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CoC2 Garth.png
Garth's bust, by Cheshire
Creator Savin
The Observer
Species Lupine
Gender Male
Occupation Ex-Thief
Spouse Unnamed Wife
Children Gwyn(daughter)
Location The Frost Hound

Garth is the owner of The Frost Hound Tavern in Hawkethorne, and is a pillar of the community. He's the closest thing to a leader the people of Hawkethorne have.


A towering old wolf-man named Garth runs the place along with his daughter Gwyneth, the serving girl. Her father is gruff and speaks little, but the two of them are your only company most days.

Personal History

Garth used to be a thief in his early life before he settled down in Hawkethorne. During his thieving days he was part of a company in which the captain (who would later become his wife) took a liking to him right off. The company kept on for a few years until their luck ran out when one summer his captain tells him that she was pregnant with his kids. It took everything Garth had to convince his wife to settle down, but eventually they did. Sometime after the kids were born she was exiled from Hawkethorne, leaving the kids with him. The exact reason as to why is kept a secret and those who know do not speak of it.


  • Drink - (see The Frost Hound Tavern drinks)
  • Talk
    • His Adventures - Talk to the old wolf about his adventuring days. (this unlocks the Training option).
    • Old Forest - Question Garth about the forest north of town.
    • Orc Tribe? - Question Garth about the orcish threat in the foothills.
    • Harvest Valley? - Ask Garth what there is to know about the land beyond the northern river.
    • Storage - See if Garth can spare any more space for some of your stuff.
      • Don't - Not right now, Garth.
      • Buy It - 50 EC for a chest? Sure thing. (purchasing the chest will increase storage capacity by 10 and can only be purchased once)
  • Training
    • Garth can teach the Champion Thief and Warrior powers. He can also allow the Champion to re-assign Attributes and change the class of the Champion to either a Thief or Warrior.

In regards to Farmhand's Freeholds, once the Champion has made sure that the Pupperidge Farm is safe, the Harvest Valley option will become available to tell him the news.

In regards to Right of Conquest, once the Champion has dealt with the orcs and their warcamp, the Orc Tribe option will be available to tell Garth that the orcs have been dealt with.

In regards to Shades of the Past, once the Champion has returned from Fort Marrok with or without the Jarl's Medallion, the Medallion option will be available to tell Garth the adventure failed/was successful.


You can't have sex with Garth, ever.

One-Offs and Events

  • The Dad talk - Garth will give the Champion a talking-to if they’ve been fooling around with his baby girl.
    • Requires the completion of the Dog Days quest
    • Requires that Garret is in the tavern and that Gwyn is pregnant


Dog Days

Garth has asked you to investigate the disappearance of his son Garret, who left for a logging camp before the blizzard hit and hasn't been seen since. The camp is situated on the western side of the Old Forest.

Right of Conquest

Garth the Innkeeper informed you of an orcish warcamp in the eastern foothills, close enough to threaten Hawkethorne. You're not exactly an army, but if you could do something to dissuade them from raiding down into the lowlands, the town and its inhabitants could rest easier.

Shades of the Past

Garth looks like he's got a job for you, a request to retrieve something important to his wife from an old lupine fort. He's asked you to inquire with River, a local bard staying at the Frost Hound for details.

Farmhand's Freeholds

Garth mentions the recent events happening in Harvest Valley and is concerned about a farm that supplies a big chunk of food for the Frost Hound and its inhabitants. He will ask the Champion to check up on the farm and make sure everything's alright.