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Undermountain map.png

Map of the Undermountain
Level range 6+
Accessible from Foothills
Leads to
Neutral Hub No

The Undermountain is part of the Minotaur kingdom, known as the Deeprealms and Under-Kingdom. In peaceful times, the grand tunnels would be bustling with residential and mercantile activity and protected by the soldiers of Khor'minos. However, with Kasyrra's arrival, Demons have taken over the Undermountain, with citizens fleeing behind the protected walls of the city proper. Now, all that remains are hordes of Imps desecrating all they find, as well as residents not fortunate enough to be granted citizenship who now struggle to survive.

The Undermountain is split into three zones. There's the green zone, which covers the path from the King's Gate in the Foothills to Khor'minos. The red zone, which is the Steps of Sorra that lead up to the Misty Peaks. And the blue zone, which contains access to the River Ridell and can be traversed after you've cleared out the smugglers on the eastern docks.


As the Undermountain is a series of tunnels, you do not need to Explore to find a way forward. However, the darkness will make it difficult to find your way. The Undermountain is highly dangerous, and as such camps you set up will disappear rapidly. Brint or Brienne have special dialogue at various points as they return to their homeland.

Zone 0 (Green)


A short offshoot from the main tunnel-road takes you into a large, domed chamber perhaps a hundred yards across on a side. Several "buildings" have been chiseled out of the walls, including what's unmistakably a stable and a warehouse, both now empty — their doors have been left hanging open, as if to advertise their abandonment for the world to see.

In the center of the chamber is a statue of a beautiful cowgirl maiden, clad in loose black robes that are nearly falling off her curvy figure. She carries a two-bladed axe under one arm, and a lantern is held aloft in the other. Within the lantern is a hanging blue gemstone. While it lies inert for now, you can feel the draw of power bleeding off of it, as if begging to be reawoken.

Just past the Foothills entrance and to the south, you find a Waystone to activate. You can Explore here to find an Ornate Lantern that makes navigating the tunnels easier.

Imp Patrol

You're maybe halfway across the bridge when you realize the sound of water burbling below has changed. Wait, no. This is something else, something buzzing down there. You step to the edge and peer over — and immediately regret your decision as a pair of tiny red hands grab at your face, trying to mash you into an imp's crotch. You yelp and fling the little bastard off, but there's more where he came from. Dozens more!

At the north-east bend in the centre of the map, you encounter a horde of Imps. Luckily, Calise, Isadora, and a regiment of Khor'minos soldiers arrive in time to save you. This encounter unlocks new and upgraded imp types, which can be disabled during the events of The Siege of Khor'minos.


You finally find a good vantage point — an outcropping along the side of the mountain, almost like some kind of viewing platform. Obliging its likely creator, you step up to take a look — and what lies below makes your jaw drop in awe.

At the foot of the winding path lies Khor'minos in all its sprawling metropolitan glory. Beautiful, luxurious villas are surrounded by smaller residential buildings that line the paved roads with a gigantic oval-shaped building as its centerpiece, the size of which defies belief. That must be the legendary Colosseum you've heard so much about, where bloody gladiatorial combat and wild chariot racing takes place.

As you approach the city for the first time, you stop at an overlook to gape at the metropolis. Brint and Brienne have special dialogue if present.

Zone 1 (Red)

The red zone does not have any specific encounters at this time, although all the shared encounters still apply. In future it will lead to the Misty Peaks.

Zone 2 (Blue)

Smuggling Operation

The vast subterranean lake spreads out ahead of you, placid and black as night. A trio of barge docks lances out into the water, and a single lakeside shack stands by the water's edge. While most of the structures you've passed in the Undermountain have been abandoned, though, you can see a bright light, as pink as Cait's hair, spilling out from the windows and pulsing faintly. Painted as nothing more than shadows by this half-concealed light, several creatures flap noisily around at the dock, pulling in a barge just as you approach.

During The Siege of Khor'minos, Calise tasks you with investigating smuggling at the docks. On the western docks on the Foothills side, you encounter a group of Demons that you can handle a number of different ways. (Yes, losing on purpose and letting the Blood Knight breed you counts as handling them.)

The Boatman

Livernus the boatman is standing on the docks, busily moving cargo from the shore onto his barge. He gives you a friendly nod as you approach. A couple of minoan legionnaires are stationed nearby, keeping watch for imps.

After the smuggling operation is cleared out, Livernus can ferry you across the lake from the eastern and western docks.

Shared Encounters

Persistent Characters

Generic Characters

Quest Related

The Siege of Khor'minos

Calise sends you to check out the docks to try and find smugglers.