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Creator Savin
The Observer
Nickname(s) Gwyn
Species Lupine
Gender Female
Occupation Nursery Matron
Family Garth (father)
Gweyr (mother)
Garret (brother)
Children 8 pups
Nationality Frost Marcher

Gwyneth is the daughter of Garth, the owner of the Frost Hound Tavern in Hawkethorne. Shortly after giving birth to her large litter of 8 pups, Gwyn was appointed the task of nursery matron of the Hawkethorne Nursery by the Baroness.


Gwyn's appearance is variable. Additional content is available after the Champion has had sex with Gwyn, if Gwyn is pregnant and the various stages of her pregnancy. The following is her initial appearance scene:

You give Gwyn a good look-over from head to toe. The first thing that jumps out at you is how warm and homey the lupine girl is — although she’s still young, perhaps no more than nineteen, the hard work that comes with living up in the Frost Marches has started to wear down on her youthful beauty and replace it with the harder-edged loveliness that comes as a maiden becomes a young mother.

Being Garth’s daughter, she’s inherited his coloration, and as such a thick dark black overcoat of rougher, coarser hairs covers a dirty white undercoat of softer, fluffier fur. Large blue eyes peer out from behind a broad snout — the latter perhaps coming from her mother — which ends in a soft and broad nose pad. A pair of perky, triangular ears jut through her thick fur and hair, the latter which cumulates in a ruff or mane of sorts that seals the gap between clothing and skin at her neckline.

Noticing your gaze roaming over her, Gwyn gives you a small smile. "Why, I believe you’re eyeing me, Champion."

Yes, you are, you’re not going to deny that. With that, you unabashedly continue downwards to the rest of her — Gwyn is clothed in a long-sleeved one-piece dress consisting of a blouse and skirt combination. It’s sewn together from a mixture of wool and cotton dyed a simple rustic brown, all the better for hiding the spills and stains which are part and parcel of running the nursery. Even the apron she wears over her dress isn’t enough to fully protect her from such mishaps, and you notice that she’s also wearing a pair of gloves, no doubt to deal with such. The skirts of Gwyn’s dress extend all the way down to her calves, done in traditional lupine fashion, and you have to admit they look rather comely as they swish while she walks. Beneath that, a pair of thickly furred boots so common to the cold north protects her feet, more or less completing her attire. Practical but charming at the same time — it’s very... her, for lack of a better word to describe it.

You have to ask, though. Every time you’ve seen her, she’s always wearing the same thing. Does she... um...

Gwyn giggles. "Of course not! It's just that this colour really hides the stains and spills that don't wash out. Don't be silly!"

Um, okay.

"Daddy was a little creeped out when I first got to sew together my own clothing; he said Mommy was always big on uniforms, whatever that means, and that I must’ve gotten it from her. But that was more than seven years ago now, and he’s kind of gotten used to it."

Well, time to move on.

Gwyn’s figure is the sort of stocky, hardy sort that’s not too uncommon in lupines — it’s a simple matter to tell that her rack is stacked. Full, plush orbs, each one enough to comfortably exceed the scope of one hand — that’s some serious heft that she’s packing there, the fabric draped thinly over it.

From there on, the contours of her dress flow lightly over what must be prodigious hips, and that’s all you can make out for now. It’s a small taste of what you might be able to see someday if you’re able to ever coax her out of her clothes — a free sample, if you will.

Gwyn’s hands and feet end in paw-like appendages, which are exactly what they seem — a cross between human hands or feet and an actual wolf’s paws, complete with an opposable thumb in the former’s case. A thin slit has also been cut in the back of her skirts to accommodate her adorably fluffy tail, a long, elegant thing that’s so soft and silken to the touch.

Ah. Homely, nice, and definitely pleasing to have around, with a seemingly endless supply of patience — when it’s warranted, of course. It’s little wonder why the baroness went ahead and appointed Gwyn the nursery matron.


Gwyn can be found at the nursery below The Frost Hound, the options below are available when visiting Gwyn:

  • Appearance
  • Talk - Have a small chat with Gwyn.
    • Nursery - So, how's the place holding up?`
    • Herself - Chat a bit about Gwyn herself.
    • Pregnancy - How's she holding up with that tummy of hers?
    • Chit-Chat - Talk a bit about this and that.
    • Family - So, what's been going on with Garth and Garret?
    • Childhood - What was Gwyn's childhood like?
  • Give Pats - Gwyn's the kind of girl who likes pats over kisses.
    • Headpet - Give your good girl a good pet on the head.
    • Tummy Rub - Gwyn has such a lovely body, doesn't she? Your best girl deserves to have it appreciated.
  • Have Fun - Have a little fun with the nursery matron. (requires a cock and having reached the first nursery upgrade)
  • Donate - Make a contribution towards the nursery's upkeep and improvement.
    • 100 EC - Donate 100 EC to the nursery's building fund.
    • 1,000 EC - Donate 1,000 EC to the nursery's building fund. How generous!
    • 10,000 EC - Donate 10,000 EC to the nursery's building fund. How magnanimous!

Tooltip text will change depending on the Champion's relationship with Gwyn. The Champion can raise Gwyn's affection for them through nursery donations and siring her puppies.


Unfortunately Champions without a cock cannot sex Gwyn, they can't give her the puppies she craves. The Champion must first reach the first nursery upgrade (the kitchen) before being able to sex the good doggy, otherwise she will unfortunately refuse. Since Gwyn is a Lupine, her heat cycle will change some scenes. The following options are available through the 'Have Fun' option:

  • Take into Room
  • Bend Over - Bend Gwyn over the kitchen table and take her right here, right now.
  • Give Treat - Give the wolfess a yummy treat for being such a good girl.
  • Spanking - Some good old domestic discipline.

This option has a 20% chance for this scene to appear when selecting the 'Have Fun' option, granted the Champion fulfills the following requirements:

  • The Champion must be a Lupine
  • The Champion must have a high affection level with Gwyn (at least 50)
  • The Champion must have high masculinity (femininity should be at most 25)
  • Daddy Roleplay
    • Yes - Sure, why not. You've always wondered what it'd be like to have someone call you daddy while you fuck her brains out.
    • No - Eew, pretend to be Garth and engage in incest with his breed-happy daughter? No thank you, you want no part of this.



The nursery has a total of 12 total upgrades, with the first starting at 250 EC. The total required sum to the next upgrade doubles for each level, requiring that the player donate a total of 512,000 EC to achieve all the upgrades. When an upgrade is reached, the nursery will undergo renovation for a couple days, after which the upgrade will be complete and further upgrades can be triggered.

This serves no purpose but to act as a money sink for overly rich Champions.

Pregnancy and Relation

Gwyn's belly size is measure of how stuffed she is with puppies. It is determined via SQRT(number of puppies in Gwyn’s current litter) * (pregnancy progress %) and ranges from 0-3.

Relationship is basically a measure of how much Gwyn likes you and thinks you’d be a decent parent. Increasing this increases the lower and upper limits of her puppies popped at one go; it ranges from 0-150. Number of puppies varies from N to N+2, where N = (gwyn.rel — 10)/20, with a minimum value of 1.

Each birth (not puppy) Gwyn goes through increases gwyn.rel by 4.

Every 1000 EP donated to the nursery nets the Champion 1 point of rel.