Gaia Leaflets

From Corruption of Champions II
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Gaia Leaflets
Gaia Leaves
Author BubbleLord
Contributors Kuroko
Type Transformative
Base Price 70
Additional Information
Stack Limit 9
Usable Yes
Combat Usable No
Version Added 0.3.4
0.4.6 (expansion by Kuroko)

Gaia Leaflets are a consumable transformative item. Consuming a dose produces a random transformation towards a Plantfolk, including a Bushel Cock.


A bundle of vibrantly-colored leaves that bustle and flow from a bright red seed. Named and known for their explosive growth, this little seed may have been the start and spark of a grand forest... except you or its harvester cut that short. Now it's just a colorful arrangement of nutritional leaves brimming with life. You swear that they rustle every time you let your guard down.


Other Uses


This item will be consumed on use and in doing so, one or more of the effects listed below will randomly occur. The item can be alchemically refined with the listed reagents to limit its effects only to that target. If the Champion has all of the listed effects or does not meet the transformation conditions, no transformations will occur from this item. Unless stated, these new effects will overwrite all existing types or tags of a certain body part. Consuming the item Raw will restore 10 HP and 10 Resolve.

Body Target Condition Change Reagent
  • Skin Type becomes Plant
  • Skin Tags are removed
  • Skin Color becomes any: Blue, Brown, Green
Mandrake Root
  • Gill Type becomes none
  • If does not a Cock
  • Grow a Cock
  • Cock Length is 4" to 8"
  • Base Cock Length set by current Cock Length
Turgid Mushroom
  • Set Cock to 12"
  • Base Cock Length set by current Cock Length
  • Cock Type becomes Bushel
  • Cock Tags are: Prehensile
  • Cock Color becomes Green
  • Eye Type becomes Plant
  • Eye Tags are removed
  • Eye Color becomes any:
    Luminescent Green, Luminescent Purple
Soft Mud
  • Hair Type becomes Plant
  • Hair Tags are removed
  • Hair Color becomes any:
Black, Blue, Green, Red, White
Laurel Sprig
  • Vagina Type becomes Plant
  • Vagina Tags are removed
  • Vagina Color becomes Yellow
Lush Orchid
  • Set Tail Count to 1
  • Tail Type becomes Plant
  • Tail Tags are: Thick
Tall Reed