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Eryka Bust DCL.png
Bust of Eryka by DCLzexon
Creator Franks
Full name Eryka
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Paladin
Religion Velunite
Level 3
Health 180
Resolve 100
Strengths Eryka has 2 action points.

Eryka is a female human paladin who may be found in the Old Forest. She had fled from a confrontation with the demoness Kasyrra, who magically replaced Eryka's vagina with a penis, which she is horrified by.


Standing six feet even, moderately tall for a human, Eryka is easily what most people would consider 'ripped'; her freckled shoulders and arms (what you can see of them with the armor she's wearing, at least) are covered in well-defined, powerful muscle, as is her stomach and legs. Her ass is round and firm, as solid and powerful as the rest of her. Her hands are rough and calloused from years of sword practice and hard work, though her skin is notably pale as milk — she doesn't tan, it seems. She has sharp features, her slightly plump lips and pale blue eyes framed by a head of bright orange hair in a bob cut that hangs just above her shoulders. Her breasts are a firm, shapely D-cup, dusted with freckles much like her shoulders. Further down between her legs, though usually concealed by her clothes is her crotch and prick, ten inches of fat, veiny meat hanging with a pair of round, heavy nuts resting behind it.

Personal History

Eryka's parents were from the south — she doesn’t know which city, but her father was a town guardsman there. He slipped off a rooftop chasing a gang of thieves and broke his neck when she was six. Her mother moved up here to live with her grandfather not long after her father's funeral, but she caught winter fever the next year. Her grandfather is still going strong, and seems to have a strong immune system.

Eryka started training two years after that under Brother Sanders. She hadn't really considered why though — her grandfather just introduced her to Sanders, said he’d known him for years and he’d teach her to defend herself. She picked it up pretty easily — enough so that he offered to train her as a paladin two years later, which she agreed to. She agreed not for any traumatic event or zealous sense of justice, but because she thought paladins were "fuckin' awesome". That and she felt she needed to develop a skill.

More recently, three the townsfolk were gathering herbs for cooking, medicine etc.. The forest wasn't as safe as it used to be, so Eryka agreed to go along as extra security. She anticipated having to deal with a wolf or two, bandits at worst. Unfortunately, Kasyrra emerged from the forest, talking about how "delicious" they all look. Despite being terrified of the ungodly being before her, Eryka managed to yell for the villagers to run while she stalled the demoness. In retrospect, Eryka feels like Kasyrra let them run, as she saw just enough of her dark power while in the confrontation to know she was toying with her, and could have defeated her at any moment. Kasyrra threatened to take her soul, and magically gave her a penis, and Eryka dropped her sword and fled into the forest, climbed a tree, and hid for hours.

She prayed to Velun, Lumia, and anyone who'd listen, and wasn't found. She went back retrieved her sword and tried to go back to Hawkethorne, but kept getting lost, and was running out of rations, when the Player Character finds her.

Once back in the hamlet, she researches as much as she can on demons and how to vanquish them, and considers ways of recruiting some of the townsfolk to volunteer, as she believes and Sanders could start to train a few more paladins so as to be better prepared to defend themselves from demonic attack.


Eryka will appear in the Old Forest 3 days after the Champion has awoken from their first encounter with Kasyrra. Upon initially encountering Eryka, the Champion will have the following options:

  • Woman
  • Fall Back

Selecting the Woman option will reveal a horny and confused Eryka having encountered Kasyrra who gave her a dick. She mistakes the Champion and their party as more demons and will result in a combat encounter.

If the Champion is victorious against her, she will calm down and reveal her encounter with the red demon. She seeks the purity of the followers of Velun and is scared to venture alone. The following options will become available:

  • Help
  • Don't Help (will just end the encounter)
  • Fuck (see Sex section)

Subsequent encounter with Eryka will always result in a combat encounter (if not helped, the same 3 options will always be available). Eryka (for now) will not have any sex options once the Champion has helped her reach Hawkthorne.

Helping Eryka will result in personally escorting her to Hawkethorne. As thanks, she will give the Champion her Sanctified Gladius and will take up residence at the Chapel of Velun where she helps around the Chapel from time to time. The following options will become available once the Champion is aware that Eryka has settled in:

  • Appearance
  • Herself



Armor: 39 Physical Resist: 28
Warding: -2 Magic Resist: 3
Focus: 4 Mental Resist: 4
Evasion: -4 Fire Resist: -10
Frost Resist: -10 Penetrating Resist: 25


  • Big Tits (G cupsize or bigger)
  • Big Cock (17' or greater)
  • Normal Tits (greater than B but less than G cupsize)
  • Normal Cock (greater than 5' but less than 17')
  • Big Ass (butt rating of greater than 7)


  • Small Tits (B cupsize or smaller)
  • Small Cock (at most 5')
  • Small Ass (butt rating of at most 2)



Victory fucking Eryka will result in a +2 Corruption (to a limit of 75). If the Champion is victorious against her in combat:

  • Ride - Hop on the fallen knight's dick and go for a bareback ride.
  • Buttfuck - Violate Eryka's asshole. (requires a cock)

If defeated:

  • Throatfuck

Dreams If the Champion had helped Eryka, a chance for the Paladin's Prurience dream


  • 135 XP
  • 65 EC


The no dick version is only seen (so far) in the Paladin's Prurience dream