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Full body arts and busts of Elthara by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Elf
Gender Female
Occupation High Priestess of Lumia
Height 6'+
Bust Size DD
Religion Lumian
Faction Winter City
Location Chapel, Palace of Ice
Level 5
Health 360
Resolve 100

Her eyes immediately widen and she shamefully glances from side to side before locking gazes with you, leaning forward and lowering her voice. "I... I think it would be best if you joined me in my chambers... where we won't be disturbed." -Elthara


High priestesses evidently don't wear much in the way of clothing here, and what little Elthara is wearing is ceremonial to the point of dysfunction. The fair skin of her brow is covered by a golden tiara, with accompanying jewelry hanging from the base of her enormous elven ears and studded in her lower lip. Her lips themselves are soft and red, a deeper shade of blushed crimson than the rest of her flawless pink skin and quite a striking contrast to her long, pure white hair.

Her enormous breasts are barely contained and supported by the vaguely see-through cloth of her dress, the vast excess of her fertility spilling from the sides of the mercilessly thin straps. Even the darker pink of her areolae is plainly visible, and her unabashedly hard nipples indent the cloth so unmistakably you can scarcely believe this is socially appropriate attire. Elthara herself seems blithely unaware of the effect this would have on- well, anyone who cast a glance her way.

Her midriff is almost bared, the lower half covered only by a golden waist binding from which sprouts the dangerously revealing bottom sections of her ceremonial clothing. Each quartet of fabric covers only the utter necessities, and you can even match the beginning of her pubic crease to the faint outline of her bare pussy beneath the frontal strip. Her plump thighs are perfectly visible, and her lower legs are covered by the same golden material as her forearms.

She's going barefoot, too. No doubt the use of magic to prevent loss of heat is widespread in boreal elven society but the sight still wars with your sensibilities. Some part of that must show on your face.

"Does my garb bother you?" Elthara asks, a note of curiosity in her gentle voice.

"Not at all," you reply. "It looks very good on you."

"Oh!" she says, glancing down at herself before looking back up and smiling. "Thank you."


First Encounter

Sprawled across the great golden altar to Lumia, the goddess of the sun, is a boreal elven woman whose holy vestments have been ripped apart; her alabaster flesh has soiled with a truly unholy volume of semen. The amazonian elf's legs and arms are splayed out, and a mighty war-scythe is lodged in the stone beside her.

The woman seems utterly insensate, face-down and ass-up over the altar. Something is stuck fast between her big, plump asscheeks, protruding almost a foot from her distended asshole: a fist-thick golden scepter adorned with great brass balls that spread her reddened cheeks wide open for all the world to see. Slick cum drools from her abused pussy, forming a pool between her long, limp legs.

"Oh," Etheryn says, and you turn to the grimacing elf. She seems fixated on the gigantic dildo shoved what looks like a foot deep inside her brethren's asshole and you suppose you can't blame her, really. "We're going to have to get that out of her."

The Champion initially encounters Elthara as the second boss in the Palace of Ice dungeon, and is given 2 options upon finding her.

  • Pull Sceptre: It's the least you can do for her. (Leads to combat)
    • Win
      • Regardless of the option chosen, the Champion gains the Scepter Key Item that unlocks the Ballroom door.
        • Pronebone: Hold the elf down and roughly bang her brains out until she’s satisfied.
        • Double team: requires a dick wielding companion (Berwyn, Quin, Brint, or Arona)
        • Scepter-Fuck: Before you use it on the lock, there’s somewhere else you want to put it… namely, back inside the elf woman. Vigorously.
        • Leave: You don't have time to indulge the whims of this woman. Leave her behind - you’re sure she'll be taken care of one way or another.
    • Loss
      • The priestess wants to use the giant dildo scepter on the champion
        • Yes please: Fine, you’ll admit it - You are wildly curious about how such a thing might feel, and she's already proven it's possible.
          • Elthara ruins you with the scepter (BAD END)
        • Fuck no: Not if she’s giving you a choice!
          • Elthara claims you as a sex toy and rides you before (BAD END).
  • Drink it: Drink all the cum from the high priestess’s corrupted rectum. (Requires High Corruption, gives roughly +10 corruption, then still starts combat)

Subsequent Visits

After completing the Palace of Ice dungeon, the Champion can find Elthara in the chapel of Lumia to the far west, in the same space as her boss fight. When visited, Elthara will be tending to the shrine and its occupants. Both the place of worship and herself will be cleaned up significantly, in comparison to how you first found them. However, the constant perversions she was subjected to under Kasyrra's rule have left her with an extremely high libido.

The following are available on repeat visits to Elthara:

  • Appearance: Check Elthara out.
  • Status: How is Winter City doing in the wake of all this?
  • Sex:
    • Rail Her: Take Elthara to her room and pound the fuck out of her pussy
    • Rough Assfuck: Fuck Elthara's asshole - she's obviously got a penchant for it, given the state you first found her in.
    • Finger Her: Make Elthara dance in the palm of your hand.
    • Oral: Trade oral with the lusty busty elf.
      • Don't Give: You know, you don't think Elthara really needs oral to get off. Her time would be better spent servicing you...
      • Swap Oral: Shift her to the bed to take care of each other at the same time.
    • Doubleteam: Elthara seems to like having both holes ravaged at once. No reason you can't make it happen again.
      • Eligible Companions: Brint, Arona, Berwyn, Quin.
    • Sic Companion: Send a delegate in your place to make Elthara happy
      • Eligible Companions: Cait, Brint, Arona, Berwyn, Quin.




Found in Appearance while she's pregnant

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