Mad Cow

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Mad Cow
Brienne Quest
Creator Wsan
Requirements Brint is in the party
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Companion
Reward Companion Change (Brienne)
Location Harvest Valley
Timed? Yes
Can Fail? No

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Upon Brint equipping the armor Brint has equipped the golden armor from the Harvest Valley hollow. It remains to be seen if anything will come of it.
1 When Brint tells the Champion of the dreams he's been having Brint has started having visions of his male self fucking his new, genderbent female self from the point of view of the woman. Perhaps visiting Hawkethorne's priest might be a good idea if you want to prevent anything further.
2 Upon Brint experiencing a heat episode

Brint appeared to go into heat, most likely at the behest of his armor. You dealt with it by (will change based on choice):

  • getting Arona to fuck him
  • fucking him yourself
  • sending him to a whore to fuck

, which might have exacerbated the problem. You might not have long before the end result of this ongoing process occurs.

  • waiting it out, ensuring the problem wasn't worsened by way of sex. You likely still don't have much time but it was better than the alternative.
3 (completed) Having gotten the armor removed by Brother Sanders You had Sanders halt the changes occurring to Brint. He employed enough power to destroy the armor entirely. All you have left of the experience is a confused — but whole and grateful — minotaur friend and the assurance nothing further will happen.
4 (completed) Having ignored the final warning The cursed armor has transformed the former minotaur stud into a knockout cowgirl. She seems to have retained all of her power and knowledge and is thus still suitable as a companion. All's well that ends well...?


The quest will be acquired when the Brint equips the armor found at the Harvest Valley hollow.


When exploring the near the area of the Marefolk Village, the Champion may find a large cliff with lush greenery hanging from its edge. Through observation, the Champion will notice that something is off with how the roots hang perfectly down which will present the Champion with an option to Investigate if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Brint is in the party
  • Champion has an Agility range of at least 50%

Once inside the cave, the Champion will notice a faint glowing luminescence that provides a dim light in the cave's interior. Upon closer inspection, they will note that a series of inscribed runes in a script of an unknown language is the source of the glowing luminescence. Should the Champion have Cait, Berwyn or have a class of magic potential (Black Mage or White Mage), they will note the presence of passive magic within the area. As they head deeper into the cave, through winding depths that direct them deeper into the earth, they will come to a stop at a darkened room of which the don't seem to continue into or are not active. The Champion is given the option to Enter Room or to Exit Cave. If the Champion decides to leave, they may revisit the cave again under the Hollow option.

Should the Champion decide to enter the room, it will the room will light up with the same runes that lit the rest of the cave. At the end of the room stands a single large mannequin wearing a set of ceremonial armor. Touching the armor will cause it to glow slightly and upon closer inspection, the golden armor seems to be covered in runes. Depending on the companions the Champion brought along, they will each give a response when asked if any of them would like to try it on. Almost all of the party members will decline to try the armor except for Brint, who eyes the armor carefully and states that the armor could fit him. Should the Champion have not brought Brint along with them, there will be nothing else for them to do. However if Brint is present within the party, they may tell Brint to try and equip the armor.

As Brint inspects the armor up close, he will note that the armor is made of regular steel and was just painted gold. As he requests the help of the Champion to strap the breastplate to him, the armor automatically straps itself to Brint as he puts places it over his muscular chest. The breastplate doesn't seem to constrict against Brint's skin or fur however the magically-sealing armor is quite concerning. Brint will proceed to equip the remaining pieces of armor until only the neckpiece remains which appears to be little more than a golden ring. When asked how he's going to put the neckpiece on, Brint states that he strangely knows how to put it on. As Brint pushes the ring against his neck, the ring seems to pass through his skin and solidifies once it reaches the other side. When the neckpiece reaches the other end, Brint grunts, staggers and almost loses his footing. The party carefully exits the cave and Brint is able to quickly recover one he's outside the cave. With everything out of the way, the party moves on. This marks the start of the questline.

Upon their return to The Frost Hound (and at least 12 hours have passed), Brint will approach the Champion regarding the two problems he's been having since he's gotten the armor. The first problem being that he can't remove the armor and the second being strange sex dreams where he's a female cowgirl being fucked by himself. The Champion will suggest that they should go see Brother Sanders if he will know something about the armor.

