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Headshot of a wolf by DCLzexon
Creator HugsAlright
Species Wolf
Gender Male & Female
Location Old Forest
Level 1
Health 100
Resolve 109
Version Added 0.0.26

There are different packs of feral wolves that roam the Old Forest.


You're fighting a pack of feral wolves. Each one of them seems more mangy and beat-up than the last, with patches of missing fur, dirt caking their mane, and old scars and wounds covering their bodies. They circle your party as they snarl and nash their teeth, foaming at the mouth and seeming as hungry and desperate as any animal. Armed with nothing but their gods-given defenses and weapons, they're more than capable of biting, clawing, and tackling wayward travelers like you into submission. No doubt these beasts have blood on their minds.


While travelling through the Old Forest, the Champion is met with a faint noise; a distant guttural sound. The Champion holds position, focusing on the source of the sound when they meet its source. The feral beasts appear, snarling, and howling as they charge at the Champion.

At base, the wolves will consist of 2 wolves, and for each companion the Champion has in their party, a corresponding Wolf is added to the encounter. Defeating the wolves will have the beasts stumble back and make a hasty retreat back towards the forest. Being defeated by the wolves, however, will have them rummage through the Champion's bags and supplies; stealing 1x Camping Supplies or Trail Rations from them, although should they not have those items; the wolves will angrily snarl and bark at each other, regardless of the items, the pack will dart back towards the forest.

Combat Stats


  • ^Beast Taxonomy
  • Disarm Immune
  • Lust Immune
    (overwrites Pheromone Resist Taxonomy)
Attack Power: 6 Spellpower: 6
Sexiness: 2 Temptation: 2
Armor: 2 Physical Resist: 2
Warding: 2 Magic Resist: 2
Focus: 2 Mental Resist: 9
Evasion: 6 ^Blight Resist: -75
Tease Resist: 100 Drug Resist: 100
Pheromone Resist: 100




Exclusive of Wolves:

  • Bite
  • Pounce

  • 15 XP
  • 5 EC
Total Loot per Encounter

Count Gain
2 Wolves
  • 30 XP
  • 10 EC
3 Wolves
  • 45 XP
  • 15 EC
4 Wolves
  • 60 XP
  • 20 EC

Quest Related

Dog Days

If the Champion does not have the Hunter background, the Champion will have to fight a gauntlet of enemies in order to find the path towards Westbank, with the wolves being the first wave of enemies.


Official Art

Silly Mode Headshots by DCLzexon


  • On Silly Mode, the Wolves' combat headshot is replaced by headshots of the Dorna Twins from Trials in Tainted Space by DCLzexon.
    • It's also two of the many emotes available in the Public FenChat Discord server.
  • If Cait is present in the party and Silly Mode is enabled, her combat bust will also change.