Dog Days

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Dog Days
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Garth
Requirements None
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Garret returns to The Frost Hound
Location Westbank
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Upon initially receiving the quest from Garth Garth has asked you to investigate the disappearance of his son Garret, who left for a logging camp before the blizzard hit and hasn't been seen since. The camp is situated on the western side of the Old Forest.
1 Upon clearing the gauntlet and discovering the Logging Camp You've made your way through the forest and to the logging camp, but there's no sign of Garret or the loggers. Perhaps you should investigate further.
2 When learning why Garret and the rest of the loggers were taken hostage It appears that a pale elf druidess is holding Garret and the loggers hostage for her own reasons. You could attempt to confront her directly, or head back to town and see if anyone has anything to say about the situation. Either way, she'll have to be dealt with before you can bring everyone home.
3 When Brother Sanders agrees to help and talk to Hethia Sanders has agreed to parley with the druidess and get everyone home safely. He's asked you to meet him at the gates to the logging camp.
4 (completed) If the Champion had fought Hethia but lost While you didn't manage to defeat Hethia, at least you managed to get everyone home safe. That's got to count for something, right? Maybe you'll take your lumps and learn from it.
5 (completed) If the Champion defeated Hethia, managed to Parley peace with her or if Brother Sanders talked to Hethia One way or the other, you've managed to free Garret and everyone else at the logging camp and return them safely to town. Give yourself a pat on the back.


At least 3 days should have passed since the start of the Champion's adventure before Garth will ask the Champion to look for this son, Garret, who's been missing for three days. This quest is immediately triggered upon waking in The Frost Hound.


Upon asking the Champion to find his son, the following options can be asked from Garth to get more details on the situation:

  • Location - Where in the Old Forest is the logging camp, exactly?
  • Troubles - Animals acting strangely aside, was there anything that happened to Westbank?
  • Garret - Why did Garret go alone ahead of the militia?

After learning all that there is to know, a Search option will become available on the west side of the Old Forest

When searching the western end of forest the Champion will come across a gauntlet of 3 enemy parties; a Wolf pack, an effigy party and a swarm of hornets. Losing to or fleeing any of the three parties will reset the gauntlet. Upon conquering the gauntlet, the Champion will discover the Logging Camp. Champions with the Hunter background can skip the gauntlet and immediately discover the camp.

Upon entering the logging camp, the Champion will discover that Garret and several other loggers have been taken hostage. Talking to Garret for the first time will display the following options:

  • Garret - So, just what's Garret's deal?
  • Elf - Ask him about this elf witch he speaks of.
  • Cage - So, does he have any ideas on getting out of this cage?
  • Workers - Are they alright?

Upon completing the four options above, subsequent visits to the hostages would display the following:

  • Talk - Ask Garret how's he doing, and if the situation's changed.
  • Pick Lock - Isn't there something that can be done about the lock?
    • The lock can be successfully picked if any of the following conditions are met:
      • The Champion's class is a Thief
      • The Champion has a high Cunning range (at least 70% of current level limit)
      • Etheryn is in the party
    • Successfully picking the lock will result in a combat encounter against Hethia while Garret fights her warg
    • Failing the pick the lock will not result in a combat encounter against Hethia and her warg
  • Bars - Attempt to bend the bars on Garret's cage.
    • The bars can be successfully bent if any of the conditions are met:
      • Brint is in the party
      • If the Champion has a high Strength range (at least 60% of current level limit)
        • If Brint is not in the party but the Champion passes the Strength range check, the Champion will become Fatigued
    • Successfully bending the bars will result in a combat encounter against Hethia while Garret fights the Warg
    • Failing to bend the bars will result in a combat encounter against Hethia and her warg

The ten loggers are barricade in the longhouse to the north, they will inform the Champion that they are unharmed but they're tired and cold. Although Hethia has left the loggers alone, they are staying in the camp and laying low until she leaves.

Garret mentions that Brother Sanders can talk with her. The Westbank option will become available when talking to Brother Sanders at the Chapel of Velun. Upon asking the priest for help, he will be found at the logging camp in which he will be able to successfully negotiate peace and allow the loggers and the doggy dildo (Garret) to return home.

Garret mentions that Hethia can be found at the river between 16:00 to 20:00. The following options can be selected if the Champion goes to the river during said time range:

  • Watch - Watch the druidess for a moment and assess the situation.
    • After the party's initial observations and discussions, the Champion can continue to watch the druidesses
    • Yes - Clearly watching pale elf druidesses bathe in rivers is an important task.
    • No - You have better things to do than be a voyeur.
  • Attack - Go in and put an end to this!
  • Parley - This doesn't have to get violent. Try and talk her down.
    • The Champion can attempt to broker peace by themselves
    • TalkYourself/Yes - Try and talk down the druidess.
      • This will start a conversation battle, in which the wrong answer/question will result in a reset to the start of the dialogue and a deduction of 10 Resolve, if the Champion's resolve reaches 0, this will result in a "success" where she will be too annoyed to deal with the Champion that she just leaves (see Parley Spoiler below for correct path)
      • Inquire - Can Hethia tell you more about herself?
        • Question - What happened?
        • Keep Silent - Remain quiet and observe the situation.
          • Agree - It must have been hard on them.
          • Disagree - The old is eventually replaced by the new. Such is the way of things, is it not?
          • Keep Silent - Remain quiet and observe the situation.
      • Interrogate - Why's Hethia in the camp? What's going on here?
        • Disrespect - Sorry, but I'm underestimating you.
        • Keep Silent - Remain silent and observe the situation.
          • Criticize - It's still wrong to keep him locked up and use him as a dildo, though.
          • Sympathize - You don't think she's a bad person, really.
          • Keep Silent - Remain silent and observe the situation.
    • Let Etheryn - Have Etheryn do the talking.
    • Don't Talk/No - Not now, at least.
  • Key - See whether you can slip past the warg and get the key to Garret's cage.
    • The key can be successful stolen without notice if any of the following conditions are met:
      • If the Champion's class is a Thief
      • If the Champion has a high Cunning and Agility range (both stats should at least be 60% of current level limit)
    • Successfully stealing the key will result into a combat encounter against Hethia while Garret fights the warg
    • Failing all these checks will result in a combat encounter against Hethia and her warg

If peace was successfully brokered by the Champion or through Etheryn, Hethia will leave peacefully

If the Champion were to be defeated by Hethia, they will wake to find Brother Sanders, Garth and a gathered militia at the logging camp. The group escort the prisoners and the Champion back to Hawkethorne, this will mark the quest as completed.

Upon completion of the quest, Garret will eventually return to The Frost Hound tavern and have a talk with his dad. The Champion can eavesdrop on said conversation.

  • Yes
  • No - This is none of your business.



Facing Hethia at the river will allow her warg Norathar to join and fight the Champion. However if the Champion was successful in bending the bars or picking the lock, Garret will face Norathar while the Champion deals with Hethia, otherwise the warg will also fight the Champion.

If Hethia has been defeated in combat but the Champion were to be beaten by her warg, it will result in a Bad End.


  • The Gauntlet enemies serve as regular encounters such that they still provide XP, EC and can drop items when defeated.

Upon defeating Hethia, the Champion will receive the following:


Upon completing the quest, Garret can be regularly encountered at The Frost Hound

Parley Spoiler


For those unwilling to carefully choose through the Parley conversation battle, this diagram will show the correct path.

GarretQuest ParleyCheat.png