming later, when the content behind the gate is implemented! (requires Ask Entrance) ((content not yet available)
  • Trade? - Since you can't get into the Deeplands yourself, you don't suppose the guards would be willing to do some trading?

When asked about allowing the Champion entrance, he will deny them entry and state that the decree of the King is for the gates to remain closed and that they will not have the Champion's fate in their hands nor do they wish for the Champion to see the chaos in their homelands.

When asked about trade, the leader of the guards grunts, rolls his head from side to side and stares at them quizzically. He will mention that there is no harm in trade and that they have some comforts from the homeland. If Brint is present he will ask if they have some Bloodwine, to which the guard nods and states that Bloodwine is among them, although he will advise Brint to take care of the Champion, since surfacers are not used to such strength in their drink.


Transformative Items
Name Price
Minoblood Wine 50
Bovum Sherry 50
Consumable Items
Name Price
Camping Supplies 150
Trail Rations 200