Brother Sanders

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Brother Sanders.png
Brother Sanders's bust, by Cheshire
Creator Savin
Full name Riordan Sanders
Species Human
Gender Male
Occupation Priest of Velun
Warrior of White(retired)
Title Brother
Religion Velunite
Location Chapel of Velun

"I am Brother Riordan Sanders, of the Brothers of Ancient Velun. I manage the temple here, by the grace of the gods and our noble baroness. Is there anything I can do for you, my friend".


A middle-aged human man is standing beside the altar, flipping through a huge leather-bound volume of prayers. He's wrapped in a soft white robe with dark red stripes down his arms and chest. An emerald-tipped staff leans against the stonework beside him, looking heavily worn from many years of hard use.


  • Healing - (this will restore the entire party's HP and Resolve for no cost)
  • Blessing
    • At the cost of 100 EC, this will give the entire party the Velun's Blessing boon
    • There is also a chance for the Champion's Corruption to be reduced by 1
  • Talk
    • Living Gods - Sanders mentioned the "Living Gods" before. Who and what are they, exactly — and why the term "living?
    • The Baroness - Sanders mentioned the "baroness" when you first met. Who's that?
    • The Order - Sanders used to be some kind of holy warrior, right? What's that all about?
  • Training
    • Sanders can teach the Champion White Mage powers. He can also allow the Champion to re-assign Attributes and change the class of the Champion to a White Mage.

This option will only become available once if the Champion talks with Garret during the events of Dog Days

  • Westbank

If the Champion has completed Getting Into The Closet, the chapel will have a new Cloister option in which the Champion may seclude themselves in meditation but would require 500 EC and a Winterstem. If the Champion decides to go in meditation, it will take three days for the process to complete, any companions present within the party will take the time for rest and relaxation while the Champion is in the cloister.

If the Champion has completed Ugly Duckling, Shar will appear at the cloister. She was drawn the to the succor and has been helping around the cloister for sometime. Although she still goes home to the old watchtower in the Foothills, she has become accepted by the people of Hawkethorne despite being a harpy.

During the events of Mad Cow, a new option for Brother Sanders will become available:

  • Armor - See if Brother Sanders can remove the magical armor from Brint.

If inquired about the armor, Brother Sanders will perform a ritual to remove the cursed armor from Brint.

Quest Related

Dog Days

When speaking to Garret he would suggest talking to Sanders to bring the situation to a peaceful end, especially for the non-fighting types.

Getting Into The Closet

Brother Sanders requires an old artifact for the new cloister he is building for the chapel.

Mad Cow

Brother Sanders can remove the cursed armor from Brint.