Captain Fenraus

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Captain Fenraus



Busts of Captain Fenraus by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Occupation Soldier
Title Captain
Faction The Chargers
Location Foothills
Level 6
Health 400
Resolve 284

"Aye, traveler. I cannot say for certain how bad things are, but the king would not order the gates sealed without cause. Hmm, perhaps if a hero rose on the surface, one worth the king's attention... but no. We have heard of none such."

Captain Fenraus is the commander of the Khor'minos Chargers. Due to unrest under the mountain, King Kelsaz has ordered the King's Gate closed, and assigned his Honor Guard to guard the entrance. He and his men have been holding their post away from the city since quarantine began, and are eager for the baser comforts you can provide. However, the only way they will let you pass unto the Undermountain is if you show your heroism by completing the Winter City, or get through the blockade by force.


As you draw near, you can see these are hardly orcs or harpies: the figures are each nearly eight feet tall, and covered with thick pelts of shaggy fur beneath worn links of silvery scale armor. Their faces are sculpted like those of bulls, complete with mighty horns and in half of their cases, big golden rings through the nose.

The bull-man standing in the path raises a hand to you, less in greeting than to stop you. A glance shows that a broad, spade-pointed blade is slung at his hip and a circular shield is strapped to his other arm. His head is mostly hidden beneath a weather-worn, red-plumed helm.


Holding the King's Gate

"Ay-ah, travelers. The King's Gate is closed. Turn ye and be gone."

Captain Fenraus and his Chargers are stationed up at the King's Gate, a massive bulwark guarding the entrance to the Undermountain. They stop you as you approach, informing you politely yet firmly that Khor'minoan territory has been sealed due to chaos that has taken root in the deeplands. They could not be responsible for your safety, and do not want you to see their kingdom in such a state.

  • Ask Entrance: Try and persuade the minotaurs to allow you entrance. Maybe you could help?/No mad monsters are going to stand in your way.
  • Brute Force: You will not be denied by these oversized cows. Fight your way through them and make your way into the mountain.
  • Bribe w/ Body: Surely the Chargers will set aside their royal duties in exchange for you slurping every ounce of stress out of their big, swaying balls.
  • Trade?: Since you can't get into the Deeplands yourself, you don't suppose the guards would be willing to do some trading?

Should you Ask Entrance, you will be denied. However, once you've completed Winter City, word of your deeds have travelled far, and King Kelsaz himself has authorised your entrance. You are permitted to enter, and your interactions with the minotaur camp will change.

  • Trade?: See if the minotaurs have some goods from home, to save you a trip down below.
  • Blow Captain: You don't need to bribe the captain to get into the deeplands, but you can give him some personal attention anyway...

If you try to use Brute Force, you end up in combat with Captain Fenraus and his Chargers. If victorious, they surrender and abandon their post, retreating into the mountain. If you are defeated, it leads to a Bad End. The Chargers of Khor'minos are a significantly higher level than most of the Foothills enemies, so be careful with this option.

Bad End

"In the name of King Kelsaz, for this blatant assault on Khor'minos' sovereign land, I, Captain Fenraus of the Chargers, condemn you to bondage."

If you lose to Captain Fenraus, he bemoans that King Kelsaz stationed them away from their wives or even courtesans. Luckily they now have you and your companions to rectify that mistake. As the Chargers start breaking in their new camp whores, you resign to being very busy for rest of your life.

Denying Hirrud

If you approach Captain Fenraus after having completed Missing Meows, you encounter Hirrud again demanding re-entry to his homeland. Captain Fenraus informs him that citizens are permitted re-entry upon completing two weeks of quarantine, to which Hirrud takes great offence and starts threatening the Chargers. As he insists that he is a one-man army who could easily defeat every last one of them, Fenraus punches Hirrud in the face. Hirrud is then dragged off, shouting about how his father is going to hear about this.


Consumables Ingredients Other
Item Cost
Trail Rations 200 EC
Item Cost
Minoblood Wine 50 EC
Bovum Sherry 50 EC
Item Cost
Camping Supplies 150 EC


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 39.0 Spellpower: 30.0
Sexiness: 22.0 Temptation: 13.0
Armor: 113.0 Physical Resist: 37.0
Warding: 7.0 Magic Resist: 10.0
Focus: 4.0 Mental Resist: 10.0
Evasion: 15.0 Blight Resist: -75.0
Crushing Resist: -10.0 Penetrating Resist: 25.0
Pheromone Resist: -75.0
  • No Cocks
  • Vaginas
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • All Cocks
stealable - [+]
  • 500 XP
  • 400 EC

Total Gain Per Encounter

Total Loot
  • 2500 XP
  • 4500 EC


"And no slatternly offer, nor gold, nor threat will budge me from my appointed post." He rolls one shoulder, and an avalanche of crackles and pops from old injuries ripples through a bulging deltoid. "Make no mistake. I will brook no trouble under my watch, but..." the bull-man eases his fingers from near his weapon's haft to the surly swell of his bulge, "...if ya still want a taste, I'll not turn a looker like you away."

If you try and bribe your way past the blockade with your body, Captain Fenraus sternly informs you that your "slatternly offer" will not budge him from his appointed post. That being said, if you'd like to blow him for the hell of it, well he might be amenable to that. He and his troops have been stationed at the King's Gate for a long time. If present, Cait is also enthusiastic about the possibility of blowing a regiment of Minotaurs, while Brint settles in to enjoy the show.

  • Blow Him
  • Leave

You can repeat the interaction if you gain entrance to the Undermountain by asking entrance, with Fenraus suggesting it should be a mandatory toll for troublemakers like you.