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CoC2 Garth.png
Garth bust, by Cheshire
Creator Savin
Species Lupine
Gender Male
Occupation Bartender
Children Gwyneth (Daughter), Garret (Son)
Nationality Frost Marcher


Garth is the owner of The Frost Hound Tavern in Hawkethorne, and is a pillar of the community. He's the closest thing to a leader the people of Hawkethorne have... until the Champion arrives.


A towering old wolf-man named Garth runs The Frost Hound along with his daughter Gwyneth and son Garret.



Order a drink! Each drink costs 10 Electrum Coins, and will maximise a related stat up to the cap for your level for a day. Multiple drinks do not stack; neither do they stack with other boons. Taking 3 drinks in one sitting (4 with alcohol tolerance) will cause the champion to pass out, costing a fraction of their money and waste the rest of the day.


See if Garth's got a few minutes to chat.

  • His adventure
  • Old forest
  • Orc tribe


The old wolf's clearly had some experience. Maybe he could show you a thing or two?

  • Attributes
    • Costs 300 Electrum Coins
  • Learn Power
    • Train any Warrior or Thief talent of your choice. You must be the correct class to equip the selected talent, and must be high enough level to use it. Costs 100 Electrum Coins per level of the talent. The training will take up the rest of your day.
  • Change Class
    • Costs 3,000 Electrum Coins


You can't have sex with Garth, ever.