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Busts of Tamarind by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Nickname(s) Tammy
Tam-Tam (once by the Champion)
Species Catfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Alchemkitty (Alchemist)
Booze Brewer
Bust Size C
Nationality Jassirann
Location Gianna's Caravan
Version Added 0.2.29

"Hey there! Name’s Tamarind, I’m the Caravan’s resident Alchemikitty."

Tamarind is the resident alchemist of Gianna's Caravan of Wonders, she's also the caravan's cook.

Also, Tammy here brews all of the booze!"


She has a thin pink veil hiding her mouth, and cute little purple kitty ears poking out from long shaggy purple hair. She’s got a perky c-cup chest barely concealed by a tiny bra beneath a silken shirt so thin it’s almost see through, and even as you inspect her she slips a flask beneath her veil and takes a swig.


Encountering Gianna and her Caravan for the first time will result in Gianna introducing Tamarind and Svern, with Gianna giving each of them a quip.

On repeat encounters with the Caravan, Svern along with Tamarind will grin and wave at the Champion.

The following options are available should the Champion decide to approach Tamarind when encountering the Caravan:

  • About You - What's your deal?
  • FoodNDrink - Partake in a slice of the good life. (only 1 can be chosen per visit)
    • CookedBreakfast - Breakfast is a misnomer, it’s great to eat at any time.
    • Sugar-Loaf - Sweet, sweet löaf.
    • Food Pouch - Pita bread, stuffed with more meats than Cait.
    • Spicy Hot Pie - The only pie we’ll give you that isn’t full of cream.
    • Soup - A tasty soup-soup.
    • Ale - Good for what Ales you.
    • Wine - We all need to have a wine from time to time.
    • Moonshine - So called because you will wake up in the middle of the night with a black eye.
  • Potions - Alchemy! Fun with alchemy!
  • Flirt - Maybe Tammy would be down for some fun?

Asking Tamarind about herself will reveal that she was trained in music, mathematics, alchemy and that she picked up cooking when she found out that Svern was crap at eating food and Gianna never packed anything edible. "I grew up in Jassira, got abducted, got rescued, got abducted again, got rescued again, followed a lover to this brand new holy-crap-it’s-so-cold land, it didn’t work out, now I’m here." She also mentions that she met Gianna when she overloaded the runes that keeps the caravan warm which resulted in a big fire, she decided to help and stuck around, she also adds that she's very happy and is very fond of her companions.


Only one can be chosen per visit

Name Effects
Food Pouch
Spicy Hot Pie


Random assortment of 3 items per visit

Name Effects
Root of Man 25
Bovum Sherry 50
Cat's Tongue Berry 50
Gold Egg 50
Manticore Nip 50
Pink Truffle 50
Ring Peach 50
Short Stack Stew 60
Titan's Tangy Tea 60
Gaia Leaflets 70


Flirting with Tamarind:

  • Blowjob - Get blown by the purple-haired kitty. (requires a cock)
  • Get Fucked - Have Tammy fuck you with a strap-on.
  • Fuck - Fuck the kitty’s pussy. (requires a cock)