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Westbank is a Loggin Camp on the west bank of the river in the Frost Marches. Leorah built her shop with timbers from it, with help from "some of the best lads and lasses in the Marches".

"Out west in the Old Forest, there's a logging camp — Westbank, named such on account of it sitting on the western bank of the river. Not much to look at, really, but pretty important to the town as a whole. The lads there fell the trees of the Old Forest, plant new ones, and work the fallen logs a little before floating them to the sawmill downstream to be turned into planks and beams. To give you a rough estimate, I'd say about half the timbers that now make up Hawkethorne once passed through there, so you can imagine how important it is to keep it up and running." -- Garth to the Player Character.