Gianna's Caravan

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Gianna's Caravan
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Alias Caravan of Wonders
Location Foothills
Old Forest
Glacial Rift

I’m an accomplished writer of runes, or I’d not even be here. This caravan’s basically a part of me, and is as indestructible as... Well, as me."

Gianna's Caravan is the magical roaming caravan of Gianna with her companions Tamarind and Svern. The caravan has multiple runes set into it, some of which provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere around the caravan, keep the caravan in motion without breaking and glide over bumps. It's also caravan policy that every first time customer gets a free drink. While Gianna wrote the runes for the caravan, Tamarind and Svern helped with the math for it.

The caravan can be encountered randomly at the Foothills, Old Forest, Glacial Rift, and Frostwood, there is a 12 hour cooldown for each encounter with an additional 50% chance for the encounter to occur or not.

"It took a long time between the three of us to get all the runes right... uh, especially ones that keep all the bottles from smashing and exploding. So, a bunch of experimenting later, a little bit of mechanical work, and some banditry-of-bandits, we had everything we needed for my pride and joy!"


At first glance — if you were incredibly far away — it would look like a caravan. The closer you get, the more that seems like an understatement. It’s certainly shaped like a caravan, albeit it’s long, and riding on eight wheels... How does it even get around? Instead of being pulled by beasts, a large cat made of stone and metal is lashed onto the front.

The body of the caravan itself is brightly painted wood, covered in arcane runes; they glitter whenever the sun touches upon them. The metallic chirp happens again, and you see that there’s a metal bird perched on the driver’s seat. Right beside... someone, you can’t really make them out well underneath a large bundle of rags and scarves.

When you walk towards them, the owner of the caravan hops off the chair and slams a fist on the wall. For a brief moment you half-expect a horde of outrageous magical bandits to come pouring out, but the entire carriage-wall glows for a moment before opening upwards, turning into an awning and revealing two more figures sat behind little desks. That... must be quite some magic.


If the Champion has not encountered the caravan before, Gianna will introduce herself and her Caravan of Wonders, along with her companions Tamarind and Svern. The Champion will also be offered a free drink (provides a Pale Ale boon and consumption of 1x Alcohol) as first time customers get a free drink.

Repeat Encounters with the caravan provide the options to Approach or Leave the caravan.

During repeat encounters, if Etheryn is in the active party, the Champion can get her a toy stuffed leothran.

The Champion may interact with each of the caravan's residents without having to leave the entire encounter (except for sex scenes)


Gianna Svern Tamarind
Gianna Svern Tamarind

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