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Brint Clothed Bust (DCL).png
Brint's bust by DCLzexon.
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Occupation Adventurer

Unnamed Father (Father)

Unnamed Mother (Mother)
Location Old Forest

EDITOR NOTE - Page is currently outdated, reworks coming soon.


Brint is a minotaur berserker from the who left his village of Khor'Minos to see how the outside world worked. He is recruitable as soon as the Champion ventures into the Old Forest.


Brint stands at a towering seven feet and six inches, his muscular dark brown hide bristling with occasional tufts of fur. He has two light blue eyes regarding you with ever-present interest – people don't expect a musclebound minotaur to be particularly intelligent, but you know those eyes hide a curious, if somewhat sheltered, mind. Two thick white horns sprout out and up from his head above his ears, an ever-present threat to hanging lights, low doorways, or particularly dumb foes. His snout is a light pink, housing the very long bestial tongue of a bull.

Your eyes travel down his body, roving over his bulging pectorals and across his abdominals. As big as he is, he doesn't have washboard abs, but you can certainly see a well-defined outline of them against his stomach. Speaking of well-defined outlines, there's one against the fabric of his loincloth. It'd be unfair to call it a revealing piece of clothing, but there's no denying at first glance that Brint is clearly packing some serious heat.

His legs are thick and muscular, practically tree trunks, and end in black hooves. Just above the hooves are little tufts of fluffy fur of a slightly lighter shade than the rest of him. Behind his legs is his tail, a fairly long rough-furred thing with a haphazard shock of fur at the end. All in all, he looks like a formidable beast but you know he's good at heart.


  • Appearance
  • Talk
  • Sex
  • Dismiss/Recruit
  • Undertable BJ (Unlocks for The Frost Hound after having sex with Brint)
    • Sounds Great - That sounds perfect (Non repeating option)
    • Good To Know - All things in moderation (Non repeating option)


  • Leaving
  • Father
  • Village
  • Sex
  • Companions
  • Hawkethorne
  • Pregnacy (If The Champion is Pregnant with Brint's child)
  • Children (If The Champion is Pregnant with/has had Brint's child)


First Time

When the Champion first approaches Brint on sex, he will ask if the Champion can handle him

  • FineByMe
  • Nah
  • Vaginal - Get that minotaur in your pussy. (Will result in The Champion becoming Pregnant.)
  • Anal - Get a minotaur's cock and a gallon of his spunk up your asshole
    • Raw
    • Lube
      • Stay (Applies to both Raw and Lube options)
      • Clean Up (Applies to both Raw and Lube options)
  • Oral
    • Wait - Tell him to wait.
    • Let Him - Let him pick you up.
  • Threesome - Take a partner to bed with Brint
    • Cait
      • BothTopCait - Put your buxom kitty through her paces!
        • Take Pussy - Plow Cait's kittycunt good and hard until she's screaming in bliss.
        • Take Mouth - Get Cait's beautiful pink lips wrapped around the end of your cock.
      • Serve Brint - Worship Brint with Cait, giving him a treatment a stud deserves!
        • My Mouth - Take that hulking cock in your mouth and gulp down his seed as best you can.
        • Cait's Mouth - Let Cait deal with the aftermath of your fun.
      • Get Fucked - You deserve some loving treatment all to yourself.
    • Arona - Coming later!
  • Top Brint -
    • Rim Him First - Stick your face between those thick cheeks and give your minotaur some love.
      • Reach around - Reach down and jack the fuck out of Brint's enormous horsecock.
      • Don't - Focus on getting off.
    • Main Event - Partake in the main dish; the banquet is already laid before you, after all...
      • (Same as Rim Him First)
  • All Night BJs - Ask Brint if he wants to head to bed early to receive the special treatment he deserves. (Only available at The Frost Hound between 18:00-04:00)
    • Yes Sir
      • Lie Back
        • Break - Well some cuddling would be nice...
        • No Breaks - You said you'd suck him off all night and you mean it.
    • Yes Daddy
      • (Same as Yes Sir)
    • Giving Order?
      • (Same as Yes Sir)

Before a threesome can occur, the Champion must have had sex with both members separately


  • Powers
    • Giant Reach - [At-Will] [Dual] [Melee] [Weapon] - Brint makes and attack with both his axe and mace. The attacks have -25 Accuracy, but allow him to use two non-light weapons at once.
    • Cleave
    • Execute - [Recharge 4] [2Hand] [Melee] [Weapon] - Make a massive swing with a two-handed weapon, aiming to lay low a wounded foe with a single strike. This attack imparts +50 Attack Power, plus Attack Power equal to the percentage of the target's maximum Health already lost.
    • Frenzy - [Encounter] [Stance] - Give into your inner fury, throwing yourself into a berzerker frenzy. You gain +50 Attack Power, +10 Critical Chance, and +10 Focus and Lust Resistance, but your Armor is reduced by half. This power can only be activated when Health is below 70%.


Mad Cow Companion Quest