If the Champion goes to Brother Sanders and talks about the Armor, he will note that the armor is severely cursed and will ask where they found it. After explaining the circumstances behind the armor, along with Brint introducing himself to Brother Sanders, he will note that circumstance is similar to that of an old deprecated method the marefolk of Harvest Valley used to utilize. Sanders will note that had that left unhindered, the armor would have completely changed Brint within a matter of days. However he will be able to remove the curse of the armor using a worn warhammer to act as a magic focus. Through magic and ritual, Brother Sanders will be able to expel the evil from the armor as it falls free off Brint. Gingerly, Brother Sanders will comment that he'd half expected the magic not to work and will inquire if Brint is alright. Brint will reply that he's fitter than ever and will thank him for his help. Brother Sander will be unavailable for the next six to seven hours as he needs to rest, however before the Champion leaves he will ask that they keep the ritual he performed a secret stating that some things are better left buried.

Should the Champion decide not to bring Brint to Brother Sanders after the first warning, the second warning will occur 2-3 days later at the Frost Hound where Brint will collapse like he's in heat. The following options will become available:

  • Ask Arona - Get the orc studbitch to 'help' Brint out of his predicament. (since Arona cannot be recruited yet this option is not yet available and will reflect as ???)
  • Fuck Him - Bring Brint home and 'help' him yourself. He's looking pretty suggestible...
    • Fuck Ass - Pound Brint nice and hard until he's better. (requires a cock)
    • Ride Cock - Take Brint inside you and make him pop until he's feeling better.
  • Ask Whore - Look for a whore in Hawkethorne to 'help' out your minotaur friend. There's gotta be at least one pretty girl in the town that'd leap at the chance to sleep with a real bull.
  • Wait It Out - Sit down and wait until Brint is better. You don't want to do anything that might exacerbate the problem, and if it's getting worse then you need all the time you can get to solve it.

Once Brint's heat has calmed down, he will thank the Champion for helping them. A warning will show, stating that if the armor is not removed soon, permanent changes to Brint will occur.

Should the Champion ignore the second and final warning after 2-3 days (2 if the Champion had sexually helped Brint, else 3), Brint will suddenly collapse and the rest of the party will drag him onto his bed at the Frost Hound. Suddenly the cursed armor begins to glow so bright that the Champion has to look away. Upon hearing the noise reminiscent to rattling chains and the fading of the intense glow, the cursed armor on Brint has disappeared leaving him in his regular clothes however he will undergo a transformation that will turn him into a cowgirl. Once the transformation is done, it doesn't take long for Brint to awake, stating that he had the weirdest dream. Following this situation, the Champion is given two options:

  • Comfort - Make sure she's okay. This might be hard for her.
  • Plow Her - Pound the fuck out of the amazon cowgirl as a welcome to her new role. (requires a cock) (+3 Corruption)

Should the Champion Comfort Brint, after some clarification and discussion, he will change his name to Brienne and will use the bedsheets as a temporary top. The Champion will talk to Garth regarding chopping some wood of which he will direct them to a head of unchopped logs the bar uses for firewood. With that, Brienne and the Champion make their way to the logging site, away from any prying eyes.

After several swings and the cutting of logs, Brienne will note that she has not lost any strength due to her transformation. Upon the completion of one log, she will comment that maybe she should test out her stamina as well as to not get tired from swinging her axe around. The Champion may suggest:

  • "Stamina Test" - There's another way to check if her stamina's up to snuff, and you've already got a pretty good idea of how you want to do it...
  • Cut Logs

Should Brienne continue cutting logs, she will keep a steady rhythmic pace for a while until she suddenly stops. She will shyly ask the Champion if they would like to fuck, stating that all the physical labor is getting her pretty worked up. The Champion may say:

  • Sure - Why not?
    • Rough - Give it to her hard, exciting the cowgirl's instincts and overwhelming her senses until she's cumming her brains out.
    • Loving - Usher her into femininity with gentle, sensuous sex and enough mindblowing orgasms to make her legs wobble.
  • No - Not interested.

Should the Champion suggest a "Stamina Test", they will get the same Rough and Loving options as above.

Once the Champion and Brienne have finished her "Stamina Test", they will finish chopping the rest of the wood before heading back to the bar. Upon their return to the Garth, he will notice that Brienne is using his bedsheet as a bra. He will let is slide as chopping wood makes his back ache and will direct them to Gwyn for a suitable top for Brienne along with asking Gwyn to wash the bedsheet. Brienne will be able to find a bra she likes which belonged to Gwyn's mom. Once Brienne had fitted it and given it some experimental squeezing, she will ask for the Champion's thoughts.

  • Looks Good - She looks nice.
  • Looks Hot - The sight of her walking around in a loincloth and a bra makes you want to ravish her.

If the Champion declined Brienne's invite to fuck or plowed her at the beginning, certain events will change slightly and they will not be able to comment on the Brienne's new outfit.


If the Champion decided not to have Brother Sanders remove the armor from Brint, he will transform into Brienne. The effects are not reversible.