The Siege of Khor'minos

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The Siege of Khor'minos
Creator Savin
Quest Giver Calise
Requirements Complete Winter City
Level Range 6+
Quest Type Champion Quest
Reward ???
Location Khor'minos
Timed? ???
Can Fail? ???

Calise pulls her black veil aside and gives you a warm smile, putting a hand on your shoulder. "Ready to make a name for yourself, Champion? Good. This city is in desperate need of those strong enough to stand in her defense. And more importantly, I'm sorely lacking in trustworthy and capable agents I can rely on."

Once you've reached Khor'minos, you find the city in dire straits. If you've overthrown Queen Alissa and become the Champion of Frost, Velun's champion thinks you just might have what it takes to save another city.

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Approach Calise after clearing Winter City You've saved the Winter City, and become the Champion of Frost. With this accolade spreading across the Marches, you have the clout necessary to enter Khor'minos. Talk to one of the gate guards to receive a token of admittance.

(if gained a token) You've gained admittance to Khor'minos. Take some time to see what the city has to offer. When you are ready to proceed with its defense, speak with Calise again.

1 Talk to Calise about Next Step Calise suspects that the imps are getting their weapons and armor from a source outside the Undermountain. She's suggested that you check the docks in the south of the tunnels — a likely spot for smugglers helping the demons.
2 Meet Livernus at the eastern dock You found a distressed minotaur boatman at the docks directly south of Khor'minos, complaining about strange lights and winged creatures across the underground lake.
3 Clear the smuggling operation at the western dock You encountered a demonic knight overseeing the transport of weapons and armor from upriver. It seems the impish arms are coming from the Frostwood or beyond. Perhaps somebody in the Winter City would know more...
4 Talk to the Winter City court Bailiff Daliza recognized the proofmarks on the bronze being used in these weapons: they're from her ancestral homeland, Dracia, an elven colony off the east coast. Her rangers will work to disrupt the shipments, but you'll have to sail to the source of the weapons and put a stop to them eventually. For now: return to Calise.
5 Return to Calise Calise has agreed to speak to King Kelsaz and deploy the Khor'minoan navy. This will stop the demonic smugglers, and she'll put a vessel at your command. You'll find it at the Wayfort's bridge. This act should also put you in the king's good graces...

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.

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Approach Calise in the Khor'minos outskirts after having cleared Winter City.



Finding the Smugglers

After asking Calise about the Next Step, she instructs you to investigate the docks in the lake zone of the Undermountain. If you travel to the eastern docks near Khor'minos, you find Livernus. You can Check Wine to inspect his wares, but it's quickly apparent Livernus is not in league with demons. If you travel to the western docks near the Foothills, you see winged creatures pulling in a barge. A group of Imps descend on crates of weapons and arms, while the Demon Smugglers head off to a shack. You have a few choices for how you want to approach it.

  • Attack Imps: Charge the little bastards before they know what hit them!
  • Sneak Closer: While you have the chance, you should sneak over and see what's going on in that cabin...
  • Wait: Wait here to see what happens next. You're well hidden, after all.

Attack Imps offers the greatest potential loot. You go into a combat gauntlet with imps, demon smugglers, and then the Blood Knight, and if you're victorious against all three you leave with the Weapons Crate, Lethicite Shard, evidence that the demon's weapons are of Boreal Elf make, and you reduce the upgraded imp types by dumping the remaining crates in the lake. If you lose however, you are subdued by the demons. Depending on your relationship status with Kasyrra, you either wake up to the demon queen fussing over you as the other demons side-eye her, or the Blood Knight vowing to fuck you until you can't walk straight. Afterwards, you collect the evidence you need to continue the quest, but nothing else.

If you Sneak Closer, you can take advantage of distracted demons to launch a sneak attack on the Demon Smugglers and Blood Knight. However, in the meantime, the imps have escaped with the weapons crats. If you're victorious, you can still claim the Lethicite Shard, however the upgraded imp types will continue unabated. If you're defeated, it's the same as losing during Attack Imps. If you Wait, you don't fight anyone or get subjugated by demons, but you don't get any of the bonus rewards either.

Once you've cleared the smugglers — being defeated by the demons still counts for this purpose — you take the evidence of the weapons' origin to the Winter City. They recognise the insignia as coming from the former territory of Dracia, and quickly determine the only one who'd know of Dracia and want to serve Kasyrra is Queen Alissa. You start planning an expedition to Dracia to depose the fallen Queen once and for all. You return to Calise and let her know what you've found, and she agrees to lend you a vessel to travel to Alissa's new court.

Notable Loot and Rewards

Depending on how you clear the demon smuggling operation, you can claim: