The Wyld Hunt

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The Wyld Hunt
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Etheryn
Requirements Unlock Marcher-Baron title
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Elyon's sex menu
Location Winter City
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"Because he wouldn't accept it either, []. That's the problem. He was leading the hunt on the day my father died, he was the one who checked over the boar spear my father was using. The spear snapped, the enraged boar got in close, and my father was gored in the blink of an eye. The man's hurting, [], and he won't accept anything from me.

"But he might, from you."

Writer Credit

The Observer

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Talk to Etheryn as you leave the Palace of Ice Etheryn has asked you to inquire into the circumstances of her father's death while on a boar hunt, not so much as to learn anything new about a matter that occurred decades ago, but to let Elyon know that someone cares about the source of the guilt Ryn knows is tormenting him.

She's tasked you with asking the following people about the old king dowager's death: Elthara, Hethia and Daliza. Once you're done, return to Ryn when she's at her throne and see what she has to say about the matter.

1 Talk to Etheryn after asking Elthara, Hethia, and Daliza about the king Etheryn was rather troubled by what Hethia had to say about her father's death, opening another possibility in this decades old affair. Even though it's certainly far too late and you're not going to be the one to spot what dozens of others missed, she'd still like you to go out into the Frostwood to the site of her father's disastrous hunt, by the western edge of the old broken bridge. Maybe you'll find something... or far more likely, someone there.
2 (completed) Visit the site in the north of the Frostwood After confronting Elyon in the Frostwood, you've a clearer picture of what happened to Ryn's dad on the day he suffered the wound that eventually killed him. Though this is a mystery that will likely never be solved, getting to the bottom of matters isn't what you were after to begin with. Hopefully your conversation will have spurred him to reconsider his position, not just on his role in the whole matter but also on you and the attitude he's going to be taking towards the future. Hopefully. It all remains to be seen...


After you've talked to Elyon, Etheryn will approach you as you go to leave the Palace of Ice. She asks you to look into the hunting accident that killed her father the King Dowager, ostensibly to find new information but primarily to show Elyon that people care about him.


You need to talk to Elthara, Hethia, and Daliza to progress the quest. Elthara was an initiate at the time, and talks about the Lumian temple's efforts to save the King Dowager's life. When healing magic failed to prove effective, they prayed for a miracle from their deity, only to be refused. Lumia explained that the King Dowager was known to put himself in harm's way, and to intervene now would be to intrude on Tira's domain - it was simply the King Dowager's time to die.

Daliza was a constable at the palace, and talks about the fallout after the King Dowager's death. Elyon was arrested under suspicion of having engineered the accident. While the following investigation failed to uncover any evidence, public opinion had turned against the Huntsmaster. He stopped going out of the palace, but even the palace staff gave him dirty looks suspecting that he'd gotten away with engineering the boar attack.

Hethia answers from the perspective of the druids; she acknowledges that inciting a wild boar to unnatural hostility is certainly something they could do. However, none of the druids had ever taken credit for such an act. Had they been involved, they likely would have trumpeted their victory over one of their hated enemies.

After you've talked to everyone, return to Etheryn. She will ask you to travel out to the site of the accident, in the Frostwood a few squares south of the entrance to the Winter City. Elyon approaches you when you Search. After you give Elyon some tough love, he talks about how guilty he felt - regardless of whether he meant to harm the King Dowager, it was still on his watch as Huntsmaster that the hunting accident occurred. In his mind he should have prepared the King Dowager's equipment better, or warned him away from the boar. That's the reason for his loyalty to the throne, even during the reign of Queen Alissa. How the conversation goes depends on whether you bring Etheryn in your party, but either way Elyon returns to the palace after you maybe get through to him. A little bit.


You receive Etheryn's gratitude, and get to know Elyon well enough to proposition him for other things.