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Hretha Bust DCL.png
Bust of Hretha by DCLzexon
Species Orc
Gender Feminine
Occupation Oracle
Head Shaman
Family Argoth (older brother)
Arona (younger sister)
Infrith (apprentice)
Religion Lumian
Faction Kervus Tribe
Location Kervus Warcamp
Level 4
Health 250
Resolve 100

"Oh, we're a bold one, aren't we? Take a woman by force and then come sniffing around for more like a damn jackal? You're lucky that you're right. Infrith, take the hound and go find somewhere else to be. I'm going to show the Champion here how an orc woman shows her affection."


The middle child of the Kervus tribe, Hretha, is a big woman. She stands about 7'8", and while she's nowhere near as ripped as Arona or Agroth, she is still quite muscular. Hretha is overall well-built with broad breeding hips and E-cup breasts, a bit larger than her sister's, and her black fur bustier struggles to contain them. She has greyish green skin, paler than her siblings, and has fiery red hair worn in a loose plait that falls around one shoulder.

Hretha is blind, her eyes cloudy and sightless. She relies on her junior priestess and her wolf companion, Gerik, to guide her around the camp and to perform many of her daily tasks.

The oracle wears a thick fur bra that envelops and restrains her tits, alongside a knee-length hide skirt, leather boots, and a shawl of wolfskin. She has a thick oaken staff fitted with a radiant sun made of bronze upon its head, each ray sharpened to act like a scythe blade, and a dark red gemstone set into the wood just below it.

Unlike Arona, Hretha is fully female, with a black-lipped cunt fringed with curly fire-red bush, and she has a plush butt that jiggles when she walks, and claps when she bounces. She's got a tight little pucker tucked between those cheeks, dark as sin. Her breasts are each pierced with a bone talon, keeping her dusky teats always semi-erect and sensitive to the touch — a fact that she's only too eager to have exploited.


The Champion will first meet the Orc shamans Hretha and Infrith along with their warg companion Gerik when infiltrating the Kervus Warcamp during the events of Right of Conquest. The Champion will be forced to fight them due to the to being sniffed out by Gerik, in which Hretha will not recognize the scent of the Champion. This will result in an immediate combat encounter against the Orc Shamans plus warg. Losing to the shamans will result in a bad end.

If the Champion is successful in defeating the shamans, Hretha will ask that the Champion spare her apprentice and she will take whatever vengeance the Champion has for the Kervus Tribe. See sex options below for details, if the Champion were to ignore the request of Hretha (by fucking her apprentice), It will lock out future interactions with the pair.

For the Champion to interact with Hretha again, they must have not fucked Inrith (double boobjob is okay) and Arona must be the new warchief. The Champion will find Hretha at her tent (where the Champion initially encountered her). If the Champion has not approached Hretha's tent before (after OrcQuest) there will be a variation in scene if the Champion has fucked her or not. Subsequent visits to her will have a variation if the Champion fucked the first time during their visit to her tent (must not have sexed during OrcQuest). The following options will become available:

  • Appearance
  • Talk - Swap words with Hretha.
    • Kervus - Ask about the Kervus tribe.
    • Argoth - Ask about Hretha's brother.
    • Arona - So about her sister...
  • Priest Service - Ask Hretha to put some of her clerical rituals to good use.
    • Healing - `Have her heal your hurts.
    • Fertility - Lumia is the goddess of fertility — perhaps she could do something to help you out with that? (requires the Champion is not infertile, not in heat, not pregnant and has a vagina)
    • Virility - Ask Hretha if there's something she can do to add a little potency to your package. (requires the Champion is not impotent, in a rut and has a cock)

Like Brother Sanders, Hretha can offer healing services that will heal the Champion and their party under the blessing of Lumia. Hretha will also be able to cast Rut or Heat depending on the request of the Champion, however it only last about a week.


Hretha is blind such that she will always have the Blinded debuff.


Attack Power: 15 Spellpower: 51
Sexiness: 17 Armor: 25
Physical Resist: 21 Warding: 11
Magic Resist: 11 Focus: 12
Mental Resist: 7 Evasion: 11



If successfully defeated during the events of Right of Conquest:

  • Fuck Hretha - Put the blind shaman through her paces. She looks like she knows how to handle a cock. (requires a cock)
  • DoubleBoobjob - Rather than fucking either of them, how about you get both orcs on their knees to use those big tits to get you off...
  • Get Munched - Have Hretha eat your pussy out. (requires a vagina)

Repeatable Sex encounters:

  • Fuck Her Pussy - Take this mature priestess for a roll on the furs. (requires a cock)
  • Get Eaten Out - You need a little green between your thighs right now. (requires a vagina)
  • Get Ridden - Let Hretha take charge and ride you 'till your balls are dry as a wasteland. (requires a cock)


  • 150 XP
  • 60 EC

Quest Related

Right of Conquest

Hretha along with Infrith and Gerik must be dealt with for the Champion to reach the Orc Pavilion.