Blacksmith's New Clothes

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Blacksmith's New Clothes
Creator The Observer
Quest Giver Hretha
Requirements Completed Right of Conquest
Interactions w/ Ragnild
3x Winterstem
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Sex with Ragnild
Location Kervus Warcamp
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Writer Credit

  • Everything

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 After Hretha discusses the plan with the Champion Hretha's got it into her mind to play wingwoman and set you up with her childhood friend Ragnild the Kervus blacksmith. Apparently the latter is secretly into stereotypically girly things, which aren't exactly encouraged amongst Kervus women... either way, seeing a seamstress about the matter should solve that little problem, and there should be one in Hawkethorne.
1 After talking with Nelia about the Orc Dress Nelia the clothier's agreed to put together a sundress and some lingerie for Ragnild, but she doesn't want to be paid in money for the job. Instead, she wants enough winterstem to keep her in business for a while longer — about three units should be sufficient. Finding some in the Old Forest and Harvest Valley shouldn't be a problem, although with how rare it is you'll probably have to beat up some likely targets to get your hands on it.

Winterstem: X / 3

2 After Nelia makes the sundress and lingerie Nelia's put together some new threads for Ragnild, and they look lovely — well, hopefully they will. When you're ready, it's time to head back to Hretha and see what's to be done.
Once the date with Ragnild has come to an end You've taken Ragnild on a very nice date and enjoyed yourself. It certainly was a new experience for her that she wouldn't have been able to find amongst the Kervus.


Before the Champion can even interact with Ragnild, they must have completed Right of Conquest with Arona as the new warchief. Once the Champion has met with Ragnild and Hretha once the warcamp is no longer hostile, the following interactions with Ragnild are required for the scene to trigger before the quest can be played:

  • Has talked to Ragnild about:
    • Family
    • Herself
    • Kervus
  • Tried her cooking
  • Has visited Hretha with her at least twice

Once the requirements above have been met, and a visit to Hretha with Ragnild has ended, Hretha will approach the Champion once Ragnild has left.


State: 0

After visiting Hretha, and Ragnild makes her way back home, the Champion will make their way back to the camp. However they notice something's off and spy an irregular patch of shadow lurking by one of the nearby tents. The silhouette turns out to be Hretha, who traveled out of her tent without Infrith or Gerik. When asked why she's skulking in the shadows, she states that she needs to talk about something that she doesn't want Ragnild to hear; her love life. Hretha goes on to reveal that Ragnild likes the Champion,
"and as her concerned friend, I think I ought to give her a hand, especially since she's pushing thirty and hasn't touched a dick — or a muff besides her own, for that matter — in her life. You agree?"
She will invite the Champion back into her tent to explain and will let the Champion and their party members to stay the night if they'd like. Should the Champion have Cait, or Brint/Brienne with them (only one will be able to comment), they will comment on the great sight of a matchmaker helping people confess their love or about the minotaur womenfolk who would catch young bulls rutting around back home. Once inside the tent, Hretha goes on to explain that Ragnild is an orc with different needs, and that she's like family to Hretha.
"She reads to me, and the poor thing doesn't think I notice her heart hammer when she just happens to pick up those trashy, tattered books we got from those merchant vessels years ago. Years ago, I tell you, and she still gets excited when she reads them to me. I know how her voice changes, her muscles tense when we get to the masquerade scene where the masked couples pair off in the ballroom and dance into the night."/blockquote> Hretha states that Ragnild has dreams she'd be mocked by the rest of the tribe and that the style among Kervus women is leather and bronze, not something like a dress. With the idea of a dress in mind, the Champion (if has met Nelia) knows just the person they could talk to about getting together a dress for an orc, or (if has not met Nelia) a tailor or seamstress in Hawkethorne might be able to make them a dress. However Hretha mentions that she'd like to keep her hand in all of this planning hidden, because Ragnild wants to experience romance and wants it to feel natural.

In the morning, Infrith will inform the Champion that Hretha had gone out to see several cases of stomachache by the lodge and also rattles off several numbers, which are presumably Ragnild's measurements. Should Cait be present, the Champion will ask her thoughts on the matter; to which she replies that she finds it very romantic and what's the Champion got to lose if its all just a big prank by Hretha.

State: 1

The next step would be to see Nelia at her stall during business hours (8:00 - 18:59). When talking to her about an Orc Dress, she'll say that she needs the help of the Champion to come up with some inspiration for the dress. She will also mention that since they want the dress to come out good, there's no sense in rushing it. Should the Champion have companions with them, they will be dismissed to have the run of the town while they plan out the dress with Nelia.
Over the next couple of hours, an idea begins to take shape: something simple and inexpensive yet with elegance and charm, something figure-hugging yet not outright provocative, something clearly romantic and alluring yet without the direct, raw sexuality that most members of the Kervus tribe practically ooze.
Through a couple hours of discussion, Nelia concludes that what the Champion wants is a sundress for Ragnild. The idea of a pretty sundress for an islander orc catches her interest so, that she'll throw in a set of lingerie free of charge in exchange for three stalks of Winterstem.

