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The boer'alvar have been domesticating wargs for a long time. Mostly to use as steeds, but some are trained as pack or sled dogs. Horses and other mounts have been a novelty at best in the Winter City; few such animals share our love of the cold, but the average warg shakes off the snow as easily as we do.


Some of the southern orc tribes keep them as war mounts — I personally don't see the benefit in it. They stink, they slobber all over the place, and worst of all, try to hump anything and everything. You can get more mileage with less of a fuss out of an ordinary steppe or plains horse.



There currently exists no codex entry for Wargs, and most likely never will.

Other Relevant Information

Boreal Elves have been known to use wargs as hunting companions and war mounts. There was an ancient rite for the boreal elves that required any aspiring monarch to break in a wild warg by staying mounted until it gave in, and if the elf failed, they were deemed unworthy of the crown. One of the reasons for its retirement was due to the fact that wild wargs have grown to be a rare occurrence. According to legend, druids of the boreal elves were the first to successfully tame wargs, and while they were initially only bred as beasts for their temples, when they were gifted to the royal family; generations later, wargs became common in pale elf society as pets and work animals. The elves that still worship the Old Wyld subjugate their wargs, and according to Hethia, she does not use Norathar as a mount and she seems to have a sense of pride that the wargs of the Winter City lack. Another difference between the pale elf wargs is that those of the Winter City are fitted with armor, to which Hethia dislikes as a warg has no need for armor, that they are not made to take blows like a horse might, but instead evade them and the armor would only slow them down.

Narcie was a gift given by Queen Alissa to Daliza, and with the passing of Narcie's mother some time before the Champion's arrival to The Frost Marches, makes Narcie the biggest of the northern wargs. After the return of Elyon and the ousting of Queen Alissa is it revealed by him that Kasyrra had commandeered many of his hounds, and only those who were personally claimed by members of the royal guard and Alissa's inner circle had some measure of protection from her demands and thus survived.

Wargs are also somewhat common among the Orcs, at least that of the northern Sailgrave tribes. According to Arona, some of the southern orc tribes keep wargs as war mounts.

Named Wargs

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Demon's Shadow
(Gytha's warg)
(Hretha's warg)
(Daliza's warg)
(Hethia's warg)