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Bust of Daliza by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Boreal Elf
Gender Female
Occupation Bailiff
Title Lady
Religion Lumian
Location Wayfort (if barony is accepted)

Daliza gives you a curt nod as you approach, clasping her hands behind her back. "Something I can help you with, m'lord/m'lady?"

Daliza is a Boreal Elf noblewoman you're introduced to after completing Winter City. She was away on a mission to her ancestral lands when Queen Alissa fell, and avoided the corruption of the palace. Given her noble blood and military experience, Etheryn and Elthara decided she would be a good choice to serve as your Bailiff and manage the lands they're offering you. If you accept the offer to become a Marcher-Baron or Baroness, Daliza will be stationed at the Wayfort with her warg Narcia. She, along with Alraune and Farrah, is one of the stewards through which you will be able to arrange Wayfort repairs.


The large woman following her dismounts her warg, giving you a curt nod. She's a well-built lass, a bit taller than the priestess is and certainly broader and more muscular. She's clad up in black leather armor, embossed with a blue dragon motif across the breastplate that matches the tattoos up her arms. A messy bun of red hair sits atop her head, contrasting her dark kohl and lip paint. The woman rests a hand on a long, curved sword belted to her hip and stands silently behind Elthara, watching you.


First Encounter

"So what's the catch?" you ask, glancing between priestess and reeve. "What's expected of me if I say yes?"

"You'd be a lord," Daliza grunts. "So not much."

Daliza accompanies Elthara to the Wayfort when the priestess and Etheryn (if present) offer you a barony. Daliza would be your bailiff, protecting merchants and carrying out your rights of taxation and high justice. If you refused Farrah's help and killed the Alraune, there will also be a bolded warning that refusing the barony will lock you out of a significant portion of the game's content.

  • Accept: Thank the high priestess for her efforts and accept your new holdings.
  • What Cost?: What strings does taking on lordship of the Wayfort entail?
  • Say No: You didn't ask for this, and you aren't interested in becoming a vassal of the Winter City.

Should you Say No, Daliza is highly amused. Rather than reporting to you, she will establish a barracks further up the river and focus her efforts there. If you Accept, Daliza will stay in the Wayfort and report to you. She and her troops will start carrying out repairs on the fort, and even set up a throne for your use.

Subsequent Encounters

If you accept the barony, Daliza is available in the Throne Room whenever you need to speak to her. She has talk options where she discusses her expedition to her ancestral lands which incidentally kept her away from the Palace of Ice's corruption, and get an update on the Wayfort's condition.

  • Talk: Swap words with the stern warrior-woman.
    • Her Job: What exactly does she do around here, anyway?
    • Her Family: Elthara mentioned Daliza was noble. Why's she here?
    • The Wayfort: How's the fort doing?

Capturing Elyon

If you're a Marcher-Baron or Baroness, when visiting the Palace of Ice you can trigger an event where Daliza presents a subject of the throne her troops captured — a visibly bedraggled and corrupted Elyon, who had fled the palace under the guise of trying to recapture Etheryn. Against Daliza's objections, Etheryn frees Elyon and restores him to his former post.

When investigating the King Dowager's passing and Elyon's role in such, Daliza is one of the people of interest. She was a constable at the time and gives the palace view of the event; how there was suspicion cast on Elyon even when the palace's investigation cleared him. Daliza confirms that she still retains her suspicions of Elyon, but if she thought he was a lost cause she wouldn't have returned him to the palace in the first place.

Finding Dracian Arms

The bailiff turns to you. "Dracia is my homeland, though I have never set foot there myself. It is an island off the eastern coast, the very northernmost inhabited reach of the Sailgrave Archipelago. It was once the finest forge in all the north, supplying arms to the entire kingdom. My ancestors abandoned it when the last bunch of demons attacked the world, bringing their people to the Winter City for protection. It seems they left their tooling behind for the new demons to employ."

During the events of The Siege of Khor'minos, you discover arms adorned with Daliza's family crest. Depending on how you complete the quest, if you're a Marcher-Baron or Baroness you can bring the Weapons Crate to Daliza to distribute to her troops. Regardless, you present the evidence to the court in the Winter City, with Daliza being especially upset that the forges in her ancestral lands are being used to arm demons. The bailiff will begin gathering resources for another expedition to retake Dracia, while you and Etheryn will be travelling ahead to strike at the demon presumed to have taken over the Dracian forges for Kasyrra's purposes — the erstwhile Queen Alissa.

Quest Related

The Wyld Hunt

Daliza is one of the three people you ask about the King Dowager's passing, as part of trying to help Elyon.

The Siege of Khor'minos and The Demon of Ice

After discovering Dracian arms in the hands of the enemy, you present your findings to Daliza and the Palace of Ice.