State: 2

When the Champion returns with the winterstem, Nelia will have the dress ready.
The dress she hands you is a balanced blend of elegant and cute, fine linen dyed with light blues and warm, sunny yellows. As promised, it's sleeveless — all the better with which to show off Rags' muscular arms when she does put it on — and held up by twin loops of fabric that're clearly meant to go over the shoulders. The skirts reach down to somewhere about mid-thigh, and Nelia's trimmed them all around with dainty white lace. Everything's been scaled up to orcish proportions, of course, but the cut of the dress is clearly meant to stick close to the body and accentuate one's natural figure.
Should Etheryn be in the party, she will compliment that the dress is pretty and will mention that its the kind of dress that's simple enough that it wouldn't draw undue attention but fine enough that she wouldn't get into certain kinds of trouble. She will also remark that Nelia is an excellent seamstress, which will blush in thanks. In addition to the dress, Nelia will also hand the Champion a two-piece lingerie;
They're racy, and they're lacy. Size aside, the pinkish-white two-piece lingerie Nelia's put together is absolutely adorable; you're not sure what the fabric she used here is, but it feels really smooth and good under your fingers.

With sundress and lacy lingerie in tow, the Champion will have to return to Hretha. Talking to Hretha about the Orc Dress will have her face split into a big, toothy grin and she will go on to express that she was half-worried the Champion didn't think she was serious. When she asks to have a feel of the dress, she will remark that whoever sewed the dress together pushed their potential to the limit. As she hands the dress back, the seeress will choke back sobs and a little sniffling, her body shivers a little as she composes herself. When the Champion pitches the idea of going the extra mile by taking Ragnild out on a date with candlelit meal, Hretha will grin from ear to ear and will say that she'd wish she had the use of her eyes just to see the look on Ragnild's face. Additional dialogue will be available should the Champion have the Courtesan or Bard background. If it is currently day, the Champion will stay with Hretha as they read to her, partake in tea (a delayed aphrodisiac, she says) and watch her express oohs and aahs as she examines the dress again. When the time is right, Hretha will go fetch Ragnild with Gerik by her side.

When Hretha returns with Ragnild, her eyes will widen and her body tense up a little as the Champion presents her the neatly-folded sundress with the lingerie below. The grinning Hretha will claim that she saw the Champion coming to Ragnild's place and that she couldn't help but get involved. Ragnild says nothing as she's examines the sundress slowly, mesmerized by the colors. When the Champion pitches the idea for the dinner date at Hawkethorne and staying the night at the Frost Hound, Hretha will add that Ragnild has no excuses on hand, no reason to flake that she can't deal with. Ragnild will have tears in her eyes and a small, warm smile which only widens as Hretha gives her shoulder an encouraging shake. An embarrassed Ragnild will ask if Hretha can get Infrith to bring out a screen for her to change.

Once she's worn the dress, Infrith will hand her a mirror which she studies herself with. After some time, she will hand the mirror back, commenting that she doesn't even recognize herself. Once Ragnild has settled down, all that's left is the wining and dining, which she will at first be apprehensive about, but will state that she'll stop resisting and actually go on with the date. Before they head out of Hretha's tent, the Champion will plant a quick smooch on Ragnild's lips to which she returns the gesture with a quick peck on the cheek. Several orcs stare at the pair but don't actually bother them until they reach the camp gates to which the Orc Thane at first stares dumbfounded and then breaks into an uproarious laughter. He will mock the dress as elf clothing but further remarks are cut off as Ragnild throws a solid punch at the Thane's jaw which causes him to fly a couple of inches backwards. Dazed but in no less a humorous mood, he will concede and the Champion and Ragnild head off for their date.

At the Frost Hound, Garth will look a little apprehensive at the two, but gives up trying to make sense of the situation and will give them a corner table with candles to be brought by Gwyn. The beaming nursery-matron-turned-waitress will first provide the candles and later a romantic meal of a big platter of cubed ham on lettuce leaves with a basket of bread and jug of ale for the spread. Ragnild will state that although she thinks its usually said at the end of the night. The date goes on as Garth, dressed in a very ill-fitting waistcoat and bowtie, provides a bucket of iced wine somewhere in the middle of the meal.

At the end of the meal, the night is still young as the Champion takes Ragnild's hand as they head upstairs. To end the night well, the following options are available (do note that there is no significant difference to what option is picked):

  • Sleep - Looks like Rags had fun today, and you don't want to take advantage of her like this or make her feel like she's obligated to do anything. Bed and a warm body may be simple, but it's enough to get your point across.
  • Cuddle - You don't want to take advantage of Rags when she's emotionally vulnerable like this; you're perfectly capable of expressing yourself with a simple comfortable cuddle.
  • Sex - She's expecting this, even Garth's expecting this. Take Rags to pound town and belatedly claim this big orcish girl's virginity.

In the morning the Champion will escort Ragnild back to the warcamp, the Orc Thane will give them a grin as they pass through the gates. At the end of it all, Ragnild will give the Champion a quick parting kiss, mentioning that they should do this again sometime as she returns to her forge.


Sex options with Ragnild and a threesome with Hretha